Shocking Study Discovers Biden’s Dark Secret

President Joe Biden

( – A Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) study reveals that the illegal immigrant population increased by approximately one million in President Biden’s first year, costing U.S. taxpayers an additional $9.4 billion.

According to reports by Fox News Digital, the data was obtained from an early copy of the conservative group’s analysis.

The study by FAIR also estimates that there are approximately 15.5 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S., which has increased from the group’s 2020 estimates of 14.5 million.

This is a significant contrast to typical estimates that place the number of illegal immigrants at 11 million, a number that hasn’t changed for years.

However, immigration hawks are skeptical that these figures are accurate, considering the increased activity at the border.

FAIR also conducted a fiscal analysis, which uncovers that illegal immigrants now impose a $143.1 billion budgetary burden, up $9.4 billion from 2020.

According to the report, the drastic increase in the immigrant population boils down to two factors: an improvement in the U.S. economy following COVID-19 and the administration’s policies.

The report acknowledges that “many unscrupulous employers are using this as an opportunity to turn to reliably cheap labor to undercut the market and make up for lost profits resulting from economic shutdowns stemming from the pandemic.”

FAIR also highlights that the “unethical hiring practices occur even though millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed.”

The analysis also points to Biden’s policies which have “effectively abolished the mission of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), preventing the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from securing our southern border, and implementing measures that encourage mass illegal immigration.”

In a statement accompanying the report, FAIR President Dan Stein said, “President Biden and the people he appointed to key positions in his administration have pursued the most radical open-borders policies in the history of any sovereign nation, and these new numbers bear that out.”

Stein continued, saying had it not been “for the COVID pandemic, which forced the administration to keep Title 42 in place last year, the additional influx and costs to American taxpayers would have been far greater.”

FAIR’s report also reveals that the states with the most illegal immigrants are California (3.3 million), Texas (2.2 million), Florida (1.2 million), and New York (1.1 million).