Plane Crash; ‘It’s Amazing Anybody Survived’

( – HAPPENING NOW: New information has emerged following a tragic plane crash close to Fort Pierce, Florida.

According to the FAA, while the aircraft’s pilot survived the accident, the passenger unfortunately did not.

The debris from the crash has been cleared, revealing a sizable hole in a barn. The remnants will be transported to a location for FAA specialists to inspect the plane and ascertain the factors that resulted in this tragedy.

Betty Jones recounted the harrowing moment when she heard the engine falter overhead. Moments later, she witnessed a single-engine plane crash into her barn.

“When I came out to look, I saw the plane hit the building. I just started screaming for my husband, and calling 911 and calling my son,” shared Jones with CBS12 News. “I just couldn’t believe it, I mean I was just totally, totally a wreck.”

The plane is registered to the Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology at the Treasure Coast International Airport in Fort Pierce.

As of Friday, representatives from the institution declined to comment on the event or about those involved.

Jones reflected on the aftermath, stating, “It’s amazing anybody survived, the way that plane was smushed into that building.”

Mercy Cintron, a neighbor living close to Jones, conveyed her hopes for the injured pilot’s recovery. “I just hope the guy that got injured, that he makes it,” she expressed. Recalling the crash, Cintron mentioned how frightening the situation was.

“My heart was pumping. I was nervous you know, because I thought something had happened to my neighbor, because all I saw was that the plane went that way,” Cintron described. “It was scary. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. It was a scary experience.”

Thankfully, there were no injuries among those on the ground. However, the incident has made Mercy and Betty more aware of their surroundings and the unpredictability of life.

“It could’ve been our houses, it could’ve been us, I could’ve been out mowing, it could’ve hit me in the field. There’s plenty of houses, there’s horses. It could’ve hit anywhere,” admitted Jones.

“This happened, it can happen again. You’ve got to be alert,” Cintron cautioned.