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The Quiet Heroes Among Us

If there’s one thing we love and cherish here at Reclaiming America, it’s American heroes. Our editor’s father saw combat in World War II and, as we all know, there are not many of that Greatest Generation still alive. So, yesterday, when we saw a feature in The Denver Post about a Great American Hero from the Second World War – a man who has lived a life of traditional American values – we knew we wanted to share his story with you.


“This Veterans Day, William “Pete” Peterson is thinking about all the support people who made it possible for him and the other members of the Flying Tigers to carry out their mission to defend the Chinese during World War II.

“The 95-year-old Wheat Ridge man has “12 or 14 medals” awarded to him personally or as a member of his outfit. They include a Bronze Star and the China War Memorial Medal, which he received in 2018 for his service with the 375th Heavy Bombardment Squadron defending China against the Japanese.

“While Peterson is proud of his service, he believes those who supported him — a tail gunner on a B-24 bomber — and the rest of his crew deserve similar recognition.

“‘I never saw a cook that cooked for us overseas get a medal. I never saw a person who folded our parachutes get one, or an MP (military police). The MPs guarded our camps. We didn’t have an Army battalion guarding us,’ Peterson.  ‘How about the guys who put in the gas, who made sure the gas was right, so we don’t have bad gas? And the guys who loaded my guns?'”

For the full feature article about this American hero, please go to The Denver Post.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Did you notice how unselfish and modest Mr. Peterson is? He places all of the support personnel out front for recognition.