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Study: COVID Masks ‘Not Effective’

Breaking Now: In a just-released study, the wearing of medical/surgical masks to reduce COVID-19 infection was found to be “not effective” as Dr. James Todaro and others have interpreted the study.

Here is a link to the study – Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers – followed just below by two tweets about the study from Dr. Todaro.

We encourage you to read the linked study – especially the first several paragraphs that include the conclusion – so that you can decide the importance of the findings for yourself or bring it to the attention of your physician for further discussion.

Please share your thoughts in the Comment Section. Do you believe wearing a mask is an effective way of stopping the spread of COVID-19?



  1. Pegs says:

    I have always believed that mask do nothing actually. I always wear one whenever I leave my home out of curtisy. Just in case science actually PROVES it works. So far it as yet to be proven. So there.

  2. Jmario says:

    I was a middle school Mathematics and Science teacher for 30 years – 150 different students contacted in my classrooms each day. Each school year within the first 10 days I would acquire a cold or congestion in my lungs ( sometimes both) lasting 2weeks to 2 months. I think the longer sicknesses were caused by multiple viral infections. After returning from Christmas break the same pattern of sickness again. If the sunlight through the windows was background to a sneeze or cough I could see the particles in the air floating. I wanted to leave the room – but I could only turn away and face the other direction and hold my breath. I was never sick in the summer. Retired now maybe 1 cold every 2 years always after a family gathering. Now when I return home after any people contact event I brush my teeth, rinse my mouth, gargle and spray into my nose with 50/50 salt water and hydrogen peroxide solution. The common cold virus, flu virus, covid-19 virus are all floating around. If I have any virus my wearing a mask will help to keep me from getting you sick – If you are sick it will help to keep you from getting me sick. I am 73 years now – This is what works – Keep your distance – Wear a mask intelligently – Clean mucous membranes. Remember we are all on the same planet – take care and respect everyone. Sorry but I don’t belong to any social, religious or political groups – But I do have a family ./

  3. Richard says:

    I have suspected since the day the mandate came out that this was a form of Political Control over the citizens in the U.S. Politicians love to wield power over people more than they love money. It is a form of Socialism in action. I belong to several organizations whose membership is made up 90% by Seniors over 60 yrs. old. Some of them require masks, the others do not. We have had 3 cases of members coming down with the virus and being hospitalized. All were members of groups that wore masks. None of the members of the non wearing groups caught the virus. The non wearing groups also did not practice Social Distancing at meetings of over 40 attendees. The Church I attend has had to close due to complying with the Covid rules due to a lack of attendance and weekly donation income. The other mask wearing organizations have lost up to half their memberships. At least our local Walmart has given up trying to force people to wear masks in the store and trying to limit the number of customers inside.

    • Pegs says:

      I feel the very same Richard. They got a little power and wanted MORE& MORE!!! Our government created a lot of MONSTERS so to speak! Many states are DEFINITIVELY ABUSING that. Our country isn’t going to take much more. #BREAKING POINT

  4. McRant says:

    Of course they’re not effective at preventing disease. They are, however, greatly effective at CONTROLLING people.
    COVID-19 is just another not very dangerous flu. Hate to say it’s a globalist, re-set conspiracy, but that’s exactly what it is. Another shutdown is the very WORST thing that could happen. I urge everyone to post this article everywhere you can on social media.

    • Pegs says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY !!! What is so sad is millions of people have bought in to this POWER GRAB. It’s TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! GOD BLESS

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