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Pence Will Not Attend Trump’s Send-Off

In a powerful snub that will not endear him to voters and supporters of President Donald Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence will not be attending the send-off for Trump on Wednesday, January 20th.

Vice President Pence is not expected to attend a send-off for President Trump at Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday, joining a host of other GOP officials who have declined to see the president off for his official departure from the White House,” according to The Hill.

Trump will leave the base about 8 a.m. on Wednesday for Florida. Officials are planning a formal ceremony for the president, who is declining to attend his successor’s inauguration in a break with more than a century of tradition…

“The top two Republicans in Congress — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.) — are also not planning to attend Trump’s send-off. McCarthy and McConnell have also been invited by Biden to attend a pre-inauguration church service Wednesday morning.

“Instead, the ceremony will likely be taken in by Trump’s family, closest aides and some supporters, reflecting how some in the GOP have tried to distance themselves from the president after Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.”

For more on this story, go to The Hill.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you surprised that Mike Pence will not attend the send-off for President Trump?



  1. Maria says:

    Pence the Back Stabber! Your duty was to back President Donald J Trump at his send off, but instead you get on your knees for China Biden/Harris the Ho, you are not a Christian man who are you kidding.
    You have joined the the low ranks of the swamp, how much were you paid to back stab the greatest President Donald J Trump, he is a good Christian man and he will be back before you know it.
    Pence, you could have given China Joe a map to the White House basement that is where you both belong.

  2. Johnnie Austin says:

    I was very disappointed in Pence, I thought he was a better person than that. But now when I think about it, I was wrong in my observation of Pence.

  3. Judy R. says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that Pence and his wife, Karen didn’t attend Pres. Trump’s send-off. Pence wasn’t quite sure he wanted to be Pres. Trump’s VP in the beginning, but was eventually talked into it. Pence’s wife, Karen wanted nothing to do with Trump. She felt he was crass, dishonest, and not trustworthy. She was also very worried about what she would wear if Pres. Trump was inaugurated since “they” didn’t have anywhere near the money Pres. Trump had. In the end, Karen went along with her husband, Mike Pence and President paid for Karen Pence’s dress for the inauguration.

    I have never trusted Pence when he was VP, He is part of the Swamp even though he acted as if he wasn’t. He always had a smirk on his face when he was standing next to President Trump. Oh, he played his part as the VP well, but if you knew what to look for you could see it. That pasted-on smile and the fake handshake was always so obvious. Pence acted like he supported Pres. Trump, however, when push came to shove, Pence jumped ship like a rat. I think Pence is considering running for President in 2024. HaHa. Not going to happen. We all know Pence is a rat. Pres. Trump 2024 and 2028!

    • Brenda Jarrells says:

      Pence is just another Demnut in a Repub. Mask. His balls are in his mouth now. Back stabbing no good as is the Republican Party

  4. Cathy Abraham says:

    Thank you President Trump for all you did for us!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!!🙏🏻

  5. Ken Frazier says:

    Judas betrayed Jesus for silver I just wonder what the payoff for Pence and other turncoats was. The truth is going to surface and Trump is going to have the last laugh.

  6. Ken Frazier says:

    As for as I’m concerned both Pence and McConnell are both low down, good for nothing, back stabbing excuses for human beings.

  7. Kenneth H. Frazier says:

    I’ve never seen as much back stabbing and betrayal in all my eight-three years here on God’s Green earth. Who would have ever thought Pence could be bought off or McConnald would be in the bed with a Chinese woman? Mark my words! Donald J Trump will return stronger than ever and run for president under a new party name.

  8. Sam Seccurra says:

    if it wasn’t for Trump, we would never have heard of Mike Pence. He did more for Pence than Pence ever did for Trump and this is how he repays him? He had a chance to save this country but he decided to go with the Socialst/Communist Party. Maybe he’s looking for a place in the Biden Administration.

  9. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Are all these Republicans going to tuck tail and run, what cowards. If Pence runs for president I will not vote for him, because he doesn’t stand for the people anymore.

