Olbermann Attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene – Reclaiming America

Olbermann Attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene

Former sportscaster and current radical left political commentator Keith Olbermann just verbally attacked freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Olbermann wants her expelled from Congress and placed under investigation by the FBI.

Watch the video below and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Keith Olbermann when it comes to his attack on Marjorie Taylor Greene?



  1. Lori says:

    I think all people who voted for President Trump should erase from their programs all the broadcasters who belittled President Trump during the four wonderful years we had him. No one should ever turn on the liars on these channels. The News programs who were not fair to Trump during his years should never be looked at again. Then maybe we could get fair broadcasting back again.
    Don’t forget that biden is China’s puppet. AOC and her gang of 4+ are communist invading our country.

  2. Jane Stowe says:

    I strongly agree with Olberman’s comments on Marjorie Taylor Greene. Her violent rhetoric calling for the execution of Democratic leaders and calling David Hogg a little Hitler and calling mass shootings fake are totally opposed to American democratic values. We do not need any more violence, either physical or verbal, in our country from governmental representtives! Why are Republican leaders not standing up and condemning this violence and holding Marjorie Taylor Greene accountable for her dangerous murderous rhetoric?!!!!! Also US Rep Laura Bonhert (sp?) who carried a gun to the capitol and used inflamatory language. Also ex-president Trump who incited his followers to storm the Capitol? None of them belong in our long-standing RESPECTFUL NONVIOLENT democratic form of government!

    • Brent says:

      First of all, what are you talking about? Was it not Maxine Waters who suggested the harassment of all Trump followers? Was it not Hollywood leftists that held a mock up Trump’s head(severed). Was it not Hollywood Eli it that called for blowing up the Wbite Boise?etc. etc!

  3. Stephane says:

    olber,an: The IDIOT who keeps on giving!
    He spews so much idiocy, it is hard to find anything making sense in his drivel.

  4. Mad as Hell says:

    You know opinions are like a–holes everyone has one & your stinks!!!

  5. Jack McAulffe says:

    Olbermann is an attack dog for the swamp. I applaud Greene fighting the Swamp dogs. BOYCOTT ANY AND ALL THAT PAY FOR HIS DRIVEL. If any of his accusations had merit, the liberal press would make hay with such. How he can get away with his accusations is a mystery to me. Free speech and opinions should be available for left AND right.

  6. Fred says:

    Say Mr. Olbermann and your Infamous other, whose name is Mr. Spike Lee, Oh I truly should Include that over-blown Headed basketball Player “King” James too, sir’s, you three and your Deranged Anti-US Constitutional Bunch of Swamp Bottom Dwelling And Feeding Creatures, are wondering why Mrs. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Representative from The State Of Georgia is sending that Impeachment against all of your Delusional and new version of The Progressive Liberal Democratic Party and those Traitorous and FAKE Left Leaning Repubs., and especially Mr. Joe Delusional and a Liar” Biden, (who is NOT my us president), Mr. Joe “Bejing” Biden is NOT my us president! #45 never had gotten Richer during his time as The US President, #45 gave his US Presidential Pay to a lot of worth while Poor Legal American Agencies like The Salvation Army and others, while Mr. Joe “Bejing” Biden did get Richer, when he was #44’s US VP, and even during #45’s Presidency!

  7. tom boyle says:

    Olbermann is and always will be a ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!

  8. Fred says:

    Say Mr. Olbermann, sir, you and all of your Anti-American, Anti-US Constitutional Very Rich And Power Hungry Aristocratic Left Leaning Congressional Followers, who are inside The US Congress and Outside of The US Congress, need to be admitted to a lot of those Old Insane Asylum Buildings, along with a lot of old Doctors that practice Lobotomy Surgeries, that are around, inside The USA’s Boundaries! Because you all are Delusional Extremists, and “We The Legal Citizens And Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America are very anxious to find out what makes you all Tick!

  9. kcl says:

    Forget all of the idiots in Congress. The worst thing we can do to them, and we SHOULD, is put a time limit on their service time. They haven’t all gotten wealthy on their salaries so where do you think they got their money, houses, planes, etc? They need to have a 2 term limit, not forever. They all have their hands out to the lobbyists and we pay for it.

  10. Ram3500 says:

    Sportscaster? He must be suffering from jock itch between his ears. Can someone notify him that his village is looking for their IDIOT

  11. Matt says:

    Olbermann is a damn radical nut. Take what he says with a grain of salt. The MSM are guilty of inciting riots and tyrany. They blame anyone that disagrees with them or their radical left buddies. Embarradment to the human race.

