NOW: UFO Info Made Public

( – HAPPENING NOW: NASA formed a group last year to explore what the government calls “unidentified aerial phenomena,” also known as UFOs. This group is scheduled to hold its first public meeting this Wednesday.

This team of 16 members, including experts from various areas such as physics and astrobiology, was established in June to review unclassified UFO sightings and other related data gathered from non-military government sources and commercial sectors.

Wednesday’s public meeting, set to last four hours, is designed for the team to make final discussions before NASA’s independent research group releases a report this summer, according to NASA’s announcement about the meeting.

This panel is the first ever organized by the U.S. space agency, which usually leaves such matters to the military and national security officials.

NASA’s study is separate from a newly established investigation by the Pentagon into unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. Military pilots have recorded these phenomena in recent years and reviewed by U.S. defense and intelligence officials.

Both the NASA and Pentagon initiatives carried out with some degree of public oversight, mark a significant change in the government’s approach. The government has tried to deny, disprove, and discredit UFO sightings for decades, dating back to the 1940s.

The term UFOs, often linked with images of flying saucers and aliens, has been replaced in government terminology by “UAP.”

While some viewed NASA’s scientific mission as potentially having a more open-minded attitude towards a subject often avoided by the defense establishment, the U.S. space agency made it clear from the beginning that it wasn’t jumping to any conclusions.

“There is no evidence UAPs are extraterrestrial in origin,” NASA announced when the panel was formed last June.

In more recent statements, NASA introduced a potential new meaning to the UAP acronym, referring to it as “unidentified anomalous phenomena.” This suggests that sightings might include occurrences other than those appearing airborne.

Nevertheless, when announcing Wednesday’s meeting, NASA stated that it defines UAPs as “observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena from a scientific perspective.”

U.S. defense officials have stated that the Pentagon’s recent efforts to investigate such sightings have led to hundreds of new reports currently under review, although the majority remain unexplained.

The leader of the Pentagon’s newly formed All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) has stated that the possibility of intelligent alien life hasn’t been dismissed. Still, no sightings have provided evidence of extraterrestrial origins.