Professor: Whites Are Colonizing the Atmosphere

University of Melbourne

( – Many white Americans — in fact, many white people around the world — will be surprised to learn that in addition to all the other ills they are blamed for, they are now being blamed for “atmospheric colonization…a form of deeply entrenched colonial racism.”

And yet that is exactly what at least one professor is accusing whites and “rich white countries” of doing.

As The College Fix recounts in “Professor: Climate change is ‘white colonization of the atmosphere’”:

“Erin Fitz-Henry, who teaches anthropology and “development studies” at the University of Melbourne, writes in The Conversation that the notion of climate change being “racist” actually isn’t new; the medical journal The Lancet noted that as of 2015, the countries of the “Global North” accounted for 92 percent of “excess” CO2 emissions.” [emphasis added]

Specifically, Fitz-Henry argues:

“[M]ost rich white countries, including Australia, are doing precious little to properly address this inequity. For the most part, they refuse to accept the climate debt they owe to poorer countries and communities…this injustice – a type of ‘atmospheric colonisation’ – is a form of deeply entrenched colonial racism that arguably represents the most pressing global equity issue of our time.” [emphasis added]

And, Fitz-Henry believes the “rich white countries” must make reparations to the “poorer countries.”

What is your opinion about Professor Erin Fitz-Henry claiming that whites and rich white countries are engaged in “atmospheric colonization…a form of deeply entrenched colonial racism”? Please share your reaction and thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.