  12. bobbie says:

    I think maybe Texas has the right idea. Secede from the Union. If all of the Blue states follow them, we can have our own Republic!!! And be rid of the sleazy, slimy dems at the same time. And this would probably be better than martial law!!! Then with what is left of their tiny, little country, they can fight it out amongst themselves. In the meantime we can all be enjoying living in a nation of freedom, ethics, integrity, and a whole bunch of other nice and beautiful things like love for our country and for our neighbors, and our constitution, etc..

  13. D. Storer says:

    Obviously this sports announcer thinks he’s still reporting sports. This senator is absolutely 110% correct! Treason is Treason and its time the swamp be charged with it, removed from their posts, be given a cigarette if they wish and tar and feathered and road out on a rail by the men and women that were fired from the military for exercising there constituional and God given voting rights! This was how things got done in the past… pubic humiliation in the capital square for all the citizens to see.

  14. Kelees says:

    AS Ron White said, “Can’t fix stupid”, That was a real statement to the world as we know it today.

    Now , Stupid attempts to oppress all of the US citizens. The “New Regime”, as Chuck Schumer said, “We will change America.” Good Luck with that statement because I am going to argue against it. AOC and the mob are coming against you. I am a NY citizen and I will make every attempt to oust the swamp. I do understand that the swamp is NYC, as far as NYC prevails in NYS. Seen a “Cuomo” book out about leadership during, ‘COVID” and really. An Emmy Award winner. Such a joke. The new party isn’t Democrats, They want to be the, “New Regime”. Watch listen. We will find out. We took out the British for independence and if the “New Regime” thinks different, then shame on you.

  15. Maggie says:

    It is true that the things she is accused of saying are very harsh; in their context and in the place in which they are being said it would have to be taken as just statements as any other being given in these cases. After all we do live in a free country, where we have free speech. At least I do not believe we have lost that yet. I don’t appreciate what is being said in these statements either and I believe this person should be called to answer for her words and her intents by these words; but by her leaders; not by the Law or someone who is as angry as the person in that article seems to be.

  16. Thomas Marvin Burns says:

    This idiot reminds me of the famous line from Forrest Gump. “Stupid is as Stupid does and he is truly stupid. It is ok for radicals from the demon party to threaten Conservatives but never say a word about the Criminal Actions and word of these truly sick people.

  17. Deb Clare says:

    Olbermann, go away. Can’t take you seriously, where were you when the left was attacking President Trump and his supporters. Get real!!

  18. Joseph Montante says:

    Marjorie Greenee is a heroine in my eyes. Bozo Biden is illegitimate, compromised, beholden to China and a danger to our Republic.These demon-rat scumbags bags who are robbing Americans of their jobs, freedoms and safety. This attempted communist takeover facilitated by elected officials in Congress is a clear violation of the constitution, which guarantees us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. They intend to invade our privacy, take away our guns and force us to accept government run “health” care, which is actually sick care they also want to steal away our private property under the guise of marxism, which is actually communism.

    • marnie says:

      well said, this is exactly what is being implemented. Biden did not win, how can you win in a basement?. We need to stand up NOW before we’re entirely stiffled. I do think he’s a puppet

    • kj says:

      Twit with a platform….means you are blowing someone Olbermann!!!! Pelosi should be charged with treason..look what she’s done..or NOT done for her constituants in her district.That IS criminal!!! What a disgrace. Everything she does is basically a disgrace and yet here we are. Sit down and shut up please, there are too many assholes talking at once. God help us all.

  19. ron knox says:

    D nozzle

  20. Bonnie Andreas says:

    Where was his outrage when they were making threats against President Trump and his family. Sit down and shut up. 74 million are not going quietly into the night.

  21. S. Brunk says:

    He should be banned from attending things that reporters are allowed.
    Asking questions is allowed but verbally abusing a person of the House or Senate should not be allowed.
    Anyone who verbally or physically abused a member of the House or Senate should be physically removed from the chamber.

  22. None of your business says:

    She is feed up with the double standards the Democrats have. THEY CAN SAY THE SAME THING AND YOU. YOU HIPPOCRATES WOULD APPLAUD THEM. This is really about her wanting to impeach Biden nothing more or less. It’s ok for you all trying to impeach a president that isn’t even in power. Double standards again. WE CAN DO IT BUT DON’T YOU DARE TRY IT…


  24. Has a clue says:

    I was going to comment to “mr. never was” however it Has been thoroughly covered in the above comments.


    She just got caught saying what ive been thinking for four yrs .pelosi is a traitor in my book. And should be brought up on charges…..so o go to your corner suit down and s.t.f.u

  26. ConservativeMama says:

    Hilarious considering most Republicans and Democrats at this point would loveee to see Pelosi gone, and many Americans would probably agree an execution would be too easy for all the hell she has put our entire country through.

