Texas Gov Scores Huge Education Win

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a move that would grant parents a greater say in their kids’ education, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has secured the necessary votes in the state house to push forward his school-choice plan.

This comes after six Republican members, who were strong opponents of school vouchers, were recently defeated in their primary runoff elections.

Abbott highlighted the broader implications of the primary outcomes, stating, “While we did not win every race we fought in, the overall message from this year’s primaries is clear: Texans want school choice. Opponents can no longer ignore the will of the people.”

This electoral season, 11 of the 15 Republican candidates endorsed by Abbott won against sitting members in their primaries. Additionally, Abbott played a significant role in removing seven voucher critics from the March Republican primaries.

Voucher legislation has previously faced setbacks, like last year’s notable defeat when 21 House Republicans opposed a bill to broaden school choice.

However, Abbott’s effort to remove dissenters paid off as he received substantial financial backing from key GOP donors and organizations.

These include Betsy DeVos’s American Federation for Children Victory Fund, which spent $4.5 million; Club for Growth, which contributed $4 million; and investor Jeff Yass, who donated about $12 million to both Abbott and the AFC Victory Fund.

Abbott himself invested an unprecedented $8 million of his campaign funds to support candidates favoring vouchers.

AFC Victory Fund CEO Tommy Schultz described these Texas GOP elections as “the single biggest movement in favor of school choice in modern history,” adding, “[Incumbents] Justin Holland, John Kuempel, and DeWayne Burns lost the moment they chose loyalty to unions and a corrupt establishment over students.”

Many of the defeated Republicans hailed from rural areas and were concerned that expansive voucher schemes might reduce public education funding or eliminate jobs.

San Antonio Representative Steve Allison, who lost his primary earlier in the year, defended his stance, stating, “I voted for my district and I have no regrets. What the governor did is extremely wrong. Me and the others that he came after have been with him 100 percent of the time on every issue except this one.”

Following these elections, pro-voucher Republicans now hold 74 seats in the 150-member House.

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