Rev. Franklin Graham’s Remarks On Tulsi Gabbard Leaving Democrat Party

Franklin Graham

( – There can be little doubt that the most significant political news today is that former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a one-time presidential candidate, announced in a hard-hitting video that she is no longer a Democrat.

Now, Rev. Franklin Graham is using Gabbard’s announcement to suggest that all Americans should “think about what has happened to the Democratic Party.”

As Breitbart News recounts in “Rev. Franklin Graham on Tulsi Gabbard Leaving Democratic Party: ‘I Hope Her Decision Will Make a Lot of People Think'”:

“Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s announcement Tuesday that she is leaving the Democrats sparked an immediate response from Rev. Franklin Graham.

“The evangelical pastor said he hopes her decision ‘will make a lot of people think’ about what has happened to the party as the critical mid-term elections draw nearer.” [emphasis added]

Here is the complete statement Graham posted to Twitter following Gabbard’s announcement:

“Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard posted a video on Twitter announcing that she is leaving the Democratic Party and calling on “fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me.” In explaining her decision Tulsi said, among other things, that today’s Democratic Party is “driven by cowardly wokeness” and is “hostile to people of faith & spirituality.” She also denounced those on the Left “who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism” and who “actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms.” In her announcement, Tulsi said, “I believe in a government that is of, by, and for the people. Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party does not.” Newt Gingrich said in an interview that Tulsi is one of many Americans who have traditionally voted blue but now find the Democrats unrecognizable. Tulsi is a good friend and a very smart person who loves and serves her country. I’m not sure where Tulsi is going, but I am praying for her that God will guide and direct her steps. I hope her decision will make a lot of people think about what has happened to the Democratic Party.”