Pelosi Wants Trump Convicted – Reclaiming America

Pelosi Wants Trump Convicted

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she will be moving forward so that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer can begin a Senate trial of former President Donald Trump based on his impeachment by the House of Representatives for Incitement of Insurrection.

According to Pelosi, “[Trump] called upon lawlessness. He showed a path to the Capitol, and the lawlessness took place. A direct connection in one day.”

Please watch the video below of Pelosi announcing that she will be sending Trump’s impeachment to the Senate for trial. Then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Pelosi that Trump should be convicted of Incitement of Insurrection by the Senate?



  1. Mochi says:

    Pelosi is not in charge . We the people want Nancy to be convicted using her power in dictatorship manner. We the American people want Joe Biden’s impeachment out and open . We the American people want social democrats including Pelosi to stop using tax payers money – impeaching innocent civilian President Trump it is against the constitution- But we do welcome all Pelosis anger and impeachment against Biden that’s where it needs go . Leave the President Trump alone haven’t you done enough damage Pelosi

  2. Patricia Walling says:

    she is a liar and out for nothing but blood

  3. John A. says:

    Pelosi should be drug tested.

  4. Jeanne Randolph says:

    She’s so stupid. Everyone who visits, knows how to get to the Capitol. Trump had nothing to gain by storming the Capitol but the Democrates did. It was clearly setup so they could try to impeach Trump so he can’t run again. Trump only ask for a peaceful showing of support.

  5. Bill says:

    Pelosi is one ignorant ugly monster …She has to be the ugliest woman inside and out that I have ever seen..Absolutely disgusting..

  6. Tammy Tarver says:

    Pelosi needs to be impeached. She is a crazy asd lady. Full of anger. Let it go. Trump did nothing wrong.

    • Mytake says:

      Pelosi is the one to impeach. She is wasting taxpayer money because she can’t get over her vitriolic attitude toward someone who is a challenge to her power and has shown how corrupt she and her constituents are. Shummer is just as bad.
      they are our enemy… NOT Trump. Off their rockers. Not qualified for their positions any more.

  7. That person (woman) is out of her mind and out of control. She needs to be impeached. She is riddled with hatred and she’ll do anything to do something to trump she needs to be stopped tell her to stop wasting taxpayers money! He did not in anyway incite a riot he said let your voices be heard it doesn’t say go tear the place apart that whole thing was all set up by them

  8. Pegs says:

    Pride comes BEFORE THE FALL!!! they will DESTROY themselves. #OVERREACH

  9. Pegs says:

    #IMPEACH pelosi !!! HATERS,HATERS,HATERS!! Get a life nancy, it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

  10. Olin says:

    Polosi should be put on trial for backing the riot and the murders that occurred during a riot she should be held responsible. She should be put on trial for treason and domestic terrorism to this country

  11. Scott Ashman says:

    So again Nancy Pelosi wants us to spend millions on her agenda to keep Trump out of future elections and not her real job. Maybe she should foot the bill this time instead of us!!! Why doesn’t she do her real job of helping the country and not tear it apart. If she looks in her own party they have said a lot more to keep the violence of riots (BLM) of last year paying there bolds and giving them money. Why does se think she always has to be the center of attention. She must not get any at home!!!

  12. Ern says:

    I do not go along with Pelosi. I heard 2 guys talking in the store after it happen, one told the other that he had heard that Harris had placed guys in the mob to start the trouble.

  13. Tammie says:

    Pelosi is the one who is insane. Her and Biden are putting America in DANGER. SHE NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF CONGRESS. Biden needs to be impeached for having an affair with his son’s nanny when he was married to his first wife. That is what why wanted to do to President Trump. So why not Biden. Pelosi is just a two face bitch. She is the antichrist.

  14. Maria says:

    Devil Pelosi needs to be declared mentally incompetent and admitted to a psychiatric hospital for the safety of President Trump and the USA.
    Seriously, there is no telling what her evil, psychopath senile brain would do next, satanic pelosi.
    She needs to be in a psychiatric hospital ASAP!!!
    And the rest of her troop should be arrested.

  15. For: Nancy Pelosi – Do everyone a favor and go after AOC and Ilhan before they ruin this country. You have the ability to force them to resign or to force them out of the House.
    Next, after you accomplish that you can tell George Soros where to go as he is also ruining the country by buying political votes.
    Then you can resign from the House

    • LYLE JAMES says:


  16. Norman Howard says:

    The new presadental and wide open vp. should be put out of our misery.( OUT OF OFFICE ) HOW BLIND ARE THE DEMOCRAPS. DEMOCRAPS = SOCIALISM = POVIRTY . THE MILLENNIUMS WILL SEE. FIRST DAY biden put 4 million out of work ( The pipe line) SLUG.

