Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules on Mail-in Ballots

Mail-In Ballots

( – Finding nothing in the state Constitution that prohibits it and noting that the state had been doing so successfully for decades, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decided along ideological lines that the state can continue its practice of mail-in voting.

According to the Washington Times in, “Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court upholds universal mail-in voting“:

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld a 2019 law that permits universal mail-in voting in the swing state.

“The 5-2 ruling this week divided the court’s five Democratic justices from the two Republicans, with the majority saying the state had decades of history regarding universal mail-in balloting.

“‘We find no restriction in our Constitution on the General Assembly’s ability to create universal mail-in voting,’ wrote Justice Christine Donohue for the majority. ‘Absentee voting has a long history in the Commonwealth, dating to 1864.'” [emphasis added]

As for the dissent:

“Justice Sallie Mundy, a Republican, dissented from the ruling, arguing voters could make mistakes since they are not able to get help from polling officials if they vote by mail and that it was ‘self-evident that the integrity of electoral actions becomes more difficult to verify when they are undertaken at a distance and outside of public scrutiny.'” [emphasis added]

All foreseeable elections currently scheduled will allow mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

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