  10. Dee T. says:

    I am disappointed in Mike Pence for not attending President Trumps’ send off. I really thought he was a better person than that. They have had their difficulties, but Pence owed his 4 years as VP to Trump and should have been there to say Thank You for giving him that 4 years. Politicians are so good at throwing each other under the bus!!!

  11. Eric Pfeiffer says:

    Now is the time for all Americas, but conservatives in particular, to contact their state legislative representative and senator to insist upon legislation that mandates the purging of registrar roles (voter’s names). This should be mandated to be a regular and on going purge like every other year during the off election year.

    It is less than two years until the next election. I have heard that voter’s roles are a state matter. It is the first and perhaps the most important to have a chance of turning around the marxist efforts being made for change by the left.

  12. Mark H Baker says:

    This isn’t a surprise, ALL current politicians are corrupt. Remove and charge everyone of them!!

  13. Diana says:

    Anything not to face conflict with the regime, that is what democrats now bring to us, they have made us vulnerable now the attack on our rights and freedoms, this is a show of force getting the Military involved, I would believe it was for protection if they would have stopped the violence all of 2020, but that was allowed, this is nothing but to show us we cannot fight for our freedoms that we once enjoyed, it will be a very rocky ride going forwards!!!!

  14. carolyn says:

    I could not believe my ears when I heard that Pence would not be with Trump Wed morn. Sorry I needed to correct a word in my first comment. Would you please delete or correc this. Thank you

  15. carolyn says:

    I could not believe my ears when I heard that Pence would no be with Trump We.morn

  16. Eligio Thomas says:

    Wow! Yes very surprised it just shows these men do not have an ounce of integrity. They have shown that lying and cheating gets you somewhere it shows they are very selfish people but folks dint despair God is still incharge. God has allowed for us the Amerucan people to see how corrupt our government is none can be trusted si we need truth back and ti get Him back truth is humble ourselves, pray, seethe face of God, turn from our wicked ways then he will heal our land. Trump in all this shown that he was for the country he loves and he gave all for it and he was happy to see us love this great country let’s fight to prayer and much courage God bless you all are ready to fight for this country.

  17. Jim Braccio says:

    Mike Pence has to be the worst vice president of the century ! All Trump did for him and he stabs him the back. Pence I think your political career is over!
    You gain absolutely no respect from the Republicans. Your history! Look in the mirror and on your forehead it will be in big letters … TRAITOR !!!

  18. Marilyn says:

    My father told me 80 years ago in the late 1930’s, “There’s no such thing as an Honest Politician.” They may go to Washington honest, but they don’t stay for long until they buckle under to the corruption and self-interest. I am thoroughly disgusted with Mitch McConnell and some bad apples in the Republican party. They need to go, or the Party is over.

    • User from ohio says:

      Whats amazing is their abandonment of the President who cares about this country and people to sell out to future wanna be destroyers of this country. And yet though they only did more somewhat with him in power all the other time they just sat on a stool of do nothing til he was elected and instead of waiting to help put the fraudulent lie of an election back to right and truth jumped at a chance to go whoring after power and money for number 1 and did not even let the body get cold before they jumped back into the mud with the rest of the republicans and demoncrats. Pathetic!

  19. Traitors, these turncoats don’t represent the American people, the represent the establishment! But a new dawn is rising, “They’re not after me, they’re after YOU, I’m just standing in they’re way” Donald Trump

  20. Betty says:

    President Trump is the best President of my life. I am 79years old. I will miss him daily!

    • marilyn storm says:

      absolutely the best in my life time…kept his promises. MAGA

      • FAY says:

        If My Husband was alive he would have said the same thing he past away August 2020. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

        • Larry D Olson says:

          I was too young at the time to vote, but I would put JFK at the top of the list for greatest president along with Trump. He was the last great Democratic president. Joe hasn’t a chance of even coming close.