  17. Wendy Meredith says:

    I wholeheartedly DO NOT agree with Pelosi. She needs to be the one in prison. The hypocrisy of this person is outrageous. She needs to be gone.

    • Lawanna S Tootle says:

      If Pelosi could weigh her friends AND enemies On the scales…. she would be found WANTING, OF friends and probably God; because of her back stabbing (& front)!! God don’t like ugly, and Pelosi thinks she runs this SHOW!! Sorry; curtain Call. Remember ONE thing Pelosi….
      Vengeance is MINE, sayeth the Lord!
      With all due respect, why cant people just come together as one, “USA”? We the people,is Plural.

  18. Barbara Morris says:

    This evil woman is the devil herself. She only has one agenda……..
    grinding former President Trump into the ground.
    He NEVER told anyone to break into the Capitol. Go back and listen to his words.
    To impeach, there must first be an investigation which would have revealed the above. The process of impeachment involves an investigation, it never happened.
    He is now a private citizen therefore no jurisdiction over him. You can not impeach a private citizen
    The American people need to hear the speech that Trump gave telling people to march & rally at the Capitol on that day of counting the electoral vote.
    Never once did he say, you need to break in and create havoc.
    The Democrats felt it was the perfect time to get people there, create the havoc we saw & heard……..then blame it on Trump. Those people were probably paid to do so under the guise of being Trump supporters.

    Democrats deliberately wanted that riot to happen.
    This truth should come out how their intentions were always to undermine President Trump in whatever way possible.

    • Preston says:

      The whole Marxist Democrats ought to be outed. Notice they didn’t say anything about the Rioting, looting, burning, destruction of our statues. They use Terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA which are funded by George Soros to cause civil unrest. Nancy is a Marxist who is only interested in money and Power. Her and the rest of the Marxist Democrats are out to destroy our Republic. Look what comrade Biden has already done his first day in office. The FBI has proof that the Storming of the capital was planned by Left wing groups days before Trump made his speech. These WAC jobs hate Trump because he interfered with their socialist agenda for years and now they don’t want to take a chance he will be back again. They have proof election tampering happened in the Democratic states but even the judges wouldn’t accept the proof that was provided. The Marxist Democrats will have America looking like California, Oregon, New York and Washington within a year. Citizens will soo see what the Democrats are all about. They are already attacking our Freedom of speech and Religion, not to mention our 2nd Amendment rights. They have been brainwashing our children in Public schools for years. The University’s are doing it too and Ban Conservative speech. Big tech is also banning conservatives. The Marxist and left will use any disaster to further control citizens, they are loving this Virus so they can keep people confined. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Biden and Company planned it. With China.

  19. July says:

    She didn’t listen to the speech!

    Then she and her cronies should be convicted of their crimes against the Constitution. REAL treason.

    End of story.

  20. Mary Ellen E Bunney says:

    Pelosi needs to retire. Her brain I think is fried. She is definitely not for “we the people” who pay her salary. I think these politicians have forgotten that. If Biden wanted to really Unify the Nation he would put a stop to all this impeachment talk by Pelosi but wait, he is not really in charge. Our Nation is in really big trouble. I have not already posted this. This is my first time posting this comment. What, am I being censored….????

  21. Mary Ellen E Bunney says:

    Pelosi needs to retire. Her brain I think is fried. She is definitely not for “we the people” who pay her salary. I think these politicians have forgotten that. If Biden wanted to really Unify the Nation he would put a stop to all this impeachment talk by Pelosi but wait, he is not really in charge. Our Nation is in really big trouble.

  22. Adam Muzer says:

    Piss on Pelosi, she should be hunted like a dog, fared and feathered

  23. Jennifer Williams says:

    Lets see if Biden has the backbone to tell her to shut up and go home (No).

  24. Kenny says:

    Polosi is an unhinged lunitic and lacks the temperament and is not fit to serve the US government in any capacity.

  25. Mary Crowley says:

    I think Nancy Pelosi has a Vendetta against President. Because her prejudice hate for President Trump she should be excused from any hearings or any part of this hearing.
    She also be stopped from trying to influence
    others. She obviously has a mean streak and needs to step back.
    This is UnAmerican to say the least. Suggest she get a life.

