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The First Lady Says Farewell

First Lady Melania Trump delivered her farewell address to the nation just a while ago. After watching the video below, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Overall, do you believe Melania Trump was a good First Lady? Was she a good role model? Why or why not?



  1. Kenneth says:

    I’ve been here on God’s green earth for a little over eighty-three years, Served in our military under two presidents and observed many others and I’m here to tell you that President Donald J. Trump is right up there close top the top of my list as the best. One of my favorite baseball players of all times was Yoga Berra. Yoga used to say. No matter how far your behind, it ain’t over till it’s over. Well my friends, it ain’t over as Donald J. Trump will return.

  2. Patriot Veteran says:

    We could not have asked for a better First Lady to the best President EVER! Thank you and God bless you and your family. We are heartbroken to see you both go, there will never be anyone like you both again.

  3. Joan. Cook says:

    Beauty,class and integrity. Thank you for your service as First Lady. We love and adore both you and Donald our
    greatest President yet!
    I speak for my family, friends and Catholic Church we love you and God Bless you and as Franklin Graham said
    on your election to the presidency God intervened in the election. He certainly did!

  4. Louise Fugate says:

    Melania, the loveliest lady we have ever had in the WhiteHouse. My prayers are with you. Thank you!

  5. Sharon Wilde says:

    You brought so much beauty, grace, compassion, love for our country and smarts to the title of First Lady. We thankyou, Melania, for your loyalty to America, for lovig the values of family, children, women of our country. Many blessings to you and your families in the years ahead of you. May God bless the USA Again.

  6. Sonja B. White says:

    Mrs. Trump is a gracious and beautiful lady. She nor her husband President Donald Trump were not shown the respect they should have gotten.

  7. Patti says:

    Mr and mrs trump, thank you both for showing us what a better world we could have . You did a fabulous job, but they’ll never tell you that, we loved you both. We are so sorry to see you leave,, also so sorry for the horrible way you were both treated. I pray you go and enjoy you’re family in Florida, you definitely deserved a lot better than you got. The left are destroying our world. We all no how they lied and cheated the whole time you were in office, and we all no they STOLE the election. Of course they have to impeach you again because they no we would RE-ELECT YOU. Thank you and god bless your family, please pray for us, we are trapped with this left mess for at least four years. We will miss you and your hard working stafff, you truly love our country to go through all the hell you had to put up with for an entire four years, we will never forget all you did for us, god bless you.

  8. Rica cooley says:

    The most beautiful first Lady of america ever have.she has it all

  9. Beverly Griffin says:

    She has been a wonderful First Lady. My husband and I have all the respect for her and think she is very classy and smart. She has gone through a lot considering all the brutal and unnecessary punishment that President Trump had to encounter. God bless President Trump and the First Lady in their new endeavors. You have both done a wonderful job and we appreciate everything!!!

  10. Sharon & Spencer says:

    Thank you Melania for your inspiration,charm,and for showing us your love for this country. We feel that you represented us well. We hope that you will continue to do great things for us/this country. We hope that your new journey will be filled with peace and joy. I hope that you take time off to enjoy your family because life is so short and our children grow up so fast. May God bless you,take care of you and keep you safe. Thank You!!!!

  11. JOE Wernli says:


    • Carol says:

      That remark was uncalled for! When you point your finger at someone you have three always pointing back at you. In the future refrain from saying or texting if you have nothing nice to say! President Trump and the First Lady are both exceptional individuals .Both have been valiant and courageous for four years under the most outrageous, repulsive behavior from Democratic leadership, liberal MSM, and nasty mouthed individuals like yourself. Now that said….

      President Trump, God Bless you and your family. I am grateful you stepped in and have been such a valiant warrior. Melania has been a breath if fresh air. The loveliest most gracious, intelligent woman to fill the role as First Lady since Mrs Kennedy. Don’t give up on making and keeping America Great!!!

    • Molly says:

      The Lady has more class than any First lady that we ever had. She was fresh air to America with her speeches. The hate she had to see that America presented for four years Was an embarrassment. God bless the best presidential couple we ever had.

