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The University ‘Diversity Director’ Gets What?

What does it say about America and the current state of traditional American values when a university “diversity director” gets paid this amount of money plus benefits?


As reported by our friends at The College Fix: “Michigan State University’s new vice president/chief diversity and inclusion officer (CDO), Jabbar Bennett, was offered a cool $315,000 per year salary, as well as a $700 “monthly vehicle allowance,” according to The State News.

“Bennett actually will earn just under $300,000 between his start date of December 1 through June 30, however, due to COVID-related “financial strain[s].”

“Bennett also gets a $25,000 signing bonus “in lieu of reimbursement of moving expenses,” and “upon request” two free tickets to any MSU football, men’s basketball and/or men’s hockey game (if available).

“The new CDO’s duties include working with MSU officials to develop “diversity, equity and inclusion” plans, “designing delivery education and training programs” and being involved in various hiring processes.”

For more and to see the full contract, go to The College Fix.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section about a university “diversity director” being paid close to $400,000 per year when you combine salary and benefits.



  1. Pegs says:

    What an IDIOT!!!

  2. Rand says:

    So , this “professor” gets $300k plus for “diversifying” programs???? SO , You got a guy who has Norwegian , German , Spanish , and Morroccan ancestry , and he is “WHITE” . yet this isn’t diversity???
    What if , you get someone who has a black daddy , white momma , and the the Momma’s makeup is Scandinavian and Phillipino, does this get one in as “diversified”???
    Yow want to know the “TRUTH”??? This a scam job by the left leaning pseudo-intellects who WANT DIVISION !

  3. Cain79 says:

    “Diversity & Inclusion officer.”

    Must be nice to get paid that much just for being racist.

  4. John Hasse says:

    If the price is too high, (and it is) you have the option of not paying it.

  5. Where do these idiots come from . Diversity ,inclusion is a joke .

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