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Professors Forced to Acknowledge They Teach On ‘Stolen Land’

What has happened to America and traditional American values when university professors are forced to tell their students they are attending classes on “stolen land”?


So-called land acknowledgments are a popular form of virtue signaling for woke students and faculty,” according to The College Fix.

Right in time for Thanksgiving, the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy has decreed that faculty must participate in corporate confessions of sin to the previous inhabitants of the taxpayer-funded institution’s geography.

UCLA Law Prof. Eugene Volokh, a First Amendment expert, shared an email he was forwarded from the department on its newly approved “syllabus statement” on “Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.”

Here’s the mandatory statement professors must provide and read to students:

We acknowledge that we are gathered on the stolen land of the Piscataway Conoy people and were founded upon the erasures and exploitation of many non-European peoples. You can find more information about the Piscataway Conoy Tribe at For more information about the University of Maryland’s project for a richer understanding of generations of racialized trauma rooted in the institution visit

Faculty are not only told where to place the statement, but instructed to “vocally review” it with their students.”

For more on this story, go to The College Fix.


We ask again, what has happened to America and traditional American values when university professors are forced to tell their students they are attending classes on “stolen land”? Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.



  1. flashy0ne says:

    This and so many “hair brained” ideas seem to originate with people who have too little to do and too much time on their hands. Just a reminder — NO ONE, other than the ‘creator’ can “rightfully” claim possession to earthly property. We didn’t make it so how can we claim it?? The Indians, in turn, just occupied (squatted??) on the land so had no better right to the land than some settler who came along, fenced and cultivated the property IN THEIR ABSENCE!! How does UNSUBSTANCIATED occupancy equal ownership??? That’s about as unrealistic as some foreigner putting a foot on the ground and claiming it for the queen (or king). No one (or nothing) survives forever so property ownership is a transitory thing, extinguished/modified/changed (as all things are) by TIME !!!

  2. Vietnam veteran says:

    If we the people of these United States would look back honestly on history you will see that the Indians own the whole USA. There were many tribes and the land they lived on, travel, hunter or even buried their people was land that belonged to them. No paper work just knowledge pasted down from generation to generation. All tribes did the above. Our parents came here from other countries and stole the land from them or killed them until they gave up. Only one tribe never gave up to the USA and they live in Florida and have their own reservations and run casinos in the manner they want. Our ancestors were thieves or Indian killers.

  3. Janes says:

    Unfortunately for some, this discussion reminded me of a saying from long ago. That saying was that “possession is nine tenths of the law!” That includes land.

    • Stanley Janoski says:

      I’d just tell the school to piss off. The pastis the past and we are not the past people/there was already enough blood spilled over it.. FORGET IT!! joust SAY, IT WAS THEIR LAND AND WERE OUT COMPETED FOR IT.. Next you’d say war is war/ try to justify that..

  4. AntiCommie says:

    OK!! Let’s start with U of Maryland… Make those “professors” and Board etc freely sign over their land… all of it… to what was the owning tribe. Then there is no use for those professors etc. Then let’s just do all of Maryland with acclaim to those educators… Maryland was owned by Indians so let’s give it ALLL back, especially starting with Baltimore… anyone unwilling to sign over the property, to return it to rightful original owners, will be treasonous and executed.
    No businesses, politicians, government, facilities, everything the stealers setup must be turned over… not destroyed but turned over to the Indians.
    Wow we cleaned out a lot of the Swamp Creatures right there, THANK YOU PROFESSORS… btw, you are fired. No need for ya.

    • Stanley Janoski says:

      It’s all ok.. Biden is going to give it to the Chinese next/the BLK and Antifa communists like they are letting them destroy it now!! Your city will be next..Unless American’s stand up and fight like the Indians to try and keep it..

  5. Mary says:

    Jesus what about free speech these students could have found out for themselves the land was stolen FULL STOP

  6. Keith says:

    Liberals pretending to have moral foundations.

  7. John Kilcullen says:

    John I absolutely agree with you 100%

  8. John Strom says:

    School of Public Policy? Fire those leftist assholes. Those “woke” members of Public Policy are evidently working on that “stolen” lands so they should LEAVE that stolen ground. And fire that idiots who hired them and created that idiotic Public Policy group.

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