State of Emergency Declared / Arrests Imminent

( – Happening Now: With the protest against vaccine mandates by Canadian truckers in its fifth day and with no end in sight, Ontario has declared a state of emergency and is preparing to immediately arrest, fine, and jail truckers who are blocking a key bridge between Canada and the United States of America.

According to CNBC:

“Canadian officials are preparing to move against a group of truck drivers who have blocked the nation’s busiest border bridge between the U.S. and Canada in protest of the country’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

“The blockade, now in its fifth day, has brought traffic to a halt over the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit, Mich. and Windsor, Ontario, which accounts for a quarter of goods traded between the two countries.

“Ontario Premier Doug Ford Friday declared a state of emergency in the Canadian providence, saying at a news conference that authorities plan to enact temporary orders that will fine protesters blocking the bridge up to $100,000 and sentence them to up to a year in jail.”

Additional reports indicate that President Joe Biden is encouraging the Canadian government to take forceful action against the truckers blocking the bridge.

Biden blames the protesting truckers for further disrupting the supply chain, although that issue predates the truckers’ protest.

It remains to be seen if Americans and Canadians will rally to the defense of the truckers if law enforcement authorities move in and start making arrests.

This is a breaking news report, and it will be updated if further developments warrant it…