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Should This Foul-Mouthed Principal Be Fired?

Here at Reclaiming America, we’re always shocked by the amount of profanity that public officials spew on a daily basis. It is even more shocking when it is employed by those responsible for educating our children. Take the following example.

“For some reason, a principal of a public middle school in Maine decided it was a fine idea to post profane insults on Facebook against supporters of President Donald Trump the night before the election,” according to Blaze Media.

“Bill Gifford, principal of Oceanside Middle School in Thomaston, reportedly wrote that Trump “is not my president and is possibly the worst president ever,” ripped Trump’s “trolls,” and called them “asswipes.” He also reportedly wrote that Trump supporters have “big trucks” and “small d**ks.”

“It apparently wasn’t the first time Gifford took on Trump supporters, as he also reportedly posted over the summer that “Trumpmonkeys” are “ignorant f***ers” who are part of “goon squads” and added that now “the gloves are off and you are either with me or with him and his fascist army.”

“Gifford’s posts were widely circulated among the Regional School Unit 13 community and alarmed parents who said the principal set a bad example for students, the Bangor Daily News reported.

“Gifford apologized to RSU 13 parents on Wednesday, saying that “my mistake was to include profanity, and for that I am truly sorry and hope that the community can accept this heartfelt apology,” the paper reported.”

We have only one question. Should this principal be fired? Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.



  1. John says:

    SHOULD BE FIRED. Anyone stupid enough to post what he did , does not deserve to near our children. Certainly not in a leadership role. Who knows what he might do next..

  2. Rand says:

    The “profanity” professed by this “middle school ?teacher?” , shows a total disdain for civility , a total lack of a “Moral Compass” , and a total misunderstanding of those who profess to be “conservative”. He convicts himself. His verbiage declares him to be what he described others as being.
    This abysmally ignorant “man” should be fired , and he should be held up for contempt and thrown out of the country . He would find it interesting to be living in Greece, or better yet , Venezuela. Let us see how he fares there. Being employed in a school? NO!

  3. Harold Hitt says:

    If he had no more sense then to not realize his comments would be read, then he does not have enough sense to be in the school business. The only other choice is that he has lied and this also disqualifies him from being in the school business. He needs to have his certificates revoked and be sent on his way

  4. Janet E Beckstein says:

    Yes, definitely. He is a very poor example to his students. Where did he get his education? If that is the only language he can use to express himself, he has no place in education. Fire him now!

  5. David F. Lanphere Sr. says:

    not only fire him. Take away his teaching credentials, and “good time” he may have earned towards retirement, and restrict him from going anywhere near any educational facility ever again in life!

  6. Jerry Griffin says:

    If you had to ask that question your to dumb to be a parent he should be fired on the spot

  7. Elaine says:

    Yes he should be fired, there is no need to use all that profanity and we need to stop demonstrating all the hate. If you need to express yourself do it in a civilized manner. It is bad enough that the younger generation has learned all the profanity from the older ones. It is time we cleaned up our act.

  8. Burnell Hostetter says:

    He would be fired in our school district immediately.

  9. Ken says:

    Apparently his parents never taught him to respect others and he was probably the exact example of how most of the students feel about everyone! “No I don’t have to work”! “I want everything free”! “I didn’t ask to be born so you take care of me”! Wah, Wah, Wah and so on!! I’ll bet you that this so called (educator)? was given free reign in his home. I’ll also bet he believes in abortion, socialized medicine, extraineous pay raises (even if you didn’t earn them), keep the borders open so every person looking for a free hand-out can come in and take it illegally, (along with the child abduction slavery group). My Son is a school teacher and what he has told me about what is going on there is nauseating, I’m glad I am NOT a teacher or I would be up on charges of assault if one of those students dropped an “F” bomb at me, their head would in a wall. Some totally ignorant parents of some totally ignorant students taught them! Soviet Premier Kruchev stated it correctly…”we will bury your grandchildren”! These so-called educators are succeeding. The Canadian president a few years ago Stated ” If you Americans have any common sense left you would never vote for socialized medicine. We have it here in Canada and it is a health nightmare”! School is supposed to be a place of learning, instead it has become a place of substancial brainwashing. He should be fired and made an example of…PERIOD!

