Reparations Panel: Give $5M to Each Black Resident

San Francisco City Hall

( – In a move that has shocked and outraged millions of Americans, San Franciso, California, may soon dole out $5 million — along with billions of dollars in other taxpayer funds — to each qualifying black resident within the city for “slavery reparation.”

As the New York Post reports in “San Francisco reparations panel pitches $5M — each — to black residents“:

“A San Francisco panel studying reparations has proposed a one-time payment of $5 million to each black resident of the city deemed eligible as recompense for the ‘decades of harm they have experienced,’ according to a report on Monday.

“‘A lump sum payment would compensate the affected population … and will redress the economic and opportunity losses that​ ​Black San Franciscans have endured, collectively, as the result of both intentional decisions and​ ​unintended harms perpetuated by City policy​,’ the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee said in a draft report issued last month, Fox News Digital reported. ​

“The proposal could cost the city, which has a 2022-2023 budget of $14 billion, roughly $50 billion, the Daily Mail reported.” [emphasis added]

But the “reparations” don’t stop there.

“The committee also proposed wiping out all debts associated with educational, personal, credit card and payday loans for black households.” [emphasis added]

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