  21. Carol says:

    No I AM not surprised Pence will not attend. I have never liked him their has been something about him but I couldn’t figure out what it was until recently when it was reported he had porn on his comuper. He is a very stiff man, never did he smile or look personable. He sits stiffly when he is present with trump..It would be just like a traitor to spew trash after the President is gone. President Trump is a Patriot, Pence is not. This a dividing of the ways between the steep and the goats. How you cast your bread upon the water is what will come back to you. Goodbye Mr Pense.

    • Altha says:

      I have felt the same way as you. I never liked the way he was always giving the President those side-way looks. Reminded me of a cat sizing up a bird, waiting for a chance to ponce. He is trying to kiss butt to save his political career. But guess what Mr. Pence, President Trump will always be my president. I hope your political aspirations fail. You say you are a christian. If so, check your Bible. Gal 6:7 says “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he shall also reap.” You have sown some bad seeds Pence, and you will reap a bitter harvest. Voters WILL NOT forget.

      • judy gass says:

        so true he will now change to DEMOCRAT that is his reward , but who will trust him now never new much about him until he was TRUMPS PICK FOR VP trump obviously gave him more credit then he deserved TRUMP was not a politician, but yet he won and PENSE certainly mustknow better then anyone the election was bought and he yet he was part of that buy out he couldve kept AMERICA GREAT BUT DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS TO STAND BEHIND HIS PRESIDENT, and judged his own competence

    • TOMMY E HOWARD says:

      We know he is a traitor for what he did (or actually didn’t do) on January 6. I will never support Pence the traitor again!!

  22. As President Donald J.Trump stated in his farewell address,”Our movement has just begun.”

  23. Bobbie says:

    What a shame !, pence what the hell is the matter with you. How do u sleep nights. You will get your dat just like the rest of the swamp.
    President Donald Trump and beautiful Melania I will never for get you both.
    Peace be with the both of you and my God watch over you forever.
    My heart is broken for how they treated the both of you. Stay safe
    and hold your heads up high those stampers will get their day and
    it will not be a good one. MAGA and u did and u will again.

  24. Mike Keafer says:

    The true colors are showing of the so called republicans in Washington!! Didn’t support the man when he was in office because he threatened to expose all of traitors!! I will remember this and the next time I’ll hear anything from you bastards will be when you need my support and donations for your election. Please don’t bother me with your begging go to the people you represent it damn sure isn’t the American people !!!

  25. Bobby says:

    Mike Pence has ruined his nest, it doesn’t matter what he does now. He’s shown America he can’t be trusted.

  26. Chivis says:

    God Bless America and God Bless our only one President Donald J. Trump

  27. Jim says:

    So sad if VP Pence does not attend the send off of our great President, DJT. DJT deserves better treatment from the fellow Republicans. If the Republican Party backs the 2nd attempt to impeach DJT ,then I’m giving up on the GOP…… In my humble opinion DJT ranks up there with R Reagan… j

  28. Edwin says:

    I wouldn’t expect any less from a tra–erous piece of s-it!

  29. Dal Smith says:

    Pence is a lying backstabbing true politician that don’t give a crap about anything but himself and how much more money he can steal from the tax payers! I have now use for his sorry ass and he’s going to find out he’s through in politics! He couldn’t run for dog catcher and win. Piss on you Pence

    • Cath says:

      I agree with you about Pence – HE is a perfect example of the SWAMP…ABSOLUTELY…
      It proves that Trump is not entwined in the federal garbage dump aka SWAMP – Trump was focused on his dedication to the US CITIZENS – and seemed to always put us FIRST – in spite of what the swamp dwellers were up to. I grew up, worked and lived in the DC area for too long to not know these people…I know how they work…Trump is the BEST by far!!!

  30. Jody Payton says:

    I’m appalled with vice president Mike Pence he should be ashamed of himself. He worked for one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had it sickens me that we are being censored and it makes me ashamed to call myself an American right now. I believe this election was stolen from President Trump and I will always believe it. And may God have mercy on The Souls of the ones who rigged this election.