  10. 1SG Retired says:

    I am a retired educator and he seems to feel the same way I feel about Obama and Biden. But, he should NEVER post comments like these anywhere. He is not well suited to work in our school system in any capacity anywhere. FIRE HIM today, revoke any and all licenses he hold and send him away. It takes a lot if vitamins to make you healthy. But only a single dose of poison to kill you.

  11. Janice Hallmark says:

    Yes, He should be fired. He should also apologize to school officials, students and their families. He should have to undergo counseling and behavior management.
    Janice Hallmark

  12. Maureen Sugrue says:

    The principal should be fired and not receive any more pay after the day he said the nasty comments. I am a retired teacher and never spoke that way. Are children need to be taught respect for all people. Including the flag and the National Anthem. There is no place in this country for socialism.

    • Georgia Ellenberg says:

      Yes, this person should be fired. We were taught you always have respect for people, regardless if you like them or not.tbis is not a good example for the children.

  13. Cheryl Lund says:

    Fire him immediately. Since when do teachers OVERSTEP their teaching ? That man should be made to grovel to the whole community and then get walked out the door and blackmailed from ever teaching again. Personal feelings should NEVER be shown in a classroom setting. Again the media allowed this to be printed.

  14. Gerald says:

    He certainly should be fired. If not what will he be teaching the children?

  15. There are good and not so good people in this world, no matter what this person says…Who should judge anyone, only God…
    AOC and her crowd want ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS FIRED AT WORK. BIDEN/HARRIS back AOC up completely. These are just a few things which The DEMON–CRATS want.
    New poll out:The majority of Americans believe that a US.Civil War is IMMINENT.USA TODAY INC.

  16. Jo Rhoades says:

    This man is so full of hate and, sadly, probably got that way watching main media. He obviously knows nothing about Trump’s long list of achievements and love for our country. At any rate, he should never teach another child.

  17. anne says:


  18. DennisA says:

    Normally I do not think that peop[le should be fired from their jobs for saying stupid things. However this person is a school principal and I believe its deplorable that he is exposing young children to his garbage. So, yes I do believe this jerk should be fired from his job.

  19. M.J. says:

    Whether he is Republican or Democrat, what he did is shameful and, yes, he should be fired. And also shameful are many of the comments above. We need to unify as a country. If the division continues, America will not be the country everyone looks up to and respects. By the way, I am an independent, have voted for candidates from both major parties and some Independents. This hate talk terrifies me. I have never seen so many “tunnel-visioned” people, ever. I don’t envy the newly-elected president and vice-president at all!

  20. Barbara J Baethe says:

    Not only as a nearly 50 year educator and a parent and grandparent, this man should be fired. He is obviously not a real leader. Real leaders do not do what he did. Even if the district does not fire him, he has lost the respect of those he serves. I am going to pray for him and all of those who were affected by his words and behavior.

  21. Eugene Cox says:

    He should be fired immediately. How would you feel about having your child educated in this school?

  22. Sally says:

    With his rant was so bad for any person to say. We don’t accept your apology, you should be hung till dead.

  23. Roland Garcia says:

    Fire his ass!

  24. Imae says:

    FIRED!!!! Blacklisted in the school system also!!!

  25. Margaret says:

    This man has no business in the school system he shouldn’t be any where near children, this is what is wrong with the school system today there should never be politics in school influencing our children he definitely should be fired just disgusting what goes on in these schools today.

  26. Raymond Roussel says:

    This clown should not only be fired he should be hauled into court and prosecuted for the damage he has done to the children of his school.

  27. Bob V says:

    Gifford may be gay, which is normally not a problem. No one is going to take that away from him. But anyone with kids should be concerned about the agenda he allows in any school under his control based on his inability to act like a decent human being.

