Parents Detail Daughter’s Marijuana-Induced Psychosis

( – The tragic fate of a young girl from Minnesota is calling attention to the dangers of heavy marijuana use just as more and more US states are approving the recreational use of cannabis, a report reveals.

The report by National Review also underscores that a growing number of researchers are concluding that the “heavy use of high-potency cannabis by young people [may lead] to psychiatric disorders, including psychosis.”

The case of Catherine Mayberry, who died of fentanyl-laced amphetamine overdose after a six-year horror struggle with a severe marijuana addiction that induced schizophrenia, is revealed by her parents just as the Democrats are trying to legalize creational marijuana in her home state.

As the Democrat Party controls both state legislative chambers and the governor’s mansion, Minnesota seems set to become the 22nd state to legalize creational cannabis use.

In a state legislature hearing, Catherine’s parents, Trent and Jane, were given only two minutes to tell how cannabis addiction destroyed their daughter.

However, the lengthy report by the conservative news outlet tells the whole story, revealing the terrifying effects marijuana use could have on youth.

“For six years, Trent and Jane Mayberry had a front-row seat to their daughter’s spiraling descent into psychosis — her inability to communicate, her increasingly disheveled appearance, the piercings and tattoos. She heard voices. She had friends who likely weren’t real. Her descent ended in methamphetamine use and, ultimately, a deadly overdose,” the report reveals.

“I’m 100 percent certain that it came from cannabis. If she never used cannabis, there’s a very high likelihood she would not have had these types of symptoms,” Trent Mayberry insists.

The outlet tells the gut-wrenching story of how a successful young Grade A high school student-athlete became a heavy cannabis user in her senior year, developed schizophrenia, suffered a total mental collapse, and died at 24.

The report emphasizes that marijuana has received “such a benign reputation in American culture” that in 2019, today’s US Vice President Kamala Harris bragged about her history of using the drug on live radio.

“Marijuana has never been the harmless drug that some advocates portray it as, and the high-potency versions available today can be dangerous, particularly for heavy users and young people whose brains are still developing,” the report states.

“Several studies have linked heavy use of high-potency cannabis by young people to psychiatric disorders, including psychosis, with researchers increasingly concluding that cannabis has a causal role,” it emphasizes further.

It is noted that some scientists have considered a cannabis link to mental disease might be due to “reverse-causal mechanisms,” meaning that people who are predisposed to psychosis might be seeking the drug.

However, the most recent studies indicate that cannabis could be directly responsible for causing “psychosis, and even full-blown schizophrenia.”

“My answer in 2023 is definitely different than even five years ago, where I was much softer on the causality. I now use the phrase ‘has a causal role in the development of psychosis and other behavioral disorders,’” commented Dr. Ken Winters, a Minnesota-based clinical psychologist and researcher with the Oregon Research Institute.

Catherine Mayberry’s parents know that any attempt to stop the legalization of recreational marijuana would be an uphill battle.

“We’re trying to at least tell people this is not the harmless drug that everyone thinks it is. And we’ve got all the evidence in the world,” Trent Mayberry said.

“We’ve lived it. We lost a kid to it,” the bereaved father added.

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