  31. Mary wilkins says:

    The only effective voice we have left to us is VOTING! While I’m sure the democrats can give these Benedict Arnolds pointers on how to win an election, don’t think they can pervert the voices of 75 million loyal and true republicans.
    Save your voice for the polls. Never forget these faux republicans. They are legion.

    • cath says:

      75 MILLION if not the majority of voters in the US there are 233.7 Million eligible voters in the US so 75 million doesn’t seem correct to me. Surely we have NO IDEA how many people voted ILLEGALLY…I think only SOME of the poll watchers know. Sad to say…75 Million is only .033 of the eligible voters…your stats must be an error of some kind. sorry

  32. wiseguy says:

    Mitch MaCconnell is a ignorant liar, He only gets away with his lies because the news media follows
    a Democratic Agenda.

  33. Scott says:

    Thought so much better of him. Karma can be such a Bit_h.

  34. Joe Rodriguez says:

    Mike Pence was a nobody, and without President Trump he will continue to be a nobody! Kevin McCarthy will always be a RAT 🐀 RINO appointed by another RAT RINO 🐀 Paul Ryan! And dirty China Mitch McConnell will always be Xi Jinping’s personal B***H! And those so called republican’s that say, Trump used harsh words and was mean to the SWAMPERS, can kiss my A**! And when the same leftist democrats come after your rights, your gonna wish Trump was still President! 75 million Trump supporters are not switching sides we will primary RINO’S in 2022, stay tuned!

    • Janease says:

      I totally agree. The only highly intelligent class act in Washington, DC left the Capitol yesterday and today. the rest of the clowns have the brain power of a brain damaged chimp.

    • DAVID RIVERA says:

      So many spineless republicans, we need a new party the trumpers,these cowards had an opportunity to get America back under the true leader President Trump, what a shame, Trump 2024 ,

      • bruce says:

        2024 never! Trump played pussyfoot from the very beginning. Instead of dumping the trash (Obama’s cabinet), he kept them and they marched to Obama’s orders. Everyone knows you remove your enemies before they stab you in the back. I like what he did for this country but it’ll be erased before winter is gone. He is too preoccupied with grandstanding and praises to be effective anymore.

      • User from ohio says:

        They really did not want us to have our nation back. They just did their usual tap dance til they could cheat get us citizens who really love this country out of they way go back to the mudpit with biden harris etc. We mean nothing to them. Ought to start a new political party called “Forgotten Americans”. Cuz thats how I really feel. Betrayed. Thank you Mr. President for showing us there are still some people in power who do love this country like you. You will not be forgotten!

  35. Ann DePol says:

    Verysurprised Pence finally woke up. He supported Trump,only worried about his
    own career. Only the jan 6th incident realized he was thrown under the bus,
    turned him around, again seeing his career go down the tubes, as it should.
    He is as bad as Trump, maybe worse. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    One must stand up to what they believe in, never for personal gain.

    • Sandy Bomar says:

      Sandy Bomar
      In about 4 years maybe sooner you come back on here and tell all of us how much happier you are. How your life is so much better.

    • RRG says:

      So you’re one of those sick leftist that is ignorant, and can’t see as far as your nose. Glad you’ll see what the US will continue to to turn in to. Hope you can speak Chinese, as you will be required to as the take over materializes.

  36. B DiGiacomo says:

    President Trump was definitely one of the best Presidents the USA ever had. Phonies in Washington are great at kicking someone when they are down.

  37. JS says:

    Maybe, he will be led out of there in cuffs with a lot of those other corrupt bastards Tommorrow

    • Mike Lambrecht says:

      How much money did he accept to absolutely stab his President in the back..don’t bother running for any office in your life time Benjamin Arnold..America will never forget what you have done.

    • Ali says:

      you talk about CORRUPT – look at BO, BC, – Carter WAS TOO DUMB to pick up on the criminals in DC…Kennedy, Clinton, BO and Roosevelt were all a part of it! I lived in the DC areal then and watched it all!!!