  12. Carole says:

    Thank you Melania for showing us what and how a First Lady should be. You were never treated the way a First Lady should have been. You came through it all with grace and dignity. Thank you to for a beautiful farewell speech. You were a wonderful First Lady and a wonderful and loving mother.

  13. Kathy M. Robinson says:

    The only First Lady to come close to First Lady Kennedy. She is the perfect example of how an immigrant should come to this country and legally become a US citizen. She bore the humiliation thrown at her family for the last 5 years, with grace, charm, and intelligence. I wish her peace, joy, and happiness. May God bless you and keep you safe.

    • Ronelle and Harry Kumjian says:

      There is no question she came and she goes with dignity, resilience, and beauty. No on one comes closer to the best of the best except her. We wish her all the best as she continues her to her home. God bless our first lady.

  14. Beautiful First Lady, beautiful Mom. She is elegant and she has done a lot of wonderful things to protect all children example online protection for children, etc. I have been watching all the attacks on her and President Trump it is disgusting. I have also watched how people attack the parenting values of the entire family. I have made a tent and pretended to be out camping with my children when they were little. Some people are so narrow minded they can’t see anything good in anyone. People need to stop.

  15. Mary Crowley says:

    Melania. Thank you for serving as First Lady. You are remarkable. You worked hard and I thank you.
    You are sincere, well presented for all events, a wonderful wife and Mother. You will be missed. Also I must add you are very pretty.

  16. I am ashamed of the way the left has treated our President Trump and his family. thank you for serving this great country, the average American does not feel the way the radical left does toward you. We love and appreciate all that you stood
    for during your time in the White House and we would pray that a miracle would happen and that you would still be there for another 4 years. Wish I could meet you both in person and give you both a great big HUG. Praying for protection around you and your family.

    • Susan says:

      I believe there has only been one other First Lady with the class as Melania Trump has. She was never given the respect she deserves. And I hope the same for the new first lady. If she comes out of the basement.

  17. Kathaleen Baisch says:

    I’m so amazed with our first Lady Melania
    The Trump family are the best example of what families should look like
    Thank you for your service

  18. Donna Boots says:

    Absolutely the best First Lady. Michelle Obama can only wish she had a fraction of class this woman has.

    • Everett says:

      Melania Trump brought back the class and beauty of a FLOTUS that we haven’t seen the likes of since the Kennedy administration. Attacked at almost every turn, no matter how much good she was doing, she still persevered. Unlike Michelle Obama who was constantly praised over some of the most ridiculous outfits, Melania showed the USA, and the world itself, how a First Lady should present herself in public.
      We’ll miss seeing her and President Trump representing the USA.

      Meanwhile, it looks like the Democrats will have a doddering, drooling man who can’t string 5 coherent words together in the White House.

  19. Rosalyn says:

    It was an honor having a first lady to represent our country with such style and grace.. Thank you for representing our country and honoring us daily for four years. You will be missed and it is my hope we will see you and President Trump in the White House again. G-d bless you and keep you safe.

  20. Carol says:

    Beautiful and kind First Lady. Nothing but love and unselfish gratitude to and for this country. Many wonderful accomplishments for children and women. Full of grace. I will miss her greatly. I will miss President Trump and the First Lady for many years, Thank you both for your unbelievable service to the people of America.

  21. Diane says:

    Good riddance !! He’s your problem now!!

    • Adele says:

      The most elegant and graceful First Lady. You have been an excellent First Lady through all the horrible times you have been through. Thank you and our great President Trump for all you have done for all Americans. I apologize for all that some have put you and your family through. It has been unreal.

    • Gayle says:

      A gracious and Godly First Lady, badly treated by the parasitic, leftist press. I agree with Sandi … “Her class and strength and his leadership are way too much for the liberals to handle.”

      The silver lining for First Lady Melania and the rest of the family is that they will hopefully get a chance to decompress and refresh from 4+ years of being terrorized by the Left and betrayed by the RINOs.

    • LadyVeteran says:

      You, madam, are so out of line. The best President and the most elegant and eloquent First Lady ever and you come here with your filthy words. You could only hope to have 1/10000000 of 1% of this lady’s grace, beauty and kindness toward others.

