Teacher Slams Student for WHAT?

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – A teacher called a 13-year-old female student “despicable” and suggested she should be expelled after the student disagreed that another student could identify as a “cat.”

The conversation, in which a female teacher can be heard attacking the student for “daring” to state that there are only two “genders,” was caught on three-minute audio tweeted by the conservative youth group Turning Point UK.

You can hear the audio at the bottom of this post.

The incident occurred at Rye College, a coed secondary school in East Sussex, England, The Telegraph reports, as cited by Fox News.

“How dare you, you just really upset someone. Saying things like ‘Should be in an insane asylum,’” the teacher can be heard saying at the beginning of the tape.

“I haven’t said that. I was just saying if they want to identify like a cat or something then they’re like genuinely unwell,” the student responds.

That ushers in a “heated” back-and-forth with several students. The teacher declares she will report the students’ views on “gender” to the administration.

“If you don’t like [these ideas], you need to go to different school, and I am reporting you to [the assistant headteacher]. You need to have a proper educational conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion,” the teacher says.

“I am not having that expressed in my lesson when I’m teaching you about you can be who you want to be and how you identify is up to you,” she argues.

“If I respect their opinion, why can’t they respect mine?” the first student counters

“It is not an opinion that’s okay. Gender is not linked to the past that you were born with. Gender is about how you identify. Which is what I said in the very beginning… [T]here are lots of genders,” the teacher continued.

She then declared that some people do not even have a gender.

“Well, I just don’t agree with that,” the student retorted

“Yeah, but you can’t have that,” another student chimed in.

“What do you mean you can’t have that, it’s not a law? You’re talking about the fact that cisgender (identifying with biological sex) is being normal, that you identify with the sex organ that you were born with… which is really despicable,” the teacher said.

“Wow!” reacts a student.

Here is the audio: