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Republicans Will Leave Party If GOP Senators Convict Trump

Sen. Rand Paul warned of a mass exodus from the Republican Party if GOP senators come together with Democrats to convict President Trump in a second impeachment trial, even after he leaves office next week,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The Kentucky Republican told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that he believes one-third of the party will leave if Trump’s conviction comes to fruition. Paul added that he believes the second impeachment is ‘purely a partisan thing.’

“‘I didn’t agree with the fight that happened last week. I voted against overturning the election,’ Paul said Friday night. ‘But at the same time, the impeachment is a wrongheaded, partisan notion. If Republicans go along with it, it will destroy the party. A third of the Republicans will leave the party.’…

“Convicting Trump in the Senate requires a two-thirds vote (or 67 senators). The Senate will be split 50-50 with Democrats and the two independents who caucus with them having a tie-breaker in Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.”

For more on this important story, go to the Washington Examiner.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Rand Paul that many Republicans will leave the Republican Party if Republican Senators vote to convict President Trump?



  1. bubba says:

    Republicans will burn in hell!!!!

  2. Banjo says:

    There will have to be a new party. Otherwise the Democrats will be in office forever which would be worse, especially with this new so-called progressive government. When people start electing Marxists to seats in our government, as in Cori Bush, we’re in bigger trouble than we imagined. She is also a former organizer of Black Lives Matter. Now tell me, when did our government start allowing Communists in office? And when did our representatives allow racial slurs to be levied against the President, or anyone for that matter, in public office? Because she’s black? It’s these kind of comments that will continue to divide this country. We are all allowed to disagree and the Democrats are trying to stifle voices that don’t agree with them. That’s horrifying. Thats George Orwell’s 1984.

    • Michael Quigley says:

      I will leave the party and look for a new third party. This is a disgrace. Trump was a great President and he said let’s have a peaceful protest. End of story! Over $70 million people still support him. Pence is a traitor. He needs to be ousted.

  3. Darcy says:

    I too am leaving the Republican Party, Thanks all you republican a**hol** for betraying President Trump. I will No Way in H*ll be a Democrat, hoping a strong third party can be organized soon. I’m sure there would be enough people that would join after this mess that happened with the so called election, should be called the stolection. Am praying for a third party with strong people and not liers will come true. God help us in the meantime, as things are getting pretty ugly already.

  4. Roy says:

    I’m a lifer, wouldn’t have any place to go if I wanted too. So guess I’ll stay and make the best of a bad situation. And see what happens in the 2022 elections, might even run for Senate myself. I know I could do as good a job as most, and better than all. We’ll see!

  5. Deltina Wisely says:

    I have already left the RHINO republican party. This is not what the Republicans stood for when they were started in Ripon Wisconsin back in 1849 and elected Lincoln the first republican president. I will always be a Trump supporter until I die. But the Rhino Republican party can shovel their rhetoric up their a** especially Mitch McConnell.

  6. Frank Lewis says:

    Color me gone !!! Mitch McConnell and the other “kiss asses” to the Democrats can reap what they sow!! The election was flawed and you don’t have to be an Einstein to count the legitimate ballots!
    We have a Supreme Court’ who failed to evaluate evidence, and not give 74,000,000 plus Americans their day in court!
    I don’t know what damage will happen to our Country as to result from this election scam, however for every action there are reactions!!

  7. cresenciano C.lopez says:

    I agree. Most of the Republican leadership are weaklings.They talk a lot but no courage or conviction. They don’t have that class of leadership that command respect. The Republican Party Leadership is disjointed, they don’t know how to protect their members. They are like the Apostles who betrays their Leader.No wonder the Republican Party can never and will never be the Majority party.

  8. Theresa Mapes says:

    You got that right . Over 75 million of us and the money will be spent just on our business our team. Trump 2024

  9. jo says:

    this coming election, young fresh conservative candidates must run, those who have american values that make america out the left and the republican traitor

  10. jo says:

    TRUMP must create his own party take along those who supported him till the end. Patriotic Party

  11. Marsha Clark says:

    I am done with Republican Party. My vote does not matter wasted my time 64 years old!