  26. ctazfurious! says:

    this woman needs to be arrested for treason…..President Trump is a civilian now. and impeachment cannot be done. she lies and does things without proof of anything.

  27. dude says:

    you can not impeach a “NO LONGER PRESIDENT” she needs to be removed immediately from speaker of the house in a straight jacket, due to her mental instability. she is nervious breakdown mode, and incapable of functioning legitimately. God please rescue us from this EVIL DERANGED SATANIC LUSTFULL ENTITY FOR POWER!!!!!

    • Rosalie R says:

      I couldn’t agree more! She has lost whatever shred of compassion she may have had at one time and should be disposed of.

  28. ADABRYANT says:

    If anyone wanders what evil looks like. Just take a look at her. Pelosi is pure evil. She is a devil in human form.

  29. Wanda says:

    Pelosi and the rest need to let Trump and his family alone he has helped us with out going to china to get more money and give them more control over us wake up she needs to go

  30. Wanda Goodman says:

    Pelosi and the rest need to let Trump and his family alone he has helped us with out going to china to get more money and give them more control over us wake up she needs to go

  31. dude says:

    this B***** is loosing her mind. what a witch hunt. she is so afraid of going to jail for treason. What an ABUSE OF POWER

    • A ‘Witch Hunt’ is literally true. As in “Wicked Witch of the Capitol.”
      Supposedly a Catholic but so spiritually unaware. ‘Forgiveness’ to her is another twist of the knife.
      Does she EVER reflect that at her advanced age she’ll be facing her Maker quite soon. But she acts as if she’ll live forever and by saying the rosary she’s ‘cool’ with God. She’ll be oh so confounded at how she misspent what she’s been given. Absolutely no “fear of the Lord” in this one.

  32. Donald Harris says:

    Nancy Pelosi is mentally impaired and has demonstrated her inability to hold the office of Speaker of the House. How can one person have so much venomous hatred. We do not even know IF such an impeachment can legally proceed AFTER a president has left office. This aspect must be clarified. Is there not some method or law whereby this obscene “trial” can be terminated legally. There have been no witness or defense. The entire impeachment effort has bastardized such a trial. I watched his speech that morning. There was nothing that President Trump said that could be misconstrued as an incitement to violence. I am confident it will not happen, but is there not some action that can remove Pelosi as House Speaker? She did not even follow the established protocol to impose such action in accordance with impeachment requirements. Why doesn’t President Biden strongly advise her to cease and desist. If he wants “unity” so badly this would be a good first effort in that direction. Continuation of impeachment proceedings can only perpetuate the devisive atmosphere throughout the nation and set a very bad precedent.

  33. Robert Highland says:

    Pelosi should be made to pay for this impeachment out of her salary cause of her last lose, or if she loses this time, she pays for both herself, instead of our tax dollars paying for her assaults on a VERY GOOD PRESIDENT, at least he was better at his job than she ever did at her job, she is a TOTAL WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. a says:

    this B******* pelosi is loosing her mind. u can’t impeach a “NO LONGER” president. she is so afraid of going to jail for treason, she will stop at nothing. she needs to be tried for ABUSE OF POWER.

  35. Peg says:

    What goes around comes around. Her day is coming.

    • Dausie says:

      Absolutely!! When I pray,I truly ask the Lord Jesus, Great God Almighty, to please let me live long enough (because of my health)
      to see justice concerning Trump and
      his family. They had it in for him; ever since he ‘scrapped Hillary’!!!
      That’s when he first started cleaning out, the edges of the swamp…by not letting her in. After that, ALL DEMS hated him! Make NO mistake, Hillary, Obama, and dont forget Oprah; she filthied
      her hands too.Trump must have been the subject around all their tables
      & tasted Sooo good!! And as for Ms.
      Abrams; don’t let that smile Fool you! She is Pelosi in a black skin.
      B U T…the day will come, when they “ALL” SHED their skins; and you will see, True Colors!!! Amen?

  36. Gregory Knapp says:

    Amazing how our beloved ex-President is still such a big factor in American life. Where is ‘America First’, Ms Pelosi? Your colors are showing, i.e. ‘Pelosi First’! How about moving forward instead of living in the past! Down deep, you do know, however (and it must scare the tar out of you), that President Trump is not just part of our past, but a very big part of our future, because he does represent the real America and true patriots. We’re not going away!