  38. Agnes Holloway says:

    I guess all the satanic pedophiles and adrenachrome junkies are jumping for joy. Their number one enemy will be gone from office. That was their no.1 beef with President Trump he was fixing to clean the swamp and not enough time to do it. They still can’t escape the big judge who will sooner or later bring his wrath down on them. Biden is just a puppet that could care less what they do to humanity because he is just as bad as they are. GOOD BYE AMERICA AS WE ONCE KNEW IT.

  39. TheRealM says:

    I will be so glad when people stop writing articles baiting us DJT supporters against other Republicans be they conservative or turncoat RINO! No one is more supportive of President Trump than I but, what is going on here with people pitting us against each other is an outrageous ploy to get us to read their stupid articles, get furious and write blistering comments!
    Nothing about DJT and his Presidency including his exit from office has been the normal tradition! He gave us a long needed voice and he is our champion! He is leaving in a way no other President of either party has done before. The Republicans who are not joining DJT in his farewell from D.C. I feel sure have been in contact with DJT to give him their well wishes and to inform him they will be attending inaugural ceremonies as has been the tradition since the inception of America! This is not caving to Biden and the Dems….it is out of respect for the office of the Presidency, nothing more, nothing less! This is nothing new!
    Would everyone please stop and think about what we are reading and ask ourselves does the author have a less than honorable reason for writing the article and decide as individuals how or if we want to respond.
    I am sad and unhappy about how this has all turned out but, I’ll be danged if I am going to let these yahoos control my thought process, who I get angry with and why! I get myself worked up enough without letting some sensation seeking peon add to my grief!

    • Cath says:

      EXACTLY and wonderfully said…we should ALL re-read your comments!!!THINK FOR YOURSELVES everyone!!! GET THE FACTS THEN decide.

  40. carol says:

    Mike Pence needs to grow some balls, and go after all the evil, supposed to be American Democrats. Especially Pelosi, Biden, Hunter, Obama and lets not forget good old Hillary. They all belong in jail for Treason!!! what’s wrong with Powell & Linwood, they sit back and do nothing when they have the power! It is a sad day tomorrow for the good old USA! God Help US!

  41. William says:

    He drained the water out of the swamp so that we could clearly see the rats below the surface that were hidden.
    Trump as a business man did so much more than professional Politian’s that it makes me wonder if those in Congress ever say thank you for their paycheck, since they certainly didn’t earn it.

    President Trump, the founding fathers of our country would be proud of you.

  42. Phyllis Frank says:

    I hope that all Republican House and Senate remember who got them their seats. Just remember!!!

  43. Barbara DiGiacomo says:

    Typical politicians, Pence, McConnell and all of them. They must kiss up to the new power. It’s always about power and money. They are all back stabbers.

  44. Phyllis Frank says:

    Hope Pence isn’t going to run for president in 2024, he won’t get my vote!!!

  45. Gregory Knapp says:

    So disappointed in these people. Gives more reason to ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, soul and very being’. Trust in man gets us nowhere-especially in men/women with selfish intent. President Trump is only a man, but a good one with good intentions. Thank you, Mr. President-you still have my vote.

    • Elizaeth says:

      I’m so disappointed and ashamed of Pence who says he’s a Christian and then goes and stabs the back of the one man who could clean out the swamp, our nations capital. It sure needs cleaning, but now more filth, deceit, violence and lies will be added. We will no longer live in America, the land of freedom. We should all pray for President Trump,and as Christ admonished us, pray for our enemies also.

  46. Nurex35 says:

    Well, unless turncoat Mike Pence wants to work on K Street, his political career is over! Effin over! He wont get elected as anything again …even in IN!

  47. Maqqty says:

    POS Pence there should be no doubt now what Pence did was a deliberate act of treason against the American People against our President he violated his oath of office and he should be impeached.

    I believe now more than ever that that fly that stuck to his head as an omen and we missed it.

