Obama Demands Americans Submit To THIS

Barack Obama

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Barack Obama is demanding the creation of “digital fingerprints” for internet users. This, he claims, is to fight the rise of “misinformation” and “fake news” on the web.

In a discussion on The Axes Files, a podcast hosted by his old campaign manager David Axelrod, Obama asserted that digital fingerprints could help separate real from misleading information.

He paid particular attention to “deepfakes,” digitally altered videos, audio, or photos that look real.

“This technology is here now,” the former Democratic leader emphasized to his ex-White House advisor, as reported by Newsmax.

“The issues we had with misinformation before are going to continue. This upcoming election cycle will be even worse,” he forecasted about the 2024 election.

Obama said that Americans need “to be more selective in the news and information they consume.”

He further announced that these advancements required the development of technologies for digital “watermarks” or “fingerprints” so we can determine “what’s true and what’s not.”

Simultaneously, the former president acknowledged that this would be a significant and time-consuming task. Thus, he said, “it’s really going to be the responsibility of the American people” to recognize deepfakes themselves before and during the 2024 election.

Obama also claimed he was “the first digital president,” leading to him being the “most recorded, filmed, photographed person in history” when he left office in 2017. He described this reality as somewhat strange.

Despite the progress in deepfake technology, he suggested there was a silver lining: most people had already understood that “not everything that appears on your phone is true.”

The former president said that misinformation could also be used in other ways.

This includes portraying the political system as corrupt and unfair, thus deterring people from voting – a scenario that benefits those in power.

“I am concerned about this kind of cynicism growing even more during the next election,” Obama finished.

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