Paddling School Children Returns To American Classrooms

( – In a move that some will support and others will find ghastly, an American school district has reinstated corporal punishment — paddling — as a form of discipline for school children.

As Fox News is currently reporting in “Missouri school district to allow paddling after parents wanted alternative to suspension“:

Parents in Cassville, Missouri wanted a form of discipline for students other than suspension, so the local school district announced that kids can be paddled instead this school year.

“Cassville School District Superintendent Dr. Merlyn Johnson told local KOLR that the district made the decision after they surveyed parents last year.” [emphasis added]


“‘The complaints that we have heard from some of our parents is that they don’t want their students suspended. They want another option,’ Johnson told the station. ‘And so, this was just another option that we could use before we get to that point of suspension.’

“The superintendent said paddling will only be done by school administrators and with another certified school employee in the room. It is unclear what would happen if a student resisted.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion? Do you support corporal punishment — paddling — as a form of discipline for school children? Why or why not? What should happen if the child resists? Please share your thoughts and views by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.