  48. The Washington Group make me sick, some of them think they are MR> & Mrs. Perfect, I am sick of people in Washington making the statement that they are Christians, then when it come to standing for what is right they run. Talk to Daniel in the Old Testament, when he was told not to pray three times a day. Did he tuck his tail and forsake what he knew was right, NO! he was willing to be thrown in the lions den, that is a Christian. God took care of the lions by keeping them from hurting or killing Daniel. I could tell more stories in the Bible, but I don’t have the room. It would serve the Yellow backed Republicans if the Democrats did pull their switchblade and stab them in the back for the way they have treated President Trump. The Bible tells me you will reap more than you sow, so keep on sowing hate in the name of being a Christian and see if God’s word isn’t true. Best Wishes to our President and his family, because they are the only ones that were Washington that deserve that. God is not done with the one who stands alone for right.

  49. Laura says:

    Very disappointed in Mike Pence and the GOP people. You are all traitors. President Trump is the best president we ever had and he’s the only president that wanted to do something about all the illegals here and the boarder. Other presidents would promise to do something about it but once in office never did. Thank you President Trump.

    • Anna Kowalski says:

      So very true! I don’t know what these people want for America but it is not the America I grew up in! Most of what I read appears to be left or even communist. I have ventured twice to Russia and I would not want to live there or raise a family there. I would not want to live in Communist China either. If you hate the US move to one of those places for a year and see for yourself!

  50. Juan C Claveria says:

    38 yrs ago, I came to this country with the American flag in my arms. Voted for Reagan,Clinton, both Bush and Obama. Definitely, politicians are the worst virus for our country. I may not like Thump as a person, he is no politician and doesn’t have to be politically correct, but he did what he promised and more.Now, I’m scared. The left in my former country began with taking the media, then weapons, then food and finally…freedom.Don’t like the new administration one bit. You may disagree, but we’re still a free country.God bless America.

  51. Shirley says:

    Unfortunately, believe those who have turned their backs on President Trump have turned away from God. God appointment President Trump at this time in history of our nation to purge it of the evilness of satan within our government & other places in our nation. Unfortunately, they will face the wrath of God for turning to satan & turning against President Trump unless they turn from the darkness satan has them in & they turn back into the light of Jesus & ask for forgiveness.

  52. LeRoy c Chandler says:


    • America is still CURRENTLY A free place. So everyone is entitled to speak their minds. I’m saddened that in this day and age there are still FOOLS thats believe PURE FOOLISHNESS. BUT as i stated free to be free to believe and free to be fools too I GUESS

  53. M.Brown says:

    I voted for Pres.Trump in 2016 and was pleased with many things he did for our country. But his manner and name calling has bothered me as he was not a good example for our children. The first presidential debate did it for me. He was very unpresidential and rude. He alone is responsible for losing the election. Many of my fellow Republicans could stand to have him represent us any longer. He must have almost broken his arm from patting himself on his back. Good luck Mr. Trump.

    • Don Cordell says:

      You can call yourself a repulican no one is perfect but president Trump is not a policitan i hope you like how Biden and Pelois stole the election as well as demcraties use their foul language thats not good for childern for sure.

  54. Linda and Bib says:

    I am saddened by all of the GOP members who have become turncoats. Our President Trump was the best President we have ever had…did more for the people of the United States than any other in government position ever has, and likely will always be. I fear for the United States and our freedoms with this new administration…..

    • Dawn Krajenka says:

      Those GOP leaders you are referring to are actually CCP installed agitators. THAT is the sad and sorry truth. But, God is in control and He is sovereign. I have no fear because THAT truth settles my heart!

  55. Jean Brown says:

    If any Republican in political office is so weak and envious of Our PRESIDENT TRUMP please look in the mirror. APOSTACY!
    You can sit on your butts and draw salaries
    and leave your people in the dirt….
    Our country needs our Constitution and our
    Sorry for the weak Republicans!

