PROOF: Biden Sponsoring Terrorism

Joe Biden

( – There is now proof that Joe Biden has become a sponsor of Islamist terrorism as his administration prolonged a sanctions waiver on Iran, allowing it to use $10 billion in assets that had been frozen over its terrorist actions.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration moved to extend a sanctions waiver on Iran – even though the latter de facto controls Hamas, the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group that sadistically slaughtered over 1,400 people in Israel on October 7 – including 33 Americans.

Meanwhile, other Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria have targeted US military bases there with drones and rockets, injuring dozens of American troops.

The Biden administration’s four-month extension specifically aims to allow Iran to utilize these funds, primarily from electricity revenues, for humanitarian purposes, The Associated Press reports, as cited by The Daily Caller.

This decision has faced criticism from various quarters. Critics argue that by allowing Iran access to these frozen funds, the US is effectively freeing up Tehran’s financial reserves, potentially enabling them to continue financing terrorism, the report points out.

The waiver permits Iraq to continue buying electricity from Iran while Iran gains access to the billions in payments currently held in Iraqi banks.

The Biden administration has emphasized that only a minimal portion of the existing $10 billion has been utilized so far and that these funds are restricted to humanitarian relief.

In a related action, the Biden administration released $6 billion in previously frozen Iranian oil revenues in September.

This move was part of a deal involving hostage negotiations, resulting in the release of five American prisoners.

Nevertheless, this has drawn criticism from foreign policy experts who argue that such access to frozen funds allows Iran to divert its cash reserves for other, potentially non-humanitarian, purposes.

“Biden administration doubles down on giving $10 billion sanctions relief to Iran. Money is fungible. This is 100% budget support for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism,” reacted Richard Goldberg, a senior advisor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Iran’s support for various terrorist organizations, including Hamas, adds to the controversy surrounding the waiver.

Moreover, Iranian-backed militias have conducted numerous attacks on US troops in the Middle East since these Hamas attacks.

As of now, the State Department has not provided a response to requests for comment on this matter.