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Teacher Goes Berserk at Anti-Lockdown Rally

What does it say about the level of civility in America today when anyone – much less a school teacher – goes berserk screaming obscenities at folks peacefully demonstrating? Yes, emotions are extremely high right now in the United States. But is the behavior in the video below ever appropriate?


A first-year teacher with Jefferson County School District 509-J has been placed on leave pending an investigation after being identified as the woman in a video that went viral of a shouting encounter with a Bend group protesting the state’s COVID-19 restrictions,” according to television station KTVZ.

More than 2 million people had viewed the Twitter and Facebook posts by Monday of the 55-second video in which the woman, driving a car, screamed at chanting downtown Bend protesters, most not wearing masks: “Kill yourself! I’m a teacher! I work in schools! My student’s families are dying!”

“There were also obscenities and obscene gestures as well, before she waved and smiled at the person taking the video, then drove away.”

For more, go to KTVZ.

After watching the video, please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. What does it say about the level of civility in America today when anyone – much less a school teacher – goes berserk screaming obscenities at folks peacefully demonstrating?



  1. Concerned Parent says:

    She didn’t wave and smile at the filmer; she gave them two middle fingers and continued shouting obscenities, middle fingers, and calling people BIT–, etc. Despicable.

    She should not be near children as a teacher or volunteer. She should not just be on leave (with salary, no less!)…fire her.

  2. Donna says:

    Her license should be taken and NEVER allowed to be near children EVER!!!!
    She is a DISGRACE to education and the human race.

  3. pudge says:

    Will someone please Baker Act this sick person!!!!! Then fire her.

  4. Pegs says:

    Talk about a SUPERFREAK!!! BITCH needs to get a GRIP on herself!! Public school teachers are the WORST for teaching our children. So sad this is what our schools have been reduced to. The School Board needs to take a SERIOUS look at this person!!! she has NO BUSINESS around children!

  5. Shuggs says:

    The poor sole is mentally unfit to be anywhere near young developing minds. She does not belong in a classroom but a padded room in a psych ward.

  6. Pappy says:

    My wife retired after 20 + years as a full time teacher in the Clark county school district here in the Las Vegas area. This example of a LIBERAL/Socialist teacher is one of the MAIN reasons my wife retired. We both got tired of the Liberal agenda being pushed on the GOOD teachers and them being told they could do NOTHING about it!

    My daughter also teaches math in middle school here in the same school district and thankfully she has a principle that actually cares about the students and those teachers that are STILL trying to teach proper principles and subjects.

    Just like the police departments, there are MANY GOOD teachers in the school system BUT like feces in a cess pool, the scum always rises to the top, that is what we are battling in our school system. Many good teachers are leaving, due to upper Mis-management by Liberal demoncRAT administrators!

    A Vietnam era Veteran

  7. JS says:

    There is an excellent chance that we will read of her, in years to come, for turning that same rage on some small student who doesn’t follow her wishes fast enough to please her. From what we have seen in this video, her student’s physical safety is at extremely high risk. Keep her out of the educational field forever!

  8. Johnny Mena says:

    Poor example of a teacher, that’s supposed to be a positive role model for students. She should be fired.

  9. Gary Hull says:

    My students families are dying – wanna bet she made that up. Like all liberals they can’t get their facts right

  10. Lucille Y. says:

    I’m not surprised. Liberal public school teachers are the worst. Long gone are the days when school teachers were required to be of good character. I even heard years ago of a group of women teachers who went to Las Vegas to sell their bodies on the Strip. They are also the ones who have introduced Transvestites to little children. Screaming obscenities at people who hold a different point of view and acting unhinged is what liberals do. I wish I didn’t know this.

  11. Jane says:

    How very sad! That poor woman needs help, not ridicule.

    • Pegs says:

      No Jane, she NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!

    • Jman says:

      No, Jane, she needs a taste of her own liberal medicine. How about “canceling” her and having her lose her job (income). Why is it okay for her to earn a living while folks protesting to keep their businesses and livelihoods going are condemned and judged by this disgusting hypocrite?

  12. G says:

    What a beast!!

  13. Don R. Morrison says:

    Maybe she needs to go back to school herself…Anger Management School. What a waste of intelligent talent.

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