  56. Joe says:

    What a bunch of rhino,chickenshit,repukes,u will never win again,u traitors.

    • David Marsh says:

      They are exactly what you said. These pols have killed the party . This country is doomed with the democraps and the Rinos as the two parties. We need a new third party to run with Term limits and election law changes.

  57. Joyce Shormas says:

    I cannot understand why there are those such as VP Pence who are now not supporting a President who has done so much for this country and for peace
    including Israel. President Trump did not incite the offences that occurred.
    That was incited by the antifa and VP Pence should know this and stand behind
    President Trump.

    • Calico Bearnation says:

      Because they are all cowards! Judgement day will come either sooner or later but no-one can get away from it!

    • Connie Glenn says:


  58. Mark says:

    Pence. Mitch. Kevin. You guys couldn’t run. For dog catcher. Cowards. The three. Of. You. Your. Political. Career. Is over. What wimps

    • Ollie Octopus says:

      Turtle Face McConnell is showing his true colors. As far as this Octopus is concerned, he is lower than whale do-do. I am surprised at Pence, but have no use for him either. Most Republicans are spineless wimps. I would change from Republican to Independent, but in Georgia you don’t vote by party. I send money to individual candidates I like, but NEVER the the Republican party itself. Here in Georgia we have a blind Governor and Sec. of State. They must be blind because they saw no voting fraud. I have no use for them either.

  59. james cowles says:

    The whole republican party sold the grates president the USA every had down the
    craper voted 55years republican will never vote again for gop

  60. bobbie says:

    Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, & Kevin McCarthy certainly SHOULD ATTEND President Trump’s send off!!! This is a shame and a disgrace and a lack of respect for our President. All three of you ingrates should be our God for all of the good things you have enjoyed these past four years, thanks to God and President Trump.

  61. well I just quit the RNC-got a call from the California Republican Party to renew membership and donate-no way and than an email to donate for some other race in Iowa-no donation

  62. Carol Scherer says:

    Mike Pence should stand by his President through to the end. I am very disappointed if he doesn’t attend President Trump’s farewell get together. President Trump chose him, and now he will be turning his back on President Trump! I never would have guessed he would do this … become a turncoat!

    • Edwin says:

      That’s what worms do! Oh wait,I like worms,great for fishing!Believe the term I’m looking for is whale sh-t! That’s as low as it gets!

  63. Mary says:

    Thought better of McCarthy…church is not the place to start kissing arse..and disappointed in Pence..we had hoped he would run on 2024..

  64. Nelson Daryl says:

    Rinos in the end. Totally disgusting!


  65. Jim says:

    When it counts the most, Mike Pence is a fair-weather friend. He only had a few miles to go to close out the Trump Presidency and he fell to the Rino-spirits in the sad sack republican Party. To be perfectly honest, the republican party, once again, failed itself and President Trump.It has paved the way for its’ obsolescence like in NY where we have a pathetic one-party system. Democrats don’t govern well but they do want the power and frankly don’t care what they have to do-treason, lying, theft, voter fraud (“stop the steal”) to get it. Good bye Deep Staters–Mitch, Mike, Paul, Kevin. Thanks for NOTHING.

  66. Pat says:

    Unfortunately , pence is just looking out for his political future with his r.i.n.o. buddies . Convictions , and stance against lies & corruption ,esp. Election crimes, is hard to come by ,these days . Pence could be “strong” , as long as President Trump got to take the heat .

  67. Thomas says:

    Trump supported the American People more than anyother President in my life time. He does not like the corruption in Government and can not stand the fraud in the 2020 Election. He is supported by American Conservatives. God Bless President Trump and his Family. It is time for the career politicians to leave government.

    • Debbie says:

      Pence is a traitor to president Trump. He supported him when things were good. Now when President Trump is leaving and needs his support, he drops him to save his ass. I had thought of supporting him in 2024 if he ran for president, but I don’t think I want to vote for a traitor!