  27. Rudy says:

    Obermann is suffering from male menopause and diarrhea of the mouth. Unfortunately, this idiot is allowed to roam the streets like a Baboon without a brain on steroids. People, you just have to ignore idiots like him and write his behavior off as ” just another brain damaged Demorat”

  28. Tom Tangel says:

    What an asshole!!! FIND A REAL JOB!!!! Come to think of it, nobody would hire a schmuck like you😡

  29. Joe Masefield says:

    Why is everyone so surprised at Olbermann just dooing his job as a taritor Democrat? He’s simply doing what he’s told to do and say by AOC and the now Communist Democratics running the party and giving orders to Biden, Schumwer and Pelosi.

  30. dale says:

    you can not fix stupid i don’t think olbermann could find his butt with both hands and a search warrent

  31. David says:

    That man needs to see a doctor not sure what he is afraid of

  32. Terry White says:

    “O” gives a new meaning to the , Ignorant ass, he wants to talk about coup supporting what the hell do you call what they tried to do to President Trump, for three almost four years, These stupid Democrats don’t give a rats ass about the American people as long as they get to do whatever they want with no opposition I Shure as hell hope my state Senator and house Representatives vote for the Convention of States then we are going to see a lot of pissed Dem’s.

  33. Terry White says:

    “O” gives a new meaning to the , Ignorant ass, he wants to talk about coup supporting what the hell do you call what they tried to do to President Trump, for three almost four years, These stupid Democrats don’t give a rats ass about the American people as long as they get to do whatever they want with no opposition I Shure as hell hope my state Senator and house Representatives vote for the Convention of States then we are going to see a lot of pissed Dem’s.

  34. Robin says:

    Olbermann is a nutcase and should not have a political voice.

  35. Yamile says:

    Keith Olbermann is full of hate for every conservative in the planet this maniac should just keep his head between his ass and brake it with his farts!!!!!

  36. Art Skill says:

    Listen to this fool. Look what they did to President Trump. All they are going to do now is cry like little babies. Impeach Biden, not my President.

  37. Mad as Hell says:

    Is Olbermann crazy, when did he escape from the nut house! I am tired of the Dems. & idiots like him telling someone else what they did wrong but never taking owner ship for the stupid crap they do! Olbermann SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill says:

      Outhouse. Not nut house.
      He’s crazier than an outhouse rat. Lol.
      Delivers his scripted lies like a true professional propagandist.

  38. David says:

    Hey Olbermann, if you would pull your head out of your rear end, you would know Bidens family is criminal and should be held to account. Oh I forgot, you listen to COMMIE NEWS NETWORK(CNN) and MSDNC, so you are oblivious to his corruption. Thank the Lord above for Marjorie Taylor Greene for trying to bring some law and order back into the elected officials. You need to get woke up, oh yeah on your day to be voted out. Ya’ll done pissed off a slew of patriots. See ya at the ballot box knucklehead.

  39. Dee says:

    Olbermann, the Congresswoman will have to get behind all of your leftist radical cohorts who have threatened, harassed and otherwise denigrated anyone who doesn’t agree with your politics. You are just another hack who reads what is put in front of him.

  40. Sic&Tired says:

    How About…..Someone, Just Smacking Ole Keith Olbermann up along the head to knock some Sense into that Idiot.!! Who the Heck does He Think He Is – Wanting to kick Marjorie Taylor Greene out…Expelling her out of Congress.?? AND – then have her “Investigated”..??..by the FBI.?? Is this Sports Commentator for Real.?? He is surely a Walking, Talking,..Moronic IDIOT.!!! He must have had his head hit tooooooo many times at a baseball game, due to he was trying to commentate right beside the Batter.!!! What a Pathetic Human Being.!! He acts as If, he is in Congress and NOT.!!! What a Dufus.!!

    • Glo says:

      I was glad when you were off the air, but now you come back and is no wiser. How can you go alone with sending
      American manufacturing jobs to overseas and allowing foreigners Infreign all of their poor qualities goods on us. How can u approve of job Biden stopping the drilling of oil and to take us right back into bondage with the Middle East and so many More terrible things that prove we Americans are weak and scared. Our military was thriving, But the Dems and you will break them again. When our country is overtaken you will be just like me “poor” look pass the hate and do like TRUMP did, put America FIRST.

  41. venice says:

    Pull out Hunters Laptop everything is on it. Everything

  42. JC says:

    Biden does not know he is president. He thinks he ran for the Senate. Probably thinks he works for Kamala…if she would stop cackling like a loon. The nation is going to be upset when they realize they should have believed the cheating and fraud.

  43. Kathleen says:

    Here we go again with the two faced Dems…do as I say, NOT as I do!!! All the trash and garbage they threw at President Trump was just fine, but now that the tables are TURNED, they want her thrown OUT….are you kidding me! Despicable DEMS!!!!

