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Ted Cruz Might Be Trump’s Legal Champion

Breaking Now: President Trump has requested that Sen. Ted Cruz argue his case for overturning the presidential election before the U.S. Supreme Court if the Court agrees to hear the case.

President Trump asked Senator Ted Cruz if he would be willing to argue a case filed by the Texas attorney general seeking to invalidate the election results in states like Pennsylvania in the event that it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court, according to a person familiar with the discussion,” according to The New York Times and other sources.

The long-shot suit from Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas is seeking to challenge the Electoral College outcomes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia, and describes the votes as “tainted.”

“Mr. Trump asked Mr. Cruz, Republican of Texas, if he would be willing to make oral arguments in the case should it reach the Supreme Court. Mr. Cruz agreed.”

This is a developing story and will be updated as warranted.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Should the U.S. Supreme Court agree to hear President Trump’s allegations of election fraud in the presidential election?



  1. Yes the Supreme Court should hear this case so American people can finally know if the Democrats had the Election rigged . I have never seen so much fraud. You can’t tell me the Democrats didn’t know what was going to go down. That why Biden didn’t have to campaign.

  2. Theresa Minkel says:

    Thank you Senator cruz…may God stand with you as you plead this case..we the people need you!!!

  3. Corri says:

    It’s time to stop beating a dead horse. The 2020 election was as legal as any prior election. There will always be some votes in question in a state. Yet, when four states are questioned so widely, that’s ridiculous. There is nothing to show that so many states were not playing fair and legally. Trump won 2016 in a similar scenario and the democrats were not brats about it. Let’s be real here and act like big boys rather than spoiled brat toddlers. Move on and get the republican party centered more in the constitution and its proven ability to provide the best guide to a civilized country that honors all of its citizens.

    • mary says:

      Crying shame the now president of this Country is playing this game as this what is is Get a life move on you lost fair and square take it like a man

  4. NC Girl says:

    The American people deserve a hearing with the Supreme Court. This is only fair when there are so many sworn instances of fraud. These are not frivolous accusations. Ted Cruz would give an intelligent constitutional argument. Let the truth come out.

  5. Ted Cruz would be great for that job. I don’t know how the Supreme Court doesn’t see Fraud. Are the Dead people going to vote in the Senate Election that the crazinest thing I have never heard of. These poll workers needs to be in jail. They have done damage to our lives do they not realize that there lives will be damaged to.I hope they got paid a lot of money they will need it after the Democrats take everything we have saved for our children’s future.

  6. JS says:

    Good choice in Mr Cruz!! Get er done Ted!
    Can somebody explain to me why term limits for our elected officials is not at the top of the list for what we the American people need to have in order for all these corrupt career politicians to go away? It seems to me that doing so would end a lot of the bullshit going on in Washington DC.

  7. The Sup Court has an Obligations to hear this case. The Americans deserve to know the truth.

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