  12. bruce says:

    Why is everyone thinking by leaving the Republican party the problem of turncoats is fixed? We need to pull their affiliation with the party and cast them out as rogue individuals and do as the Democrats do, never elect them to another political position ever again. This idea of changing party allegiance and loyalty needs to be severely punished, then their votes will have no validity.

  13. Christine says:

    I don’t understand how we can let the democrat party still lie and cheat and harass our President you republicans lay down like a coward dog I am not even sure I will even vote republicans anymore this country is bad as China.

    • Faye Hester says:

      All that trump did in his 4 years in office was to harass and degrade the Democrats as well as the Republicans and everyone else in between.

  14. colleen pomeroy says:

    Im afraid that you maybe right. The Americans who can think for themselves are so tried of this constant drama. It would be nice if the people in power would concentrate at the matters at hand. Getting our country back on its feet. Protecting our borders, allowing people to go back to work would be nice. Now that our small businesses have been ruined by government mandates these people will have to start all over again. If the democrats and republicans cant get it together and start acting like mature adults elected to serve the people then we should get ride of them.
    If they keep acting like grade school bullies and want to keep forcing the issue dont be surprised if another party doesnt develop. There are so many people just plan insulted, disgusted with the behavior of our government that they may look else where for sanity and stability. Because whats coming out of Washington is far from anything thats acceptable. Or should be tolerated.
    They are still screwing around with a stimulus package the people need just to feed their families…forget about rent. They want to make sure the right party gets credit for it.
    Do you think it makes a rats damn who signed the check when you cant feed your kids. The seniors in this country live below poverty level, theyre lucky if they can just have the basics dental and glasses. The cost of living keeps going up but not their social security. They get a cost of living increase and that equals to 12 to 15 dollars a year. The government has dipped into social security for so many years now they are wondering what theyre going to do with all these old people. Id say a good 65% of them are still working they have no other choice.
    There are a lot of reasons why another party could get started and have a great following, people are made as hell and arent taking it anymore.

    • bruce says:

      We already have a 3rd party the Independents, you never knew did you? They are nothing but swing seats if you promise them something they’ll vote for you. We need to vote against those that are not working for the people who put them in office. In 2 years most all of us sheep will be following the wolves to our slaughter willingly for the good of the country, I say HA! blind false allegiance will assure the Socialist Republic of China will soon govern this once great country. Stay vigilant

  15. Tom says:

    Every action taken by the “news” media and the Dems for the past 5 years against Trump has been partisan. He is half right. I think a third of Republicans are currently sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see what the GOP does next. If the GOP is the same old, same old these Republicans will stay on the sidelines. Simply I am no longer interested in a pre-Trump GOP. We know because he has shown that lower taxes, reduced ruled and regulations, America’s first trade deals, a wall, and policies to protect the nation’s sovereignty, etc., etc. are not just possible but these policies work for the benefit of America and Americans. If the GOP hasn’t learned this then I for one am disinterested in the GOP.

  16. Tony says:

    If Trump is removed I will leave the GOP if they can’t unite and stand up against for the patriots of America . Then it is a useless party , who needs them. Maybe start a new party by replacing the existing representatives with new ones , clean house. The swamp goes deep even in the GOP

  17. Yony says:

    If Trump is removed I will leave the GOP if they can’t unite and stand up against for the patriots of America . Then it is a useless party , who needs them. Maybe start a new party by replacing the existing representatives with new ones , clean house. The swamp goes deep even in the GOP

  18. gerald champagne says:

    What republican party if the rhinos vote to impeach president trump? Why are people so afraid of a mam that has done so much for our country? I am perplexed at how many ignorant people live in this country.Our freedoms are getting taken away from true americans and the sheep stand around and tell me that we(working women and men,father and mother owe them a living)BS.To many takers and the makers(working people) are tired of these so called poverty ridden and misunderstood sheep. Even when jobs were available, these takers did not go to work because they knew that the government would take care of them, no questions asked. Now the working class americans are saying ,hold up why am i working while these other people sit at home and actually get paid more than i make working.The revolution is very real,the makers are tired of working so that the takers can sit home making more than the working people.By the way if you really beleive that Biden Harris will give you everything you are saddly in for a hell of a suprise.SEMPER FI GOD BLESS AMERICA

  19. ken Frazier says:

    Let’s just settle down and take a look at the facts. We know for sure that President Trump received a much greater number of vote than Biden. I believe this will be proven by the Giudiani,Powell investigation. The good book says the truth will set you free and I believe in the Bible.

