She Begged For Her Life But He Still Killed Her

Calvin Crew and Christi Spicuzza

( – A beautiful young mother working nights as an Uber driver to make money to raise her four children was killed by a thug, and most of what took place was recorded on the victim’s dashcam.

The victim, Christi Spicuzza, begged for her life. But Calvin Crew, the animal who is alleged to have shot Christi in the head, didn’t care. He killed her anyway.

According to Breitbart and other news sources based on police reports:

“‘Allegheny County police on Wednesday night charged Calvin Crew, 22, in the killing of 38-year-old Christi Spicuzza, whose body was found in Monroeville last weekend,’ the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Friday…

“According to a criminal complaint, Crew allegedly ordered the Uber ride, then held her at gunpoint, the Post-Gazette report continued.

“On a video retrieved from Ms. Spicuzza’s dashcam, investigators saw her arriving to pick up Mr. Crew on Feb. 11. He entered the vehicle and produced a handgun, pointing it at the back of her head, the complaint says. He told her to keep driving. When she reached back and felt the gun, she responded, ‘You’ve got to be joking,’ the complaint reads. Mr. Crew reiterated that he had a gun, and she told him that she had a family, the complaint says.

“Crew then instructed her to drive, to which she replied, ‘I’m begging you, I have four kids,’ but he reportedly kept the gun on her neck.” [emphasis added]

Tragically and horrifically, Christi’s body was found later. She had been shot and killed.

Crew has been charged with criminal homicide, robbery, and tampering with evidence.

Please email [email protected] with your opinion about what should happen to Crew if he is found guilty in the murder of Christi. Thank you.