‘Scholars’ Declare THIS Term Racist?! Are They Crazy?

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a new far-left perversion in academia, a group of scholars has called for killing off the term “white paper” in research because they believe it conveys “racism” and “white privilege.”

The term “white paper” refers to an informational document presenting research on a specific complex issue and offering a policy or a solution concerning the matter at hand.

However, according to an op-ed in University Affairs, a Canadian higher education news outlet, the expression “white paper” should be scrapped due to its “racial and historical context,” The College Fix reports.

The op-ed called “It’s Time to Retire ‘White Paper’” is published on behalf of Jennifer Jakobi of the University of British Columbia and the “Chairs of Women in Science and Engineering” at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

The article informs that its authors gathered a group of “experts” to discuss the term and make up a replacement.

The so-called experts were “academics, researchers, librarians, Indigenous leaders, science policy experts and other leaders who work or are advocates in areas of racism, de-colonization.”

“The group agreed that ‘White’ used to connote authority in general is an issue and the hierarchies inherent in the creation of white papers are seen as artifacts of colonialization,” the op-ed states.

“The term is exclusionary to some groups and evokes racism, privilege, power or oppression,” it adds.

The authors declare further that “white paper” is “exclusionary to some groups, and evokes racism, privilege, power or oppression.”

Jakobi and Canada’s female engineering leaders claim that the term also stands for “superiority.” They cite research beginning in the 1970s, which established that “white” is associated with “good,” while “black” denotes “bad.”

The article also states that the first time the term “white paper” was used in Canada was in a document called “The White Paper, 1969,” which had to do with a policy opposed by the Native American population.

“To heal from the past and support the process of reconciliation, we propose ending the use of the term ‘white paper,’” the op-ed concludes.

Its “experts” propose that the term “white paper” be replaced with the terms “position statement,” “resource,” and “brief,” each one suitable for a specific context.

Jakobi’s faculty page informs she specializes in neuromuscular and exercise physiology and leads DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) professional development workshops.