SHOCKER: Biden OUT In Weeks?!

Joe Biden

( – A stunning prediction has emerged from Anthony Scaramucci, whose tenure in the Trump administration was less than two weeks, forecasting a similarly brief future for Joe Biden in the presidential race and his time in the Oval Office.

“I think Joe Biden will be out of the race by the end of July,” Scaramucci asserted during an episode of “The Rest Is Politics” podcast this week.

“I’m going to make some speculation here on our podcast. I think there’s a number of ways to go where he says he’s going to finish out his term, which I think is unlikely,” the analyst declared, cited by Newsmax.

Scaramucci’s assertion is based on discussions with insiders from the Biden campaign, suggesting that Vice President Kamala Harris is poised to ascend to the presidency.

“Some people have told me this will be the most consequential few weeks in American modern history. That implies we’re going to get a President Harris,” he said further.

According to Scaramucci, Biden stepping down would pave the way for Harris to take over the Oval Office amidst Biden’s struggling campaign, particularly after his poorly received first debate performance against Donald Trump and subsequent failures in damage control.

“That would help their progressive flank a lot,” Scaramucci noted, regarding Biden’s critics within the Democratic Party.

He believes that having Harris take the lead “solves a lot of their campaign finance issues” and improves her chances in polling against Trump.

“The Trump campaign knows this: They’re running a very attack full ads,” he commented

“She is way better than people think. She’s a former prosecutor. She’s an incredibly intelligent person. She hasn’t had her moment to shine,” he added.

Despite his brief role and subsequent dismissal by then-President Trump, and his current stance as a critic of Trump, Scaramucci recently attended a Biden campaign fundraiser.

“The president looked frail. He was more together than he was on Thursday night [for the debate]? Yes. Was he more lucid? Yes. But I want you to think about his intellectual insecurity right now. He’s at a fundraiser where people generally like him, and they’re giving him tens of thousands of dollars to be at that fundraiser; yet, he felt more comfortable speaking behind sort of a protection row and a teleprompter,” the analyst said further.

“He spoke from the teleprompter for 15 minutes and he left without taking questions. That is a very unusual thing for an American politician to do with his VVIPs [very, very important persons] at a very posh Hamptons ocean-front house. “It’s an indication that things are not well with him cognitively,” Scaramucci concluded.

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