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Rep. Ted Lieu Demands Unvaccinated Pay More for Healthcare

( – Many political observers and healthcare experts predicted there would come the point in time during the COVID-19 pandemic that is still raging around the planet that those who are vaccinated would demand that those who are not vaccinated pay more for medical treatment.

Evidently, that point in time has arrived. The chief spokesperson for the argument that the unvaccinated should pay more for healthcare than the vaccinated is none other than Congressman Ted Lieu, a U.S. Representative and Democrat representing California’s 33rd congressional district.

Responding to the news that one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers has raised insurance premiums for employees who have unvaccinated spouses, Congressman Lieu took the opportunity to argue in favor of that position by the healthcare provider.

Lieu advanced the argument that not getting vaccinated is a “riskier” behavior and that riskier behaviors increase the healthcare costs and burdens on all Americans. Therefore, Lieu argues, the individual taking the riskier action of not getting the COVID-19 vaccine jab should pay for that increased risk.

To be sure, Congressman Lieu is not alone in his view. As noted at the outset, political pundits and healthcare experts predicted this would begin to happen as insurance companies have always charged more in premiums to policyholders who they deem to be at greater risk of needed expensive healthcare treatments.

However, and here’s the sticking point for many of those who have refused the vaccine, the current vaccine is a very new and expedited treatment with little elapsed time to see what dangers it might present to the vaccinated. So, is it fair to already begin charging the unvaccinated more for healthcare?

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