‘The Problem of Whiteness’ Taught at THIS University?!?

University of Chicago

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – A class at the University of Chicago entitled “The Problem of Whiteness” has sparked outrage on social media, with the instructor calling a student who exposed the course to the public a “cyberterrorist.”

The fact that the University of Chicago is starting a class on “The Problem of Whiteness” was revealed on Twitter by sophomore Daniel Schmidt, who describes himself as a “right-wing college activist.”

“Since I began college a year ago, I’ve documented all the anti-white hatred I’ve seen on campus. Without a doubt, this is the most egregious example,” Schmidt wrote on Twitter in early November.

According to the course description, the class would examine “the problem of whiteness through an anthropological lens, drawing from classic and contemporary works of critical race theory.”

“Critical race theorists have shown that whiteness has long functioned as an ‘unmarked’ racial category, saturating a default surround against which non-white or ‘not quite’ others appear as aberrant,” the description said.

“This saturation has had wide-ranging effects, coloring everything from the consolidation of wealth, power and property to the distribution of environmental health hazards,” it added.

Thanks to Schmidt’s social media posts, the University of Chicago class started receiving substantial pushback, The Chicago Sun-Times reported, as cited by Fox News.

The outrage caused the course instructor, Rebecca Journey, to put off the course from the winter to the spring 2023 semester.

Journey claims to have even received “death threats.” In addition, she accused Schmidt of pushing a “targeted cyberbullying campaign” against her.

“This was a malicious attack not just on me as a teacher but on anti-racist pedagogy writ large,” she declared, according to the Sun-Times’ report.

“I am absolutely moving forward with this class as planned. We can’t let cyberterrorists win,” Journey added.

A statement provided to Fox News by University of Chicago dean of social sciences Amanda Woodward, who defended the “Problem of Whiteness” class, claiming it was about defending academic freedom.

“While differences of opinion over course material may arise, the university does not cancel classes because of such differences, and the university defends the freedom of instructors to teach any course that has been developed through our faculty-led curricular processes, Woodward said.

At the same time, sophomore Daniel Schmidt vowed to keep fighting anti-white racism.

“Leftists have ruined the lives of countless people they disagree with, destroying careers and waging harassment campaigns. They get away with it every time and are often even praised. But when I publicly expose a blatantly anti-white course at my university and name the professor teaching it, I am a ‘cyberterrorist’ who needs to be publicly condemned by my university,” the student told Fox News.

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