  20. Ken Frazier says:

    I can’t believe that some of you are say saying your never going to vote for another republican again. Who are your going to vote for , the devil.

  21. Ken Frazier says:

    Folks, Let look at the bright side. We know for sure, based on the actual number of votes our president received, the election wasn’t even close. You people are acting like it’s the republicans fault that this has taken place. And you know what? With this kind of attitude you might as well give up. If we stand together we will not fall. I still have faith in Rudy Giudiani and Sidney Powell’s investigation showing progress. My Moto is to never,never,never give up. A litter something about my back ground. I was called back into the military by president Kennedy because of my moris code ability to train our Army Rangers during the Berlin crisis. I’m no loser and I’m willing to bet that’s your not either. Let;s fight togeather.

  22. Thomas says:

    I will leave the Republican party if Senate Republicans vote with the Democrats to Impeach Trump!!
    Since the riot, we have learned this riot was planned days ahead of the 6th, FBI knew about it, Capitol Police refused backup??, Trump offered additional law enforcement before riot, Antifa participants were involved in riot as well as democrat registered participants. Why didn’t the GOP investigate before jumping on Trump and voting for Impeachment. GOP acted just like OBAMA siding with BLM whenever a black person was shot by Police….rush to judgement!! Republicans need to get a Backbone!!!

  23. Williams East says:

    It,makes me sick, to think, all of things the Democrats,are going to legislate, and pass on the American people, in the next 2 years, to start with. As, soon as Biden-Harris, are sworn in, this Country is Socialist, on it’s way to Communism. Us Patriots, do need to start a 3rd party, as soon as possible, who will start this party, I don’t know. And last, but not least, how do Patriots feel, about the idea, of Jim Jordan, running for President in 2024. Good man, good Patriot, loves this Country, and backs President Trump, he just received the Medal of Freedom, from President Trump.Can’t get better than that.

  24. flashy0ne OBrien says:

    Unfortunately, there is no room for a “third” party. If your ambition is to be part of the ‘loud’ minority, good luck. If, on the other hand, you wish to be part of a vibrant PARTICIPATING group, join the party which most reflects YOUR ideology and become an ACTIVE member. Example: Donald Trump has completely reshaped the republican party. This HAS NOT appealed to the ‘old line’ (Washington swamp) members (declared and undeclared RINO’s). However, it has appealed to MILLIONS of disillusioned Americans. In my opinion, the ‘new’ Republican Party is now a COSERVATIVE version of the “old” democrat party. The “new” democrat party is an unholy grouping of disillusioned unlawful socialists who are leading the lemmings over a cliff !!!

  25. Ken Frazier says:


    • john stagg says:

      Rand paul is no better than the rest of the rino crooks. Only the few decent politicians like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz deserve to be reelected. We may lose this battle to corruption but God will send all traitors to hell were they belong. The democrats have sold their souls to the devil along with rino republicans and will burn in hell by God’s hand. Vengeance is mine sayith the Lord!

  26. Mary Teresa Martinez says:

    I willl leave Republican party if President Trump is convicted.

    • ken frazier says:

      People the answer is not to leave the Republican party but rather vote the turncoats out.

      • Terrie Gentry says:

        I have to say, I had been feeling the same as most, about leaving the Republican Party, however, Dan Bongino helped me to understand why a 3rd party is not a good idea, because the Conservative vote will be split between Republican party and “new party”, and the Radical Idiots will win again. So, agree with you Mr. Frazier. I believe that IF President Trump does not stay in office (because I’ve not given up!!!), he will work hard to bring new candidates to the Republican Party, and we will follow his direction and vote for real Patriot Republicans, so we can drain the Rhinos from their seats!!

  27. Marilyn says:

    I cannot believe this is happening. It’s like I’m in some sort of anti American time warp. Why was this election not investigated? Why do the Democrats continue to bowl over us and continue to get away with it? Where are the Republicans? Where on earth did they go? This is such a tragedy for America!!!!! Why is something not being done about all this! We are a free country, not a Communist country! What about all the men and women who have given their lives so we can be free!!!! I am sick to my stomach.