  68. Laurie says:

    Granted, He’s not Christ, but he WAS the Savior for this country. And he is being persecuted in nearly the same manner. The majority of the Congress, Democrats (all), and most of the so-called Republicans are part of the dissolution of our FREE COUNTRY. I will never donate to the Republican party again.

  69. Diane says:

    You know trader McConnell you didn’t have to blame Trump, which is a lie, You’re a disgrace to the people that voted republican. I am ashamed of the party.

  70. Jerry Doan says:

    The Republican party is in big trouble!! It is very weak!!

  71. Crystal says:

    It is because of time constraint that he can’t attend both

  72. Patricia Mc says:

    No one should attend he is a traitor who incited a take over n jan 6 2021 he should be in jail

    • Crystal says:

      He did not incite anything.

    • Don says:

      Gullible dems will believe whatever fake news MSM tells them to believe. SAD.
      Has the MSM showed you this? Why are dems such liars, ESPECIALLY those they pick to represent them?
      Compilation Of Biden’s Public Lies & Plagiarism

    • Alisa says:

      Yeah tell me what he “incited”???

    • Don says:

      Unless your too young, I’d bet you voted for arkancide hillary, eh?
      arkancide .com

    • Don says:

      When TSHTF you’ll know who the traitors really are.
      Most all of the democRAT politicians and several rino’s.
      Learn about YOUR racist party from Dr Swain:
      “The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party”

    • Esther Patterson says:

      You believe whatever you are told? The riot at Capitol was planned by ANTIFA and enabled by Capitol Police. Nancy Pelosi was informed and refused National Guard before it happened. It started While the President was Still Speaking. I am certain that China Joe and Camel Toe Harris knew of plan before hand. So get off your uninformed high will have to deal with the traitors you chose now…hope you like $5 plus per gal of gas and losing your freedom of speech…you voted for it.

      • Debbie says:

        Yayyyyyy. I couldn’t have said it better myself. ]President Trump was their scapegoat. I’m sorry your administration had to end this way after all the bs you endured during your presidency from Nancy and all the other Democrats. You still completed your promises made. Thank you Mr President.

    • Bet you believe the United States is a democracy too, gullible you are! Do yourself a favor and actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, this Country is a REPUBLIC, learn the difference between them! Then ask yourself why they keep trying to convince you to believe democracy is the system we have? See how you repeat the very same scripted ok language that you have been trained to? Either you are one of their internet social influencers, or just ignorantly mentally manipulated?

    • Bet you believe the United States is a democracy too, gullible you are! Do yourself a favor and actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, this Country is a REPUBLIC, learn the difference between them! Then ask yourself why they keep trying to convince you to believe democracy is the system we have? See how you repeat the very same scripted ok language that you have been trained to? Either you are one of their internet social influencers, or just ignorantly mentally manipulated? Which is it, imposter or programmed?

    • Bet you believe the United States is a democracy too, gullible you are! Do yourself a favor and actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, this Country is a REPUBLIC, learn the difference between them! Then ask yourself why they keep trying to convince you to believe democracy is the system we have? See how you repeat the very same scripted ok language that you have been trained to? Either you are one of their internet social influencers, or just ignorantly mentally manipulated

  73. D Shim says:

    I consider pence a rhino along with McConnell and McCarthy.. they fear tgat democrats will boot them… they should fear their supporters when it comes time for re-election

    • Creola Loyd says:

      Love him for what he has done for this country. Shame on Pence and other top GOP people. Wish I could go to Andrews to see him off. Wish, hope and pray for great things in his and his family’s future. They will try to destroy him after he is out. I believe God will be on his side and he will triumph.

      • GOODLUCK PELEBO says:

        Republican Party is ruled by spineless swamp creatures. They need to be taken out of congress and replaced by people loves America and her people. We need to send Rhynos, Alligators to the countries they would rather support, like Russia, China and other socialist, communist and totalitarian countries. Trump declare your party and I promise you over 100 mil. voters will be behind you. Thank you and The LORD bless you.

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