  44. Marie Willis says:

    Mr joe biden, could you please let President Trump back in the white house for a week or so to get things back in order. We know you have made serious mistakes in the past few weeks, but they can be fixed by president Trump. We all make errors and know you didn’t mean to do harm to so many good people. Thank you for your help.

  45. Jim says:

    Keith O, has been a liberal wacko for some time now. Talk about inciting violence, his big, foul mouth takes the cake. Talk about total human waste walking around parading as a human being, Keith is a graduate of the Hackley School in Tarrytown and should know better about curbing his foul mouth.

  46. Pat Riot says:

    Another braindead zombie Democrap leftist id.iot wanna be commie. Do these people ever say anything worth listening to? Another domestic enemy to keep an eye on.

  47. Adam Muzer says:

    someone should stuff a rag in that assholes mouth he must be part of the cnn liar group

  48. Andrea says:

    Finally there is a few people that have balls enough to stand up to these demented people. Every single one of them deserves to be put in Gitmo starting with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Shumer and on down the line. We have set back long enough to see how they are more then willing to sell out the American people to who ever is the highest bidder. IT NEEDS TO STOP ASAP

  49. Honest says:

    Mitch the Bitch is watching the4way waiting his turn~

  50. David E. Campbell says:

    Keith Olbermann is just another liberal hypocrite. The left had no problem saying Pres. Bush should be shot and talking about making a movie about it, but that was ok. Pelosi, Shuler, and 99% of the Democrat party should be removed from office for not living up to their sworn oath of office. These democrats are acting just like the Nazis in the 1930’s. They believe that if you keep saying a lie, then it becomes the truth.

    • barbara todd says:

      i see someone is talking about ex Bush je he and his exaquited father are treasonous. bush daddy helped put
      Pres. kennedy in the grave and baby junior put 2000
      inocent people in their graves that day the new york
      towers came down.
      speaking of people that need to be put down are the
      clintons. why have they not in prison especialy hillary
      and euma for the hidious things they did to young
      it has been said–that if they removed the pediofiles
      from the seneta and congress the we would loose 2/3 rd
      of the government. Seames to be alot of sick people that
      run our beautiful contry. to think, are we really supposed
      to respect them, i think not.
      Democtates look in your own back yard first and just leave
      pres. Trump alone. God Bless America, not mexico or china.

  51. Jimmy Crocker says:

    I bet you thought you would get comments from a bunch of your ass kissers didn’t you? Ha that’s wacha get!

  52. Barry says:

    And Joe Biden here is what I got to say about your fucking unity!!!!🖕you , you senile piece of useless shit, I hope a civil war breaks out soon & Washington is left in the dust, Every agency there has been compromised!!!! It’s judgement day ahead waiting for those assholes!!!

  53. Honest says:

    Think he may be tapping “Ice Cream Nan” LMAO or possibly a 3 way with Biden Crime Family~

  54. Barry says:


  55. I agree with Marjorie Taylor Greene he’s just mad because there’s finally someone with enough balls to say it! I stand behind her 110%..

    • Carole says:

      They are only attacking Green because she did impeachment papers against Biden. She should do Harris and pelosi too

    • Carole says:

      They are only attacking Green because she did impeachment papers against Biden. She should do Harris and pelosi too

      No I don’t believe so

    • Carole says:

      They are only attacking Green because she did impeachment papers against Biden. She should do Harris and pelosi too

      No I don’t believe so. Even so. So what lots of repeats

    • Carole says:

      They are only attacking Green because she did impeachment papers against Biden. She should do Harris and pelosi too

      No I don’t believe so. Even so. So what lots of repeats. since when is that an issue

  56. dude dude says:

    olbermann is an idiot – and pelosi schummer schiff mcconnell and the rest of the SWAMP are all treasonist traitors and all should be held accounctable to same standareds. including vp cam cam for inciting and condoning riots and violent behavior. the last time i read the constitution, punishment for treason is death. we are entitled to exercize our 1st ammendment rights “freedom of speech”, of which the Dem Leftist communist socialists want to put an end to. I say DRAIN THE SWAMP OF ALL YOU DEMOCRAT LEFIST PIGS. AND I’M GONNA SAY “CHINA VIRUS CHINA VIRUS CHINA VIRUS” no matter what DIMENTIA joe joe says.

  57. Tommy Howard says:

    This dick head Olbermann is really something else, picking on a small woman like he is!! He needs to have the shit kicked out of him.

  58. John Dobie says:

    O is a liberal sleeze bag. One of these days someone bigger than him will take him to task. What a shame we have people like this in the Media. Should be fired.

  59. Olbermann needs to stick to sports!

  60. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Olbermann is nothing but a swine infected by hoof and mouth disease.

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