Right Now: If True, This Is HUGE!


(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Happening Right Now: Historically, during the early days of a war, news accounts from the battlefield must be taken with a grain of salt as often the initial report is incorrect.

For example, just this past weekend, the world believed the 13 heroic Ukrainian border guards who were guarding Snake Island against Russian warships had been slaughtered after telling a Russian warship to “Go f**k yourself.”

As it turned out, the Ukrainian soldiers were taken captive – bad enough – but they were not killed.

Now comes word most of the world hopes is accurate because it’s huge news if true.

According to a breaking item in the New York Post:

Morale among Russian troops has dropped to the point that some units are “surrendering” to Ukrainian soldiers without a fight, a senior defense official said Tuesday.

“The official did not say how many of the soldiers — who are apparently facing fueling and food shortages — have surrendered, but said they are noticing “certain risk-averse behavior by the Russian military.” [emphasis added]


“The official also described many of the Kremlin’s troops as “conscripts” and “very young men” who haven’t been well-trained and weren’t fully briefed on the scope of what they would be doing when invading.” [emphasis added]

Again, if this report is accurate, it could be huge as low morale spreads through troops like wildfire.

Could this be another factor that leads to victory for Ukraine? Time will tell.

This is a breaking news report about conditions on the battlefield in Ukraine.