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Politician Hypocrites and COVID19

Here at Reclaiming America, we despise political hypocrisy. And if there’s ever been an event that’s exposed massive amounts of political hypocrisy, it’s the current COVID19 pandemic.

So, if you’re tired of the hypocrisy of politicians trying to tell us what to do about COVID19 as they do the opposite, we think you’ll find the below video excellent.

After you’ve watched the video, please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you have examples of COVID19 political hypocrisy from where you live? Do you think most politicians today are hypocrites?



  1. Julia Ogden says:

    Every “elected” politician in this video is a traitor to their oath of office, should be removed with extreme prejudice from said office and tried at GITMO for violating the Constitutional Rights of their voters! Every one of these “COMMUNIST OPERATORS” should be jailed for their LIES about this HOAX virus and their unlawful shutdowns that are destroying the small businesses of Americans to make us buy from BIG CORP and support the UN’s goal of the New World Order and this “Great Reset” that the DNC/communists are talking about!
    Too bad Trump is #46 and caught them all with the recording of the vast criminal election fraud! Wonder if they know yet that the Military is just waiting for POTUS word to act! #THISISTREASON

  2. Kevyn Arnold says:

    The video and accompanying commentary are hilarious. Those being panned deserve no respect, only derision. If any one of them had a conscience, they would be ashamed. But, their arrogance prevents that.

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