      Enjoy your new evil president and communist VP. YOU have to deal with them now.

      By the way, did you accept the $1800.00 that Mr Trump’s administration sent?

  22. Rebecca R Rouska says:

    You were absolutely amazing and so graceful and u will go with my prayers and blessing to u and President Trump so first lady always remember u are special
    God will watch over u and your family U did well.

  23. Alice Shinn says:

    I am thankful for this family. They have shown amazing grace the 4 years you were in the White House..
    Always treated all that came through those doors the times you were with important people of the made us all proud of your caring, your grace, your wit during the many dinners and celebrations..thank you Melania for spreading your pride of America to all nations…

  24. Sharon Howard says:

    Melanie never got the recognition or respect she deserved! She was the most beautiful and poised first lady ever.

  25. Susan McKinnon says:

    A classy, articulate First Lady whose programs on behalf of children were a worthy contribution to the country. I’m saddened that she and President Trump have had to endure four years of endless hatred from people in Congress who used their political positions to become bullies. Thankfully, Melania and President Trump are made of strong stuff and have risen above it to accomplished so much good for the country.

  26. Santina January 18, 2021 at 11:37 We have been fortunate to have had you as our First Lady. You have been kind, caring eloquent and classy in all matters in which you represented the United States of America. Your farewell speech was well thought out and was addressed in your usual classy manner and style. Melania, you will be missed and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers always. Thank you for being our Beautiful First Lady. Santina Broccolino

  27. Karen Todd says:

    Thank you First Lady Melanie a great farewell speech. Enjoyed your elegance and job you did in the First Lady position. Saddens me way you and President treated all the years in office. I so thank you both for holding heads high and doing great job with all the abuse from the public, media etc. You both have a great love for our country and was willing to do what was right. So appreciated your love for our Lord Jesus Christ and wishing the best to your families in the days ahead. God is still in control. The Democrats May think they are but so wrong they are as such blinded eyes they have and the deceit. Go forth serving our Savior Jesus Christ. Know you will remain in my prayers as you move ahead in the next chapter of life.

  28. Karen Todd says:

    Thank you First Lady Melanie a great farewell speech. Enjoyed your elegance and job you did in the First Lady position. Saddens me way you and President treated all the years in office. I so thank you both for holding heads high and doing great job with all the abuse from the public, media etc. You both have a great love for our country and was willing to do what was right. So appreciated your love for our Lord Jesus Christ and wishing the best to your families in the days ahead. God is still in control. The Democrats May think they are but so wrong they are as such blinded eyes they have and the deceit. Go forth serving our Savior Jesus Christ. Know you will remain in my prayers as you move ahead in the next chapter of life. Karen Todd

  29. Thank you so much for all you have done and you have been the best first lady ever you did this country proud I hope you and your family will be safe and God bless you all

  30. Daniel L Burch says:

    I will miss Melania and Mr Trump you did a great job in the White House serving our country. May God Bless you 🙏 both and keep you safe.

  31. Stanley Burns says:

    A truly first class First Lady. She has represented our country with excellence. I will always pray for and have positive thoughts for our First Lady and my President (The Peoples President).

  32. Elayne says:

    Best of luck to a very gracious, stunning first lady, ur in a class by urself, no other first lady has had ur grace, beauty, intelligence and love of America! You and Our President have loved and worked for America! Ur both Patriots and TRUE love for America.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. Nancy says:

    A sincere and well presented farewell speech! Melania, you have fulfilled your role as first lady with grace, intelligence and dignity. I have been proud to call you America’s First Lady and prouder still of all the work and attention you have given in causes to support and improve the lives of our children in the USA. May God continue to bring blessings to you and to your family

  34. Rosa says:

    She is the most beautiful and gracious first lady, wish you and your family all the best.