  28. Mar says:

    This principal should be fired for being dirty. Don’t allow him to be near the students. He come now with false repentance. That’s the way the hypocrite acting

  29. Lucille Yuen says:

    Children are exposed to far too much that is corrupting in our society because of Liberals. They are the ones who have pushed for every salacious, evil, immoral thing and now they demand a Communist government. That principal in Maine should be fired, despite his apology. Since he showed extreme poor judgment to attack others because they hold a different opinion than he holds, he has shown he can’t be trusted to represent something as basic as the U.S. Constitution and serve as a good example of what it is to be American. Free speech doesn’t mean he can foul the air around innocent children. The deserve better.

  30. Joe says:

    Fire his ass

  31. James Hutchins says:

    Fire this so called educator.

  32. Donna says:

    Such disrespect for our president and country is shameful. Yes… he should be fired!

  33. Sherre Lamberson says:

    Fire him immediately!

  34. Don Butler says:

    Have any of you people listened to your own posts for the last 6 months? That has been what you have been saying about the democrats, is that an example of do what I say not what I do. Okay.

  35. Todd says:

    So–If this man had negativity toward Joe Bite me–He would already be fired and standing in the unemployment line–There you have your answer

    The law and rules need to be equally applied.

  36. Connie says:


  37. Tammy Davis says:

    Yes he should be fired. I would not want someone who is so hateful towards anyone teaching my children. A teacher should always show both sides of history and never voice his opinions one way or another. He is there to teach.

  38. Grace Aldridge says:

    This man should be fired He should not be around kids to spew. his hate

  39. Oz says:

    This man should never be near children of any age . You can tell that he is not educated enough to deal with any organization that has humans in it much less children. He should go back to the streets and slum area.

  40. RENEE WELKER says:


  41. AKJohnIII says:

    we can complain all we want. Until our lame ass Republicans get off their lard asses and start to fight, nothing will happen. Republican Senators and Representatives have no balls. Marbles, maybe. They are week, all talk, and no bite. Who has been charged and fired in the Russian Collusion? They are still spewing their poison, from Obama, Holder to Clapper and company. Don’t expect anything to happen any time soon. Our Republicans are spineless. Lindsey Graham is the best example. All his big talk, like “we got them now” and ” heads will roll”. I have not seen a head roll yet, but they sure want our donations. We sure need more Heroes like President Trump.
    Shame on all these Republican nothing doers

  42. Susan Hartman says:

    Maine has a Governor that feels the same way. Nothing will happen to this A-hole.

  43. Che says:

    How scary. Fire him without a second thought. And to think he actuall y said he wished he hadn’t used the profanity…like that would’ve made him a much better man…Bye, Bye…”You’re Fired”

  44. Charlene McLaughlin says:

    This is vile and disgusting! Indoctrinating small children to divide people you disagree with by being ugly is totally unacceptable. Oh yeah this guy is a fine example for what a negative unhealthy person looks like he is NO leader! Remove him immediately before he does irreparable harm.

  45. Bill Markham says:

    He should have been fired the first time.

  46. Nancy says:

    I spent over 35 years in the classroom with middle school children, as a teacher and principal. It was very important to me every day to be an exemplary role model, not just for the children in my room, but, as a principal, for all students in the building and beyond. More often than we would like, children have very few appropriate role models. Because this has gone viral, Mr. Gifford owes an apology to the entire national network of students, teachers, and parents. He has not represented the profession well. Once that is done, he should be looking for a job in another profession.

  47. Without a doubt he shouldn’t ever be around students . I don’t believe any adult would speak like this is he with BLM protesters . Take him out of any school put him on the streets .

  48. Gary Watts says:

    Yes, these people are supposed to be teaching our future, but NO just ignorant people influenced by Dems

  49. Ken says:

    Wow you are so Tuff, maybe you and Biden ought to go behind the barn and kick somebody’s ass, then call the defunded police and shoot them in the leg. Or just fire a shotgun. What a ignorant person that is in charge of educating our young children!!!! Where do they get these people? Oh yea he is a Democrat!!!