    • Terrie Gentry says:

      Me too Ms Marilyn. I feel every word you said and I’ve cried all day, after President Trump’s Farewell Speech. I have to believe, because my heart is not accepting any other outcome, that President Trump will remain in office for 4 more years. My soul is telling me so! I believe a lot of optics are playing out as we speak, and that behind the scenes, God is working through President Trump to unveil all the corrupt. I just feel it. It may not happen before Sleepy Joe is sworn in, however, I believe it is coming and he will be unseated, and Trump back in office!! The truth will prevail! We all need to be on our knees, praying for God’s mercy on our Country and The American People. Pray for our Military, for the Trump Family, for Rudy and Sidney, and Lin Wood too! We should pray for Senator Josh Hawley and his family too, and Senator Ted Cruz and his family. And as God would have us, we need to pray for all Americans, and that those who have been duped into following the radical left agenda, will come to see the light and in turn, will reach out for God, our Lord and Savior and will be saved by the blood of Jesus. God is working overtime to lead more to him. I pray it happens very soon.

  28. Kenneth Jones says:

    Republicans will never see another dime from me if they go along with the impeachment nonsense. Democrats ought to be reminded they agreed with the union protestors taking over the Madison Wis government buildings a decade ago. Polosi in particular stated she supported the “democracy in action” event.

  29. Beverly says:

    Truth is, both Democrats and Republicans, with a very tiny exception, are corrupt to the core and neither are worth trying to salvage.

    I believe the answer is forming another party which can combine all those who love America, The Constitution, Law and Order and, Freedom. The Patriots.

    We knew there was going to be an attempt to steal the election. Shame on all of us who did not take it upon ourselves to be as prepared as the Democrats were, to not have it stolen. There were more than enough of us to outnumber Democrats at the polls three or four to one. All we needed was organization and planning. Our new motto will be an old one…trust but verify.

    We can’t change the past but we can make darn sure it never happens again. NEVER AGAIN.

  30. Richard Hull says:

    The Republican Party is dead. The GOP has leaders with no backbone for PATRIOTISM like Mitch McConnell and a slew of other RINO’s. They killed it. What we need is a NEW party called the PATRIOT PARTY. For PATRIOTS ONLY. No Rino’s, or any liberals allowed. Donald Trump would serve well as the leader of the PATRIOT PARTY.
    Since the leadership of Ronald Reagan, the GOP has only had one good leader and that is Donald Trump. But he was not a politician. He was an outsider. And heaven forbid a party cannot have an outsider be their party leader. With very few exceptions, the entire republican party is no better than the un-patriotic, socialistic left. The problem is they are ALL politicians.
    General George S Patton said it best. “The lowest form of life on earth is a politician. And the lowest form of politician is a democrat”

    • Diana Kueker says:

      I agree but if they turn this around maybe we can make it the new Patriot conservative party although lets face it with election fraud we all know we are going toward a one Party system which is clearly communism!

  31. Dennis says:

    90% of the Republicans need to go and I wish that people would not send any more contributions to them or the GOP. They don,t deserve to be re-elected.

    • Diana Kueker says:

      But we we allow the democrats to continue with election fraud in the future you know it is a one party system no way to change it since election fraud was accepted. One Party is communism, that’s what we have and it cannot change after this last election!

  32. There are few people in our country that do not think this election was rigged and the Presidency (an other federal offices) in the toss-up states were stolen. To democrats it is “The end justifies the means” and they are giddy – not just for getting Joe Biden into office, but also giving Republicans and most moderate to conservative Independents the finger. It’s also about the gi’me, gi’me culture that has inundated society – “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, too!”
    As for Republicans, they have failed America as well. Far too many wishy, washy moderates who wish to offend nobody, sat on their butts and watched it all happen with a whisper! It is a sicken sight to behold. I would not be surprised to see this election as the true beginning of America’s downfall. While we may still have a county called the United States, the ideals of America will be “CANCELED” out. Glad I’m old already!

  33. Manuel says:

    Rand Paul is as all these scumbags are and have been for a long time, only concerned with saving his own @$$. He is party to a group of lowlifes! They, the bad players, are partaking in distracting, and speaking useless information.

