Protesters Attack ‘People’s Convoy’

Peoples Convoy Attacked

( – Recently, California residents attacked a “People’s Convoy” of truckers and their supporters. The truckers were passing through Oakland, California, to protest the support by a California state politician for an abortion rights bill and a bill that would require businesses to implement mask mandates.

Videos shot from various angles and by numerous sources show protestors blocking streets and throwing eggs at the trucks in the convoy.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Rise Images, a convoy supporter can be seen getting out of his car and confronting residents who were egging members of the convoy.

Another video uploaded to Twitter by Ron Filipkowski, a former employee of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who quit because he opposes DeSantis, shows vehicles in the “People’s Convoy” being struck by eggs thrown by what appear to be young adults.

The convoy of truckers was protesting two bills proposed by Democratic California state Rep. Buffy Wicks. The convoy gathered outside Wicks’ home and demanded she come outside.

According to their website, the California Peoples Convoy organization is against “universally dangerous bills” that the California legislature is currently considering.

What is your reaction to the Peoples Convoy being attacked and egged by Oakland, California, residents while the convoy was engaged in a non-violent protest against an elected state representative who is pushing legislation for abortion rights and requiring businesses to implement mask mandates? Please email your opinion to [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good day.