Shocking: Jill Biden’s Perverted Drag Queen Take

Jill Biden

( – As if the multiple scandals and policy failures surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden weren’t enough, First Lady Jill Biden has just reminded America she could be scandalizing, too, as she posed for a photo with five nasty-looking drag queens.

To see the photo, click HERE.

The picture of the first lady dwarfed by five bulky drag queens, one of them with a bushy black beard, was posted on Instagram by “Welcome to Manny’s,” a pro-transgenderist event space in San Francisco.

“Jill Biden is wielding her influence in the public sphere by meeting with drag queens while Americans suffer from rising prices and crime under her husband’s administration,” a Breitbart News commentary sums up the situation.

The drag queen photo seemingly leaves no doubt about the first lady’s endorsement of the perverted Marxist ideology of transgenderism.

Its caption states that the event space where it was taken is “unapologetically queer and unapologetically political.”

“Welcome to Manny’s” describes itself on its website as a “community focused meeting and learning place” promoting engagement with “civic leaders, elected officials, artists, activists, changemakers, and each other.”

“This photo says it all – San Francisco queens meeting the First Lady of the United States of America in a civic meeting space in the Mission District of my fair city of San Francisco,” the event space wrote as it posted the Jill Biden photo.

The post showing Jill Biden’s support for transgenderism was met with resentment by social media users.

“All manner of perversion with the flotus in the middle of it all. What an absolute disgrace,” one Instagram user quipped.

“Lmaooooo bunch of child groomers,” another wrote.

The report points out the Biden administration has frequently promoted drag queens, the LGBT agenda, and transgenderism.

Thus, in December 2022, the president invited nauseating drag queen activist Marti Cummings, who constantly sexualizes children, to the White House for the signing of the “Respect for Marriage Act.

However, in the wake of the event, social media posts in which Cummings showcases child grooming began to surface.

“The kids are out to sing and suck D!” Biden’s guest had written in one Twitter post.

In another case, during Biden’s lavish Gay Pride Month celebration this year, Rose Montoya and other transgender activists flashed their bare chests at the White House.