NOW: US Military Deployed

( – HAPPENING NOW: In a show of support for Israel amid escalating tensions with Hamas, the United States has ordered the deployment of ships and warplanes closer to Israel and pledged additional military aid. The move comes in response to the recent attacks by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The Pentagon has announced that it is sending its newest and largest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, along with a guided missile cruiser and four guided missile destroyers to the eastern Mediterranean while increasing fighter aircraft squadrons, which include F-35, F-15, F-16, and A-10 fighter aircraft, in the region. US Central Command confirmed the deployment of ships and planes to their new positions.

The US has also committed to rapidly providing the Israel Defense Forces with additional equipment and resources, including ammunition, further underlining its unwavering support for Israel.

In response to the US deployment, Hamas accused the United States of participating in the aggression against the Palestinian people.

The conflict, marking the worst escalation in decades, has resulted in over 1,000 Israeli casualties, according to the military, while Gaza officials reported at least 400 deaths due to Israeli airstrikes. Prime Minister Netanyahu has prepared his nation for a prolonged conflict, with tens of thousands of Israeli forces already deployed to confront Hamas and the possibility of a ground offensive in Gaza.

According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, at least four American citizens have been killed in the ongoing violence. The White House swiftly reaffirmed its support for Israel, promising “rock-solid” backing and cautioning other parties to avoid involvement in the conflict.

The United States led calls to condemn the Hamas assault on Israel at the United Nations Security Council, with senior US diplomat Robert Wood expecting strong condemnation from other Council members.