    • Dausie says:

      Trump will always hold an endeared place in my heart! He was Great for
      America! Beloved by many, democrats
      Couldn’t handle that. More than what they got going on. The wicked have a hard time Sleeping @ night; have you looked at Pusloosie lately
      …she aging BAD!! Get on YOUR broomstick and GO girlie. FLY with the rest of your demons! Anybody, that hateful; got to serve SATAN. Kneel all you want to, break bread, drink wine, say all you need to say
      But,GOD watches over the rich and the poor.YOU “WILL” Answer for all you do One Day, Pelosi;tread softly

  37. Robert Highland says:

    If Pelosi can incite all the things going on in Portland Or. Make her walk the streets of Portland during a riot & get her to put up bail for the person or persons who assault her & if she calls the police she should get thrown out of congress as fast as shit through a goose!!!!!!

  38. bo says:

    Well, Nancy Pelosi is NOT TOO OLD FOR HER WANTS TO HURT HER!!

  39. Lindy Black says:

    Nancy Pelosi is just an Evil person. She shouldn’t have been re-elected because she hasn’t done the job she was elected to do. All she’s done is work on her schemes to get rid of Trump. She is a disgrace and she just doesn’t stop! She will end up just dividing the country more! She should be removed from office immediately!

    • Ruth Owens says:

      Trump must know where the bodies are buried. They are afraid of him because he knows how corrupt they all are. They all need to go to prison.

    • Charles says:

      ‘Evil’ as in ‘consumed,’ which pretty much foretells her future in the Pit of Hell.
      That in no way makes me happy, but so sad for her.

  40. Richard Hull says:

    Seriously, Biden, Pelosi, Obama, Schumer, and many other, vile, nasty demoncRATS should be behind bars for seditious acts against the United States and OUR President Donald J Trump.

  41. Sandra says:

    Have these DEMS lost their minds. Those people that broke into the Capitol where BLM & ANTIFA. The Dems planned this and paid these terrorists. It was a set up because they hate President Trump.

    The Trump Supporters fight against lawlessness. The Trump supporters are Peaceful protesters not rioters and definitely NOT terrorists.

    What about the lawlessness in Seattle, Oregon, Michigan, New York,and other cities & states? Who caused all these lawlessness events DEMS?
    Nancy Pelosi is demon filled. She and other Dems are UnGodly people full of hate. I hope the people that voted for them can now see their wickedness.
    God Bless America! May God have Mercy on America! May God expose the DEMS for what they are!

  42. Wakeup People! says:

    Trump has only called for peace, every democrat that literally called for violence, unrest, etc. should’ve been removed immediately never to serve again, they went against everything Americans stand for. All that sought to destroy Trump instead of serving the people that elected him should be locked away for treason. Trump not only did more for America and her people, all while being attacked the entire time by the self-serving democrats, then any president has, also the only president since our founding fathers to lose money while serving the people plus donating all but one dollar of his president’s pay. Trump will forever be the president that shadows all others for his service to America and her people!

  43. Ken says:

    L O O S E R. P E L O S I. Damn auto spell

  44. Ken says:

    L O O S E R P E L O I. !!!!!!!!!

  45. Nellie says:

    Pelosi is evil and she should be removed from holding any government position immediately.

    • Pelosi is only saying about President Trump what she should be saying about her own party and some of the so-called Republicans! President Trump did not incite the riot, the infiltration had already begun before he even finished his speech! That riot was a complete setup to try to discredit the best president that we have ever had!

      My hope and prayer is that the lies and fraud will be exposed and that Pelosi and her cronies will all be arrested and we will never have to see them in Washington EVER again!! The swamp definitely needs to be cleaned up completely and that includes McConnell and his spineless cronies, as well!

  46. Bobby says:

    Pelosi should be put out to pasture, that old heifer should have retired years ago. She’s going senile.

  47. Deborah Turner says:

    I don’t understand why she has and is wasting time and money to chase after President Trump her hearing must be different from ours on that day not once did I hear in anything he said lead me to believe he was sending anybody to do what they did and she has no idea what (we the people want) she doe not care about us at all she needs to be impeached or sent to prison all of them should go to prison biden obama’s clinton’s

    • Bobby Thomas says:

      She is an evil old woman who should be in prison, and hopefully she will be in the not-too-distant future.