    • Diana Kueker says:

      Wrong Rand Paul is one of the only ones left that are for the people, election fraud has taken us to a one Party system and everyone knows that is communism!

  34. Maqqty says:

    Mr Rand Paul too little too late. The mess we are in is because most of the POS Republicans deserted Trump and the american voters in our hour of need, that goes for you too it’s called malpractice, negligence, And by the way no one asked you to overturn the election you POS phony.

    From where I stand you feckless traitors surrendered our country you appeased our enemies and now we have to live with the consequences.
    And for your information the biggest problem the Republican have going forward is that they are liars no one believes a word they spout and that goes for you too,

  35. Hazel Bragg says:

    I am in TOTAL agreement about LEAVING the REPUBLICAN PARTY if Trump is Impeached. The party
    , no longer, has our Best interest in mind. They have failed, on many occasions, to do their Constitutional duties. I am, almost, sometimes a shame, to say that I am with the Party. They are leaving us with a feeling of, ‘ emptiness.’ We are at a point that We Want to Establish a 3rd party, somewhat like the Tea Party.

  36. Pamela says:

    I agree. Any Republican that does so is weak kneed. Disgusting.

  37. Peggy F Kulpa says:

    I too will leave the party. This president did more for America than any president in recent history. He did this with so many against him and unbearable challenges.
    There was election fraud. To ignore this fraud is to ignore over 75 million people. If the Republicans don’t see this, then they cannot speak for us. For four years the Democrats have verbally assaulted us. Who pays for that?? It is all just wrong. We need answers. If the Republicans do not see this then it is time for a new party. Perhaps more.

    • Diana Kueker says:

      Well to be honest at this point if inauguration happens there will be a one party system and we all know that means communism and no legal election will ever occur again, once fraud is accepted the constitution will be voided by the democrats!

  38. Harry Johnson says:

    I will not stand by while Republican Senators vote to the Impeachment of the BEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN HISTORY! But if that happens I will no longer vote for any Republican running for any office.

    • Wendy Laramore says:

      I am totally in agreement with you. The spineless Republican politicians seem to have forgotten they work for us. We will vote them all out of office for not standing behind President Trump, the best President ever.

      • Diana Kueker says:

        It will be easy to vote them out because there will never be another fair election. A one party system is communism and the elections can no longer be trusted so democrats will always be in power now!!!! There is nothing in place to stop them anymore, it’s over so if you think you’ve been imprisoned in your home for most of 2020 it will get far worse!

        • Terrie Gentry says:

          I see you posting the same thing over and over, and I finally got it. You are correct. There’s no turning back if President Trump is forced out of office, via the fraudulent election, supported by our own damn party! What were they thinking? Oh wait… I know, I know!!! ONLY ABOUT THEIR WEAK, PATHETIC SELVES!!! Rather than STAND for truth and what is right, they were more concerned about keeping their seat! They can have that seat, in the Communist House and Senate, and they will go down in history as THE WEAK, SPINELESS reason!!! I was duped by Pence, McCarthy, and many many more. I always thought McConnell was corrupt anyway. All we can do is pray that God will have mercy on us, and somehow, someway, all of the corrupt will end up in prison and Trump will regain his position as our President for 4 more years! He sure has worked so hard for us, against all others, even those he held close, which turned on him in the 11th hour. I love President Trump and I will never accept another! God please speed.

  39. James B Jacobs says:

    They believe the fraudulent totals of the election. They think more people have gone over to the Democrat party and if they stay with the Republicans they will not get their votes. That’s what it’s all about, Votes and getting re-elected. Politicians no longer care about anything else. Not the people or this country. I voted Democrat for years, switched to the Republican party when I realized the Democrat was getting more corrupt all the time. I have now registered as an independent. If they come up with a third party that looks like it’s agenda is doing what they are getting paid to do and that is represent the American people and this country, I may switch again. I doubt whether it will ever happen, though.

    • Diana Kueker says:

      I am not even going to bother to vote again because we will never ever have a fair election again, they got away with it so it’s over! Only God can help us now!