  50. Lucy says:

    He needs to be fired immediately. These are many of the Profesores/teachers that are brain washing our kids & should not have any place in a school!!!!

  51. Michael says:

    This principal should be fired immediately and never be allowed to hold any position in a public school system again. It is obvious he is a far left democrat who hates Trump . The democrats have gotten away with everything from Hillarys emails to present day antics even after proof, evidence and documentation is presented and NO ONE is held accountable. No one goes to jail, no one is repremanded and everyone looks the other way. It’s about time people start to be held accountable for their actions. If any one of us American citizens did any one of the things we see being done in Washington, we would be thrown in jail. I’m sick of it and this person makes me sick as well. Fire him. Period.

  52. MN OldMan says:

    Fire his Vascist ass!

  53. John c says:

    Fire the jerk. That’s why our country. Is so divided. Guys like him brain wash our kids to hate. Don’t let the door hit u in the ass on your way out. Nitwit

    • Gina Donza says:

      He deserves to be fired. He did set a bad example of how not to act for the children and adults alike. He’s one of the reasons Trump won the election in 2016. If a teacher did something like that, he/she would be fired. I suggest people keep their political comments to themselves. It causes fights among coworkers, friends and family. If someone wants to wear a hat, tee shirt or other paraphernalia they should do so without feeling they are going to be attacked or fired because of it. That’s freedom of speech. As far as I’m concerned the left has become too aggressive and radical.

  54. Elaine says:

    Yes the middle school teacher should be fined and fired and he license should be taken away!!

  55. Disgusted says:

    Such are the mouths of Democrats in power


    I find it amazing that people initially country complain about change is needed but yet vote in the same ole people with the szmeole failed policies like the Obama pixies which biden will implement
    Don’t complain when massive layoffs happen due to these policies not covid happen.unemployment will remain High once the demented one raises corp taxes and they retaliate with layoffs.dobt bitch about what a mistake the country made by the far left.

  57. Frank Havey says:

    He’s just opened himself up for a lot of flax,if not worst.

  58. Nell Bee says:

    Principal should be fired immediately! There is NO excuse for a man in his position to vent on Facebook!

    Facebook , where was your FB Police?


    Not only whoever shoukd get fired i want
    10mins so I can kick thier fucking ass

  60. Ann says:

    No wonder our youth are in trouble. it’s bad enough that the professors are teaching their beliefs to our college kids but then we have this buffoon who spews a fowl mouth.


  61. Mary says:

    He said what most people have not got the guts to say

  62. BKK says:

    What a hateful person, poisoning the minds of the most impressive— children. I personally would want him fired, he might get a job in another school. While I forgive him for his ignorance and narcissistic behavior, I pray for his judgement to be quick and harsh. Just another monkey

  63. Tom says:

    Truly a sad example of a human being. I support immediate termination. Maine public education deserves better.

  64. John says:

    Seriously he should be fired, this is surely not what needs to be taught to our children ever.

  65. Normand Louis Doyon says:

    It is my opinion that he should be fired from his job and not allowed to teach in any of Maine schools. His apology for the bad language is not heartfelt but only to keep his job. The people who live in his area should have him removed.

  66. paul m says:

    this piece of work should not only be fired he should never teach in a public school again. these liberal a holes that teach or are in management positions need to keep their stupid political ideas to themselves i would rather be a trump supporter than one of these idiots

  67. Dan says:

    Fire him immediately

  68. Dana says:

    I would not want this man anywhere near my children.

    • Barbara Baethe says:

      Not only as a nearly 50 year educator and a parent and grandparent, this man should be fired. He is obviously not a real leader. Real leaders do not do what he did. Even if the district does not fire him, he has lost the respect of those he serves. I am going to pray for him and all of those who were affected by his words and behavior.

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