    • Eleanor Merry says:

      I have 2 or 3 different posts on FB saying that the FBI found no evidence of any criminal intent by President Trump. So legally I don’t see how she can have him charged except by LIES as usual.

    • Eleanor Merry says:

      I have seen 2 or 3 different posts on FB saying that the FBI found no evidence of any criminal intent by President Trump. So legally I don’t see how she can have him charged except by LIES as usual.

  48. Ernestine Betchan says:

    Where is “equity” now? Harris, Pelosi and other Dems financially and politically supported the Fascist, Marxist BLM, Antifa and others all summer and fall in their destruction, devastation of businesses, homes, killed, injured many police and citizens throughout the country! Never heard anything but praise for the thugs who perpetrated these acts upon America and Americans!

    President Trump told his ralliers to peacefully protest!! those persecuting conservatives should be removed from office and prosecuted!!!

  49. Pelois need to be Tried for treason.and she needs to leave Trump alone he has did Nothing wrong.

  50. Sarah M. M. Vargas says:

    Pelosi should have the privilege of working like the people whose backs she lives of by taking our tax money for salary.

  51. Ernestine Betchan says:

    There is evidence that BLM and Antifa planned the rush to the capitol to make a big scene. FBI and others knew ahead of time, informed Pelosi! Some Trump supporters likely went in, but largely planned, orchestrated by Dems! Once again they lie, cheat, steal to get what they want! Turn to Republican as the culprits here! Perfect crime!!
    No, our president should not be bothered any longer by this hateful person and her followers!

  52. Cindy says:

    Isn’t bullying and harassment a crime in this country? Pelosi is guilty of that and much more. Pelosi has done nothing but harm this country. She should be removed from office for her vindictive and mental instability. She needs to be tried for treason. She will receive her earned punishment in the final judgement.

  53. jc says:

    Pelosi has outlived her time in office. She is to old and to prejudiced to hold any office let alone speaker. Time to let go and get out if not start serving the people who elected you. Take some action against the terrorist who destroyed property in Portland and Seattle last night. Take some action to get people off the streets and back to work. So many needs and you are still wasting tax payer money on your personnel vendetta against President Trump. Grow up and get a life.

  54. Linda Giannukos says:

    Pelosi is an evil liar!

  55. Mike Perschbacher says:

    Pelosi needs to be impeached for not doing what she was put in office to do. She has done nothing but try to get rid of a great president for 4 years because he was not part of the establishment.

  56. Deb Clare says:

    She is such a liar and following Satan’s pln. But she doesn’t realize she is on the wrong side. She is running scared!! Feeling sad for her. Psalm 64, Nancy is one of the enemies!! God is in control!

  57. Joe says:

    This crazy, pathetic,evil,stupid woman needs to be locked up, she has been the scourge of the house for years. this embarrassment, has done nothing but harm to our country. She needs to be removed for siting violence, Trump didn’t incite anything. The impeachment won’t fly, it’s unconstitutional, he is already out of office, u incompetent dummy piglosi.

  58. Carolyn Clark says:

    And the TRUTH will set him free. Something Nancy Pelosi knows nothing about, Truth is a foreign concept to her and since she is not a Christian (the church has disallowed her communion) I am sure she is not familiar with the quote. Anyone who has watched video of the capital riot, listen to the speeches made or read confessions of convicted knows that she and her cronies paid these violent rioters to disrupt the peaceful protesters.

  59. ROSS says:


  60. Carolyn Coburn says:

    Can we just get her the H E Double Hockey Sticks out of there?! He had no role in that mess and she should sweep up behind her own back door before she sweeps up behind his.

  61. Jien conde says:

    Why does this evil power hungry women have such control over the Democrats…she has schemed and lied until finally cheating Trump out of a second presidential term…..she just won’t stop her controlling power until she becomes President…..look out bumbling Biden and laughing over nothing Harris….Lord help us, it’s like living in the Third Reich..

  62. Honest says:

    Nasty Nancy will end her rein of BS almost as fast as The Biden Crime Family does ~~ Never!

    • Barry Grigsby says:

      Fuck off Nancy, the best thing that could happen for this country if you took your overpaid useless ass & get the fuck out of this country, you been fucking over this country for way to long!!! Trump was the best President we have had since Reagan, problem with many Americans is they not use to a real leader, someone who leads from the front, a leader that makes promises & does his best to keep those promises, Biden been in Washington over 4 decades & hasn’t done shit!!! Trump messed up there fucking playhouse!!!

