Thugs Stealing WHAT?! (Video)

( – In a baffling massive theft operation that could turn deadly, nearly 100 firе hydrants have been stolen across Los Angeles County this year, triggering an intensive investigation by sheriff’s authorities.

Watch the vidеo below.

The thefts, which have primarily occurred in unincorporated areas and Lynwood, pose a severe risk to public safety, as hydrants are vital for emergency firefighting.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is collaborating with its Major Crimes Bureau to track down the perpetrators.

“These incidents significantly threaten public safety and disrupt essential emergency services… Our investigators are working diligently to identify and apprehend those responsible for the thefts,” stated the sheriff’s officials.

Thieves are reportedly targeting the hydrants to sell as scrap metal, a lucrative but illegal endeavor that jeopardizes community safety.

Authorities are considering measures like installing locking shields on hydrants in an effort to frustrate future thefts.

This wave of hydrant thefts has particularly affected the Florence-Firestone neighborhood in South Los Angeles, leaving areas vulnerable in case of fire.

Residents said they were frustrated and concerned over the safety risks posed by the missing hydrants.

“It’s beyond annoying,” local resident Krystail Cousins told KTLA. “Why would you steal a fire hydrant? What are you going to do with a fire hydrant? … Now you have a whole neighborhood of houses that are in danger because we have no access for our fire department.”

In response, authorities are planning to replace the stolen hydrants and enhance security measures to prevent future incidents.

This crisis unfolds as Southern California braces for a heatwave, expected to be the most significant of the season, with temperatures soaring into the high 90s and beyond in some areas.

The National Weather Service advises residents to stay cool, hydrated and safe. It also highlights the heightened risk during extreme heat, especially for vulnerable groups like pregnant women, the elderly, people with health issues and kids.

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