SHOCK POLL: Another Great Depression Ahead?!?

Great Depression Bread Line

( – According to a hot off the presses poll by the highly-respected Rasmussen polling firm, most Americans believe the United States of America is headed for another Great Depression.

As Newsmax lays it out in “Rasmussen Poll: Majority of Americans Saying Depression Ahead“:

“A total of 55% of respondents said another 1930s-like depression was likely over the next few years — the highest finding since 2009, Rasmussen Reports said.

“Of that total, 25% said they thought another Depression was very likely.” [emphasis added]

As for the stock market:

“Only 28% of respondents said they think the stock market will be higher a year from now — 33% said it will be lower. Another 20% said they expected the stock market to be about the same, while another 19% were not sure.

Republicans (48%) more than Democrats (24%) or unaffiliated Americans (30%) said they believed the stock market will be lower a year from now.” [emphasis added]

And the future of America:

Asked whether today’s children will be better off than their parents, only 20% said they will be — a decline from 28% in 2018.

“A total of 56% said they believe today’s children will be worse off than their parents.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion? Do you agree with most Americans who believe the United States of America is headed for another Great Depression? Why or why not? Please email your thoughts and views to [email protected]. Thank you.