  36. We love you Melania and your couragious husband Donald , are not saying goodbye just saying until later because we know he will be back, maybe not in my time but for my children and grandchildren! God Bless

  37. Kevin says:

    The absolutely the most amazing beautiful First Lady ever no one can ever top you the President Donald Trump are the greatest in this world

  38. Liz Bowers says:

    Thank you so much, First Lady Melania Trump, for your graciousness under fire! I am so proud to have been able to call you our First Lady. Just know that you, your husband, and the whole family are in my prayers and I wish you the very best for the future! May God go with you and bless you!!

  39. Theresa McManaman says:

    You have been the most beautiful, courageous and inspiring FIrst Lady certainly in the last 60 years. You were able to survive the most corrupt political environment that exists in America. And yet always able to rise above the jealousy and hatred that is alive and well in the DC swamp. You are the very best example of a wonderful mother , wife and role example for our children. Thank you and the President for positively affecting more lives than you will ever know.

  40. Andrea says:

    Best President and First Lady!! They truly love our country! Wishing them the best. God bless the Trump family!

  41. Honest says:

    TY My always President as well as First Lady ~ May God Bless You and Yours~

  42. jan mcnair says:

    such a beautiful lady, we will miss her greatly. words cannot express enough of her devotion to our country god bless her and her family

  43. william dunmire says:

    Aur Father who art in heaven is in charge. He is going to make things right in the near future. some will pay with there LIFE. AMEN { that that}

  44. Ana Molina says:

    You have been a beautiful gracious First Lady with class culture and good humbled heart
    May God continue blessing you all
    Ana Molina

  45. Celeste Crosby says:

    Beautiful inside and out and a true lady. I am proud to say she was our First Lady. Praying that she and the President can get some relief from the criticism they received for 4 years. They will truly be missed by true Americans.

  46. Brent says:

    She is not going anywhere. Come on Patriots. Do you really know our President Trump and his first Lady.
    We love you.

  47. Lena says:

    You see how easily you all surcumb !!!!! You really think you will have another chance the next time around ???

  48. Lena says:

    Well all I can say is ,this is the only presidency I have respected over many years, something I do not want to believe but giving up your position as first lady I take it that you are giving it up maybe not for the sake of communism ! I can read between the lines but I’m tired and fed up ect; So then do I as after all the years I have fought in the hope that this would not happen then so be it and so do I: Otherwise , good show !!!

  49. maxibaby says:

    Melania born abroad but, exhibits more patriotism and love for America than untold millions of natural born citizens as her work as FLOTUS displays!
    She has been criticized, misunderstood and treated outrageously by the Dems! Michelle Obama coined the phrase…”when they go low..we go high”. Too bad the Dems were never able to grasp the philosphy. They have “kicked” the Trumps at every opportunity! DJT kicked back while Melania rose above the fray with intelligence, elegance, beauty and grace!
    Beautiful farewell speech as could be expected of Melania, she never failed America and has been the best ambassador we could possibly have hoped for!
    May God be with Melania and she will be missed! We love our “best ever” First Lady!

    • colleen pomeroy says:

      Our First Lady has shown such grace and beauty and we are Thankful she has been an inspiration to many. I Thank her and send Gods Blessing to her and President Trump as they leave Our Nations Capital and pray for them as a family. Thank you for your service may God Bless you and keep you safe.

  50. Kathleen Grau says:

    Thank you for all you have done for our country. You are a awesome first lady! I’m ashamed at how the media has treated the president and you and hope you can forgive them because they are idiots. Go in peace Melania

  51. Sandra Dill says:

    Truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!! I don’t think we shall ever be blessed to have such a gracious and yet so unappreciated First Lady before!! I for one am going to miss her terribly!!! She was a truly loving person with much compassion!!!

  52. John Heins says:

    Melania Trump was the best first lady over the last 60 years

  53. Jerry Drewek says:

    A sadmoment to see but a great First Lady thank you have a great possible year

  54. Jackie says:

    Thank you for a beautiful farewell speech. Your kindness and grace will be missed. God bless you. Take good care.

  55. JEFF R. says:

    WOW! What a 1st class individual. Truly a Blessing from God. Faced nothing but hatred from the media and Lefties from day one. Never said a negative word about anyone. May the Trump family be blessed in all that they encounter in life. Thank You for your families unselfish service. God Bless!

