SHOCKER: Look Who Is Helping Biden With China

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden

( – Senate Democrats are getting help from a couple of Republicans to remove Trump-era tariffs on China.

Todd Young (R-IN) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) are working alongside Democrats, hoping to make sure their America COMPLETES Act passes with Chinese-made products a significant part of the legislation.

However, not all GOP Senators like the Act by President Joe Biden’s side of the political aisle. Marco Rubio (R-Fl), Josh Hawley (R-MO), and Tom Cotton (R-AR) are seeking to keep the tariffs imposed upon China intact.

In fact, siding with a significant percentage of Americans, they would prefer more tariffs on China.

The Biden Administration has said they want the tariffs to go away but has not been proactive in making it happen. To help Biden move things along, the Senate is forging ahead with the America COMPLETES legislation.

However, according to Politico, the pro-Act Republicans are “threatening to pull their support for the legislation entirely if certain House trade proposals are approved by the conference committee currently negotiating the final text. Given that the final legislation will ultimately need GOP votes to get through the Senate, that gives the more traditional, pro-trade wing of the party the upper hand in the negotiations — bucking protectionist impulses that have been on the rise in both parties in recent years.”

Two months ago, Section 301 tariffs were eliminated. Those tariffs were in place on over 300 Chinese products imported into America. But companies like Disney and Coca-Cola, having strong relations with China, wanted more action. Lobbyists for these and other companies desire the Senate version to include stronger cuts to happen.

Over 61% of Americans believe that not having the tariffs on Chinese imports makes the U.S. too dependent on foreign commodities.

As mentioned above, not all GOP members of the Senate are aiding the Democrats. Tom Cotton and others are challenging Democrats over the removal of Section 301.

Cotton wants to know why the Biden Administration took such a drastic step. It is a wait-and-see if the Arkansas Republican gets a response he finds satisfying.