Schools Include ‘Genderbread Identity’ Man in Curriculum!?!

Genderbread Identity Chart

( – A school district in California is teaching its students a sex education curriculum featuring a “Genderbread Identity” man, causing parents to express grave concerns over the practice.

The “Genderbread Identity” man is a cartoon used as a tool to claim and promote the existence of various “gender identities” and sexual orientations.

The Genderbread man’s rainbow brain is supposed to stand for a person’s gender identity, while its heart is supposed to stand for sexual orientations such as pansexuality,  homosexuality, asexuality, and heterosexuality.

That the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in California uses the Genderbread Identity man in its sex education curriculum was discovered through a public records request, the New York Post reported.

The curriculum taught to high school and middle school kids is called “Teen Talk.” It contains a video on “being trans in high school,” which shows two teenagers discussing their “transitioning.”

“It’s horrifying. And they try to create the little ‘Genderbread’ man to make it seem like it’s more fun. And it’s for younger kids – it’s appealing –  but it’s confusing [for them],” said local mother Haley Jenkins, who presently homeschools her daughter.

“They’re really starting so early to sexualize our children. We felt like it was our responsibility to teach our kids about what they needed that was age appropriate,” said Amy Peters, whose children went through the Newport-Mesa district schools.

The school district has responded to a request for comment by defending the Genderbread curriculum, arguing that it is based on the California State Standards.

“We use a state-approved health curriculum with select modules that are appropriate for our students, taught by credentialed teachers. Parents can opt out their child from participating in comprehensive sex education…We understand that there are varying viewpoints and beliefs,” the district said.

“Our children are sponges. There’s an influence on our young children, and this is by very much by design [by] the progressive agenda to slowly [of the]… sexualization of our children,” weighed in Alicia Beget, a school psychologist and a mother in the district.

Nonprofit watchdogs have condemned the Teen Talk sex education curriculum in California’s Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

“It has the same manipulative ‘values clarification’ exercise designed to deconstruct children’s values under the guise of helping them clarify their values,” said Sharon Slater from Family Watch International.

“[The curriculum] normalizes child sex or desensitizes children to sexual things. May give examples of children having sex or imply many of their peers are sexually active,” commented Stop Comprehensive Sex Education, another watchdog.