She Tried To Kill Him How? (Video)

( – In a deeply disturbing case, Melody Felicano Johnson, a 40-year-old Arizona resident, has been sentenced for attempting to poison her husband by adding bleach to his coffee.

See footage from the poisoning attempts in the video below!

Initially facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, Johnson entered a guilty plea in April 2024 to two counts of the lesser offense of introducing poison or a harmful substance into food or drink, CNN reported, as cited by The Daily Caller.

Judge Javier Chon-Lopez, who presided over the case, had the authority to impose a prison term of up to two years for each count.

However, he sentenced Johnson to three years of probation.

In making his decision, Judge Chon-Lopez considered the nearly one year Johnson had already spent in custody, unable to post the $250,000 bond.

Additionally, her sentence mandates participation in mental health treatment.

The case came to public attention when Roby Johnson, Melody’s estranged husband, detected a strange taste in his coffee in March 2023.

Utilizing pool chemical testing strips, he discovered an elevated chlorine level in the beverage.

To collect proof, he installed a hidden camera that seemed to record Johnson pouring bleach into his coffee maker.

Video evidence collected on multiple occasions seemingly showed Melody engaged in the act of poisoning.

On July 16, 2023, one such video depicted her transferring bleach from a larger to a smaller container before approaching the coffee maker.

Another video, dated July 5, 2023, captured her in only a towel performing the same action, as reported by Law&Crime.

Despite the compelling evidence and the grave nature of the charges, Roby Johnson expressed a preference that his wife not be incarcerated, according to reports.

The couple, who remain legally married and have a child together, were undergoing divorce proceedings at the time of the incident. These proceedings are still underway.

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