Project Veritas Strikes CNN Again – Reclaiming America

Project Veritas Strikes CNN Again

Just moments ago, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a live stream of CNN’s morning editorial conference call during which the senior leadership of CNN decides what stories they’ll cover and, significantly, how they’ll cover those stories.

According to O’Keefe, Project Veritas has been secretly recording CNN’s morning conference calls for months. Tonight, Project Veritas will start releasing portions of those calls it believes the American public should hear to understand the media bias it believes takes place at CNN.

The video below is a recording of the live stream that O’Keefe made of today’s CNN conference call. O’Keefe interrupts the call to let CNN president Jeff Zucker know that Project Veritas has been recording their calls for months. The shock on the part of CNN is clear.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe that CNN is biased in its coverage of American politics? Do you believe CNN is biased against President Trump?



  1. Corri says:

    Why doesn’t project Veritas expose Fox News bias also? There are seemingly two opposing sides to the broadcast news? Expose one, expose the other as well. This tactic will surely backfire on Veritas.

  2. Lisa Wiley says:

    I believe it is all bulkshit that people are selling out our Nation for generation to come for power and greed and personal vendettas in walking in SIN

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