Oregon Grocery Store Killer’s Demented Acts and Manifesto

Ethan Blair Miller

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – The latest mentally ill criminal to kill innocent civilians before killing himself inside a grocery store — this time on Sunday evening in Bend, Oregon — had written a disturbing, demented manifesto before carrying out his shooting spree.

The New York Post reprinted some of what the murderer wrote in its report headlined, “Oregon Safeway shooter Ethan Blair Miller wrote disturbing manifesto planning’ national tragedy'”:

“The deranged mass shooter who killed two men in an Oregon supermarket appears to have written a disturbing online manifesto bragging about his plans to commit a “national tragedy” — initially planning a school slaughter “inspired” by Columbine.

“Ethan Blair Miller, 20, was named by police Monday as the gunman who killed an 84-year-old customer as well as a heroic 66-year-old employee who tackled him as he sprayed shots through the Safeway in Bend late Sunday.

“Miller — who was carrying an AR-15 and a shotgun and had weapons and bombs in his car — shot himself dead before he could be arrested, police said. He previously worked at the store, but had no known criminal record, and police said they had no evidence of prior contact with him.” [emphasis added]

Here is some of what this disturbed killer wrote in his manifesto that he self-titled “The Downward Spiral Of ‘Ethan Miller.'”

  • If you’re reading this then I’m definitely DEAD and have just committed a ‘NATIONAL TRAGEDY.’
  • I’m gonna lay it all out for you all so that by the end of all of this you will all understand why I did what I did.
  • I am responsible for this but I was turned into a monster. I created this Tragedy. But Society created Me.
  • I was ‘The Quiet Kid with Anger Issues’ all throughout school so maybe it’s not as much of a surprise to some of you.
  • I’ve always been dangerous though. Like a Ticking F—ING Time Bomb. Ready To Blow!
  • I WANT TO DIE. … See [Eric] Harris & [Dylan] Klebold had the right idea.
  • Yes Columbine partially inspired this. I’ve been interested in the case for a long time and it has provided the Blueprint and Part of the Inspiration for Doomsday.

Clearly, this was one very sick and demented young man.

If you want to read more of his perverted manifesto, click HERE.