  40. Alexandra Sullivan says:

    The people have the say in this Country, our Government only serves the people. Since our Government, Justice Dept has failed the people: allowing treason, felonies by polititions go unpunished, allow democrats to waste all our tax dollars trying to pin crimes on President Trump that they knew they contrived, refused to investigate legitimate cimplaints of massive voter fraud,the massive protests, destruction, looting and killing across our Country funded by George Soros, the Democratic party and Chinedu, but never held accoutable for the incitement of violence and protest of calling in the National Guard when whole cities were being destroyed, innocent people, businesses being ruined. Now the military are being used to silence the ones taking action that our failed Justice Dept hasn’t taken. American lives don’t matter to this new administration that committed fraud to gain control over Americans, not serve them.

    • Alexandra Sullivan says:

      So the politicians lives seem to only matter in this Country. It was never black lives they were concerned with, it was only the Democratic agenda to convert Our Country into a Socialist Country where the Government rules its people. Do u really think Americans voted for that to happen? So what do we do about this coup d’état? Are Americans so brainwashed from the massive anti-depressants prescribed as a cure all over the years? What action can we take, please I’m in!

      • Diana Kueker says:

        I feel the same way but as a one party rule if they truly get away with this we are sunk communism works with a one party system that is what we are now! I feel awful about it but I keep getting my hopes up just to be smashed over and over again can’t do it anymore!

      • Michael Zwick says:

        I’m in agreement with you ! Keep the Faith !

    • Bill says:

      Well said. The best I have read. All this is true. What the love of money has done to the best Country on the globe!!!! I am looking for a new party too.

    • Wendy Laramore says:

      I agree with every word you wrote.

  41. Joe Masefield says:

    Hitler would have loved Pelosi!

  42. Sic&Tired says:

    There ARE NOT…. Enough Words to Describe the Democrats…!!! They are Nothing But Total Scum and Biden is at the Top of the List. He WILL NEVER – BE THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY..!!!!!

  43. Darrell says:

    I have already quit the Republican Party. They just don’t want to stand up for what we, have been, Republicans have expected. We just don’t have much imputs into the Republican Party any longer. It is time for a THIRD PARTY. This THIRD PARTY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PICK UP 30% or so of the ”old” Democrats (with the right platform) and it should be able to pick up approximately 60 0- 70% of the old Republican Party members. LET’S GO FOR A THIRD PARTY. We have hung together with the Republican Party as they always come back and say a THIRD PARTY would just let the New Socialist Democrat Party completely take over. Well my thought is that it won’t be any more problem than it is now with the current Republican Party.

  44. Joe says:

    Rand Paul is exactly right,not only will one third of the party leave, we’ll kick the rhinos to the curb, and any other incompetent,politician, who sides with the new communist party over their party. Be warned, we hire, we sure the hell can fire u too.Wake up, and work for the American people, or hit the road jack.

  45. JoAnn Melton says:

    I don’t know about Republicans leaving the party, but we will certainly vote out any Senator that sides with the Democrats on impeaching him. What Pelosi did was illegal on six accounts, it is a hanging party mentality, it is unconstitutional. Her call to Gen. Milley is itself a violation of the separation of powers by seeking to inject herself into an executive-branch military decision. It could even be construed by some as its own little coup—conniving with the military to relieve of command the person who remains the elected President.

    • I will never vote Republian again if the swamp creature wimpy Republicans do not stand up for President Trump who won this election. Basement Biden did not win. This election was stolen from President Trump and the American people.

  46. Octavio says:

    I agree that many that supported President Trump and his agenda that voted as republicans and joined the party will leave the party. Before President Trump, the republican party was in disarray, people were fed up with the establishment, both parties Democrats and Republicans didn’t have the confidence of the American people specially the Independents and those seating by the sidelines.

    President Trump was able to mobilize the sleeping majority and brought them into the republican fold. Now, with Trump’s departure amid irregularities in the election process, the never ending impeachment which seems as a vindictive move created to punish him, and to some extend prevent him from running again, those that supported him will not support the Republican Party. A great percentage will still support Trump if he runs again, either as a Republican of as Independent candidate.

    If the Democrats sends to the Senate the impeachment resolution for a Senate trial and Republicans senators vote for impeachment that will be the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Those Republican senators that vote for impeachment will be having a tough time holding to their seats in the midterm elections. People won’t forget what has transpired in handling President’s Trump demise.

