Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl: Martha Stewart?

( – In a development that has surprised millions of Americans, businesswoman and former TV personality Martha Stewart is one of the cover models for the 2023 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, becoming the oldest person to do so.

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81-year-old Stewart was a model in her teens before becoming a TV personality, author, and the owner of a lifestyle business empire, Newsmax notes.

The Emmy Award winner and “proud mother and grandmother” fortune is estimated at about $400 million.

“When I heard that I was going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, I thought, Oh, that’s pretty good, I’m going to be the oldest person, I think, ever on a cover of ‘Sports Illustrated,’” Stewart told Sports Illustrated.

“And I don’t think about age very much, but I thought that this is kind of historic,” she added.

The former TV personality claimed her main incentive to agree to be this year’s swimsuit issue cover model came from her desire to demonstrate that women could “good and feel great at any age.”

“Age is not the determining factor in terms of friendship or in terms of success, but what people do, how people think, how people act, that’s what’s important and not your age,” Stewart argued.

Her Sports Illustrated photo shoot was in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic, and “was so much fun,” in her words. She worked with photographer Ruven Afanador.

“[Stewart] never in her life has let her circumstances dictate her outcome. … She’s changed with the times — always one step ahead, it seems — to build a wide-reaching business empire,” commented MJ Day, the chief editor of the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” franchise.

In a recent interview with InStyle, the retail businesswoman and former TV host said she considered it “fantastic” to be recognized as a “bona fide sex symbol” at her age.

She also commented similarly about her desire to be the source of a “good example for others.”

“I’m a teacher. I’m trying to teach others that you can look great. There’s no reason to slump around,” declared the founder of the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Besides Martha Stewart, the other models honored with their own 2023 covers of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” issues are Hollywood actress Megan Fox, Grammy Award–winning artist Kim Petras, and five-time “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” model Brooks Nader.