Social Conservatives Gaining Ground

( – According to a new public opinion poll, the number of Americans identifying as social conservatives has spiked to its highest level since 2012.

Gallup’s Values and Beliefs survey has found 38% of American adults describe themselves as “very conservative” or “conservative” on social issues, an increase of five percentage points compared with last year.

The number of Americans identifying as “very liberal” or “liberal” on social issues now stands at 29%, a decline of five points compared with 2021.

At the same time, 31% of voting-age Americans said their views on social issues were “moderate.”

The growth of social conservatism was the most tangible among Republicans. Presently, 74% of GOP voters say they are “conservative” or “very conservative, an increase of 14 points compared with 60% measured two years ago.

Among independent voters, 29% identified as socially conservative, up from 24% in 2021.

Only 10% of Democratic Party supporters said they had “very conservative” or “conservative” social views, the same share as in 2021.

In terms of age groups, Gallup observed the most significant social conservatism spike among middle-aged adults.

Thus, in 2023, 35% of Americans aged 30-49 said they were “very conservative” or “conservative” on social issues. That constitutes a 13-point growth from 22% in 2021.

The 50-64 demographic also saw a double-digit spike, with 46% of that group now saying they are socially conservative, up 11 points from 35% in 2021.

The pollster notes that one of the leading social issues is whether transgender athletes should compete based on their “gender identity” or biological sex.

Gallup found 69% of Americans think transgender individuals should participate in sports based on biological sex, an increase of seven points. In 2021, 62% held that view.

Only 26% of Americans today believe “trans” athletes should compete based on their “gender,” a decline of seven points compared with 33% in 2021.

Among Democratic Party supporters, 48% think transgender individuals should compete based on biological sex, up from 41% who believed that in 2021. Among Republicans and independents, the shares are 93% and 67%, respectively.

The only demographic supporting trans people’s team choice is political liberals, at 57%.