  56. Renate Viton says:

    Thank you, First Lady, Melania for your kindness, elegance and beauty, inside and out! The Democrats and most of the Republicans owns you and your husband, the president an apology! You,and the President did an outstanding job! You helped US, we the people!!! I’m saddened because you and the president will not get the credit for it!!! But so many of “We the people,” who voted for you and your husband… know better! I thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Thank you, thank you!!!
    You will never be forgotten.

  57. Bobby says:

    I’m going to miss the Trumps being in the White House, as are my family. The best President the United States of America has ever had. I wish all the Trumps a future of peace and serenity. God Bless.

  58. Paul says:

    Her words were well chosen and well spoken. She would have been a great person to have built the spirit our great Country deserves. However, where has the media been to display the great job, I am sure she has done? Would loved to seen her more. Thank you, First Lady for your well spoken words. You are wished the Best Always!!

  59. John Bateman says:

    Thank you for being the person you are and standing for and exhibiting what it means to be an American. The last few months have been hard on us all as you said together as one we can rise above hatred and violence. May God bless and keep you safe

  60. Dwight Padilla says:

    You and President Trump are the best this country has had in the White House in many, many years. God bless you and your family and may you be reassured that you are admired and respected by me and my family. It is with a saddened heart that I bid you and the President farewell.

  61. Jon Rench says:

    I wish the media treated her as good as it treated Michele Obama. He always was front and center in the media spotlight usually spending the tax payers money on lavish vacations and ridiculous school lunch and new math programs. Melania did nothing but serve and assist our President and our country! Best POTUS and FLOTUS ever!

  62. The First Lady Melanie Trump is a gracious and beautiful person. It was so wonderful to have a person like her in the White House and always thinking of others. Thank you First Lady, you are the very best.

  63. Cathy says:

    Beautiful, and graceful. Prayers to you, my President, and your family.

  64. judith says:

    We will miss your common sense and love for the children of our country. Know that we are praying for you and the whole Trump family. May GOD keep you ALL save. THANK YOU for the last 4 years.

  65. Nancy Frey says:

    A women of integrity. After all these Democrats have put her and her family through, she still is full of grace and kindness. Godbless her and her family.

  66. Diana says:

    She was a wonderful first Lady ! Class and beauty inside and out ! We will miss her !!

  67. Judy Stream says:

    She was a beautiful smart First Lady. She was definitely not treated well by the news media and others.. She had so much style and grace. Thank u for your service. We love u and will miss your beautiful smile!

  68. Jane Jackson Adams says:

    Mrs. Melania Trump was probably (during my lifetime, 86 years) the most beautiful, intelligent, gracious First Lady ever to serve this nation. She never put herself out front, but was always at President’ Trump’s side as support. She was a wonderful role model, someone girls and women could emulate with pride.
    God bless you Melania. We look forward to seeing you for Four More Years!

  69. I think Melana is a very a very beautiful person.She also smart.

  70. Gayla Pruett says:


  71. John r butcher says:

    Thank you and your family for your extent service

  72. Monique Chambers says:

    Great, beautiful First Lady!

  73. Marilyn Marks says:

    Thank you Mrs. Trump for being a wonderful First Lady for the last four years. I know at times it was not easy for you, you did not get the respect that you deserved. My hope for you and your family is to have a very blessed life and much happiness.

  74. Mary Wilson says:

    I love Melania Trump and always will. She has been very active as a first lady but was never given credit by the press. She was maligned yet never returned hate. God Bless her and her family.

  75. Marie says:

    What an eloquent First Lady. Too bad there is so much negativity with this administration that she has not been acknowledged as much as she should have. The Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for spewing such hatefulness around for the last four years.

    • sandi says:

      Her class and strength and his leadership are way too much for the liberals to handle. We were lucky for the time we had and in only half the country learns the message they both shared. Class was in the White House for too short a time.

    • carolyn says:

      Thank you for being a great lady. You were so gracious. Going to miss all of you. You were so warm and friendly. Wish you could have been here another 4 years . God Bless you .

  76. Peggy Graves says:

    Beautiful First Lady.

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