  63. Grace Vitale says:

    This is absurd!
    President Trump did not invite violence.
    He condemned it.
    Pelosi and the democrats applauded the riots in previous months….even condoned them.
    Double standards are evident.
    If the Senators turn a blind eye to this attack on President Trump…. their future and party will be no more.
    Hate and attack on character is wrong.
    It has a price tag….

    • BOBBY CARVER says:

      This stupid bitch has got to go hope her fellow comedians will see her for what she is a old out of control bitch

  64. Ribert says:

    Look at how much money Pelosi has already wasted try in to get trump outta office….and now she wants to waste more?? She could have used that money too get our military vets that are homeless off the streets or refill the food banks. Investigate her as for that and put her in jail where she belongs!!!!! Trump 2024!!!!!!

  65. Donald Hoover says:

    I hope that when they impeach Trump as a private citizen, that he can find away to turn around and sue the senate and Pelosi.

    Pelosi, Walters and many other Democrats have called for rioting and destruction of our country and that’s okay, and no one calls them on it. What happened in Portland, New York and every other city where rioting took place in 2020? Now we the tax payers are excepted to pay for the rioting and destruction that the Democrats had called for.

    Look at Trumps speech and tell the American people exactly what he said, not what you want to make people believe.

    In my opinion Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and all the turn coat republicans need to be impeached. We the citizens and tax payers need to stand up and let our voices be heard, not people like Pelosi, Walters, Schumer and McConnell tell us what we can do or what we can not do. We are suppose to be free to make our own decision, within the realm of the law.

    • Norma Newman says:

      Amen–they allowed the destruction and rioting without calling it out. Now, Antifa is rioting in Portland, saying they are ungovernable, are against Biden and all law. The genie is out of the bottle, and the Dems who allowed it can no longer control it.

    • Peggy S Karimi says:

      Amen, lot of truth in that statement.why wasn’t Water’s charged when she told supporters to harass Republicans. All the hate speech is coming from them.

  66. Charles Hicks says:

    I think it best that they keep him from ever holding public office again because he’s a liar ; but I don’t think he incited insurrection so he should not be impeached. It’s best to not make a martyr of President Trump and that’s what would happen if he was impeached. It’s best to just let him fade away. It’s unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi is carrying on the vendetta against President Trump. I wonder what he did to her to make her so angry? It’s time to let go Speaker Pelosi.

    • Steve says:

      She’s just a kooky old b**** she disrespects everything that America stands for and as far as I’m concerned she should be the one being brought up on charges thrown out of office I can’t stomach the woman or anything she stands for she says she’s a Catholic and which hell she is the most worthless politician ever to step foot in our nation it should be thrown out of office immediately

  67. Stephane says:

    Amazing isn’t it?
    Does she forget that President TRUMP is out of office.
    She cannot do anything to him now!
    Her hate is blinding her and the rest of the leftist TRAITORS.

  68. Doug says:

    Pelosi needs mental help along with the other fruits and nuts . Socialism is alive and we’ll ditch the UN also.

  69. Rebecca R Rouska says:

    Pelosi needs to leave President Trump alone. She is not perfect. I do believe what goes around will come back on her. He tried to protect the cities from riots and he did not start the riot so she needs to move on and leave the truth alone.

  70. shirley says:

    EVIL it comes natural for Pelois black soul she has old bag

  71. Bob Nanni says:

    Why is the establishment so afraid of #45 that they want to harm him even when he is no longer president??? Was he too close to uncovering corruption? Did the dems see their payoffs shrinking?
    Much more at work here than politics.

  72. Elton Coleman says:

    Pelosi is a bitch of a witch, who will stop at nothing to try and tarnish the repetition of the greatest president that this country has had in my lifetime.

  73. Earl B. Wise says:

    She is worse than the devil and her un American ways are treason. She is the one who should be tried and sentenced.

  74. Gayla Pruett says:


  75. Shirley says:

    Pelosi should be convicted not President Trump. He s greatest and he will be back for sure. Trump 2024

  76. Paula says:

    Pelosi is the devil she is the one who needs to be tried for treason,

  77. carol says:

    She ought to look in the mirror.. If ever there was a criminal it is her. She needs to be in jail for the things she has done and said. She is an evil ugly old bitch. She claims to be a devout catholic yet she is for ABORTION. What a liar. How can you be a devout catholic and be sooooo evil….

  78. Johnny Eskridge says:

    pelosi and the rest of the dems are lunatics period.

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