  47. Jeffrey says:

    I will tell you it will not be just leaving the republican party it will mean war we will not be over run by democrats and not have republican senters stand up for us we don’t like none of them but Donald j Trump and every now and then we must fight for freedom we are at a braking point we have a goverment that needs tore down I will join the fight as soon as it starts I am not going to be done like Hitler did my family and everything looks like we are headed that way I wanted Donald Trump to fix this but it was a wish that I would not see people die over democrats but it dont look good as I fear they stop us from talking and use controll Facebook Twitter and Google YouTube to keep us from talking but it will not work we will fight it is coming it is at a bolling point I am weighting to see what happens

    • Sandi Q. says:

      I applaud President Trump for wanting to take out the swamp and deep state, but I think the corruption goes so deep, even he couldn’t do it. He has a lot of people on his side, but look what those swamp creatures have done to him! I want to see every Republican congressman/senator that votes for this impeachment to be voted OUT of office. That can happen for several of them in 2022, that is, if the election isn’t rigged like it was in 2021. Then we’re pretty much screwed! 🙁

      • Alexandra Sullivan says:

        Sandi O. The swamp is still full since charges for felonies, treason committed weren’t made. Why weren’t these crimes charged and punishments stiff for all involved? Since when are politicians, rouge CIA, FBI, NSA, etc above the laws in this Country? I knew if nothing happened to these criminals, they would not stop scheming; now here we have blatant election fraud and it gets swept under the carpet.

  48. Linda Ecker says:

    Yes we must stand together at this time. We may need a “Patriots” Party

  49. Hi.
    I registered to be a Republican from 1975 to now.
    However, I will change to NONE.
    Cause, The Republican Party is the kind of royalist that doesn’t unite, and likely betray in their idea, and be impatient to get to the end of the road.
    Most of the leaders think only of the benefits that are ahead, but not about the people and survival of the country.
    So there are many bad things going on that coming from another party…

  50. Ron says:

    I agree
    I already left and became an independent. The Repubs should have gone to court in PA, AZ, and other states before the election not after. The vote was a joke.

    Dems Know how to lie cheat and steal. Repubs only know to turn on their own and their own President.
    Romney Kizinger, Cheney all make me sick to my stomach.

    McConnell is a two faced bastard and compromised by the Chinese because of his wife and her Chinese shipping business.
    They could have gone after Hunter and Joe for their illegal dealings, but preferred to turn on the President.

    • Diane says:

      I agree, completely. We already left the Republican Party as they are mealy mouthed cowards. Live in Pennsylvania, almost all of our leaders are corrupt. Our Governor is one of the worst!!! If we went to court ahead of time it was speculation, tried after and they said we should have gone before. Corrupt all the way through!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Yes I agree

    • Morrie says:

      Totally agree. Time for a third party that Wii do what it takes to reinstate common sense and following the Constitution. Let the ultra left and right have their seperate parties. Time for moderates on both sides of the current political system to take back control of our country politically. No longer a republican. I will sit on the sidelines if we only have the 2 current parties to choose from


    I can guarantee that 2 Republicans in my household will vacate our Republican membership if Trump is convicted. I will quit anyway if a MAGA party or equilavent is started up as I believe a 3rd party is needed . I most certainly believe that more than a third of Republicans will leave in the event of a Trump conviction. The Republican party needs to wake up.

  52. Robert says:

    One third, I’d guess more like 75 to 100% of us Who get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them (taken from a comment made from Obama)
    We tried to start a new party with the failed “Tea Party”. I feel that the American people aren’t going to take much more!

    • Rhoda Gelman says:

      I am a Senior – A Senior Warrior – I do not believe in Taking Anything or the Disgusting Cliche ‘Enough is Enough’ – When we are Asleep – IN WALKS EVIL! AMERICANS OF TODAY ARE NOT.PATRIOTS – QUOTE: WARRIORS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO.FEAR – WE FIGHT IN THE FACE OF IT! WE MUST FIGHT FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE – RG

  53. Robert says:

    When will Republicans stick up for the american people the election was stolen. Are they afraid of the most evil person on the planet Nancy Pelosi. The Demacrats are ruining america they are owned by the communist party. The Biden family for sure.

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