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Socialist Activists Accost Sen. Sinema in Bathroom

( – As we noted yesterday, the way Americans and our elected leaders currently conduct themselves when expressing their political positions has become disgustingly vulgar compared to just a decade ago. It’s as if many Americans have forgotten the Golden Rule. It makes us believe that many Americans were raised by parents who had no decency – no class.  Many Americans behave like animals instead of civilized human beings.

Yesterday’s example was race fans at a NASCAR race track in Alabama chanting obscenities about the President of the United States during a nationally televised interview of a young man’s shining moment when he won a race. The fans, undoubtedly many of them drunk, felt it more important to show the world how vulgar they are instead of cheering for a young athlete who’d just won a grueling race on one of the most challenging race tracks in the world.

Today’s example is how several liberal/socialist immigration activists behaved and accosted U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema while she was teaching a class this past weekend at Arizona State University.

Not only did the students allegedly enter the school and classroom illegally and begin yelling at the Senator while filming her and interrupting her class, they then followed her down a hallway and into a bathroom where they continued filming and yelling at the Senator while she and other individuals were using the toilets in the bathroom stalls.

Something has gone terribly wrong in this country. If individuals on both the left and the right are going to continue to act like animals – instead of civilized, mature, rational adults – when expressing their political opinions, there is little hope for our form of historically unique representative democracy.

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