The 6-Hour President?!

( – Adding to the long list of adjectives describing his ineffective tenure, Joe Biden has received the title of 6-hour president since he can seemingly only function between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Recent data reveals a striking 72% of registered voters doubt Biden’s mental fitness for office, raising renewed scrutiny over his cognitive capabilities.

Despite the White House’s attempts to limit public exposure to Biden’s cognitive missteps, concerns persist.

Reports suggest aides have adjusted daily presidential activities to accommodate the challenges faced by the 81-year-old leader in order to minimize public slip-ups.

These behind-the-scenes efforts include adjusting physical aspects of his engagements, such as using shorter steps for Air Force One and offering guidance during walks to prevent his usual disorientation.

Following last week’s debate, which left many Democrats stunned, former White House Deputy Director of Photography Chandler West shared insights on Instagram, citing a noticeable decline in Biden’s robustness compared to years past.

“They will say he has a ‘cold’ or just experienced a ‘bad night,’ but for weeks and months, in private, they have all said what we saw last night — Joe is not as strong as he was just a couple of years ago,” West remarked. He concluded that it was time for Biden to step down.

Amid these discussions, a senior Democratic campaign adviser confided to CNN the lack of a clear succession plan and highlighted not just emotional but practical concerns surrounding the administration’s future.

In response, the White House defended Biden’s capacity to handle his duties. Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates claimed that Biden supposedly “maintains a schedule that tires younger aides, including foreign trips into active war zones, and he proves he has that capacity by delivering tangible results that pundits had declared impossible.”

However, physical and mental strains are evident: Biden reportedly wears orthopedic shoes and has undergone physical therapy for stiffness.

Three and a half years into his term, Biden has held fewer solo press conferences than any president since the late 1980s amidst various crises, according to the American Presidency Project.

This combination of health concerns and reduced public interaction has intensified debates within his party about the sustainability of his presidency, with some insiders expressing disbelief at the administration’s denial to visible challenges.

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