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Tom Cotton Defies Trump, Trump Lashes Back

President Trump on Monday targeted Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) a day after the senator said he would not join an effort to object to the certification of Electoral College votes affirming Joe Biden as the next president,” according to The Hill.

What raised Trump’s ire at Cotton? On Sunday, Cotton issued the following statement:

I share the concerns of many Arkansans about irregularities in the presidential election, especially in states that rushed through election-law changes to relax standards for voting-by-mail. I also share their disappointment with the election results. I therefore support a commission to study the last election and propose reforms to protect the integrity of our elections. And after Republicans win in Georgia, the Senate should also hold more hearings on these matters. All Americans deserve to have confidence in the elections that undergird our free government.

Nevertheless, the Founders entrusted our elections chiefly to the states—not Congress. They entrusted the election of our president to the people, acting through the Electoral College—not Congress. And they entrusted the adjudication of election disputes to the courts—not Congress. Under the Constitution and federal law, Congress’s power is limited to counting electoral votes submitted by the states.

If Congress purported to overturn the results of the Electoral College, it would not only exceed that power, but also establish unwise precedents. First, Congress would take away the power to choose the president from the people, which would essentially end presidential elections and place that power in the hands of whichever party controls Congress. Second, Congress would imperil the Electoral College, which gives small states like Arkansas a voice in presidential elections. Democrats could achieve their longstanding goal of eliminating the Electoral College in effect by refusing to count electoral votes in the future for a Republican president-elect. Third, Congress would take another big step toward federalizing election law, another longstanding Democratic priority that Republicans have consistently opposed.

Thus, I will not oppose the counting of certified electoral votes on January 6. I’m grateful for what the president accomplished over the past four years, which is why I campaigned vigorously for his reelection. But objecting to certified electoral votes won’t give him a second term—it will only embolden those Democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Sen. Cotton when he says, “objecting to certified electoral votes won’t give [President Trump] a second term—it will only embolden those Democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government”?



  1. Kay Hendren says:

    Why even bother to have an election when there is that much cheating & nobody willing to step up & do anything about it? Is that not telling the public that they have no say in it & they will do what they want to & we are not important enough to have a say. Save the waste of time & money to hold an election when they are going to let it go as is with the cheating.

  2. Kenneth Frazier says:

    Listen up my friends ! I’ve been around a few years, eighty three to be exact. Served in the Army twice account of being called back in by Kennedy because of the Berlin chris for the training of our airborne rangers. I’ve lived an exciting life and had the pleasure of serving under and observing several presidents. I won’t bore you with my life activities, but let me just say that I’ve observed some of the best including Kennedy, Regan, Nixon, Kennedy & Trump. All were great presidents and with a little research you will find that Nixon was accused of the Watergate break- in by Woodward and bernstein Yes he did break in by found a lot of Socialist in thse files. Now you know the rest of the story and TRUTH.

  3. Maureen says:

    Tom Cotton has the right to his opinion. However he is representing citizens. I wonder how the citizens that he represents feel about his decision not to support a query into what happened in this election. We have affidavits from many citizens from several states that said that there was something wrong with this election. Why would anyone who believes in the rule of law not want to find out what happened? It is not a Republican, Democratic or Independent position. It is a democratic rule of law position. Everyone in Congress should care about legal elections. If that did not happen, then we the public must know. I am very unhappy that Trump did not “win.” Maybe he did. I want to know for sure. Our constitution demands it. We may not be elected officials but we are The People that the Constitution describes. I hope Tom Cotton changes his position. I have always liked him. He is making a grave mistake.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    My guess is Tom Cotton is capitulating due to either blackmail or political threats. This kind of situation is exactly something Senator Cotton would’ve been 100% behind otherwise. Reading his words seems to go against everything I thought he stood for. What could be more important than our Presidential elections Mr. Cotton you better rethink your decision or you will pay the price next election!!

  5. Joe Dickerson says:

    Tim Cotton must have cotton for brains.
    The entire point of investigating the REAL votes in this last election is to confirm who Americans really, actually wanted for President. It is USELESS to have a REAL investigation of REAL votes to decide who REALLY won the election. What’s the point if the Democratic party (illegally) scammed the Presidential election. The majority of Americans I have spoken with (Democrats included) feel the entire presidential election was a complete scam, riddled with fake votes. Hell, even dead people voted!
    Most people also believe (self included) that Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) was illegally sworn in as president twice from voting fraud by the democratic party.It is evident, even proven, that voting fraud is and has been going on for years. With something as important as deciding who will preside over America’s future, it would seem that voter fraud would be extremely important, even VITAL that it be investigated FULLY. I have seen investigations over FAR less important agendas, to the point that millions of dollars were wasted by the government. Obviously, the democrats felt it necessary to spend millions on the “Russian scandal”, though it backfired, allowing the truth about who was REALLY involved with collusion with not only Russia, but also involvement with Communist China. But even then, the power of the Democrat party prevented any persecution or prosecution from taking place. It is amazing how that, with control of the media, a Government can wield so much control over so many people. Hitler realized this…didn’t he?

  6. RWR says:


  7. DS says:

    It’s about time we fight back against what happened on November 3rd. President Trump won by a landslide before electors turned the tables and brought in all those fraudulent votes, and those machines turned votes for Trump into Biden votes!!! WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY REPUBLICANS AND STAND UP FOR AMERICAN VOTERS OR OUR VOTING SYSTEM WILL BE AS CORRUPT AS SOCIALIST COUNTRIES THAT YOU CLAIM TO BE SO AGAINST!!!

  8. Greg says:


    • Debbie says:

      I have always admired and respected Tom Cotton for his logic and firm stance on most issues. However, he is 100% WRONG on this one. I will dissect each of your points: 1. The electoral college has been manipulated due to fraud. It cannot stand! 2. The US Constitution provides for Congress to disagree with the electoral college vote for cases of fraud, which is exactly what has happened. You do a disservice to your constituents and all Americans not to object to this farce! You must! 3. If Republicans have been standing in the way of Federal elections (President, Senators and Representatives) being governed by Federal Law, then you should ALL be fired! While US Senators and Representatives are supposed to be representing the constituency of their States, the decisions they make effect ALL Americans, not just those of any one state and therefore should be governed by the same Federal Laws. If individual States want to make changes to their own election laws (THROUGH THEIR LEGISLATURES), so be it, as long as whatever stupidity brings about said changes effects ONLY that State! This is not the case with US Senators and US Representatives. We must require ALL US Senators and Representatives to be elected under the same rules, across all 50 states. All Americans, regardless of their individual states, deserve equal assurance of fair and legitimate elections. We must not allow one set of rules for 5-6 states and another set for all the rest, or Heaven forbid!, 50 different rules for 50 different states when those electors make decisions for ALL Americans in ALL 50 states! This is ludicrous and a recipe for the disaster of 2020!
      If Biden won the election fairly, fine then we lost. But that is preposterous to believe when so many Americans are laying their very lives on the line to do what is right, voicing claims of fraud. The very least YOU can do is lay your career on the line and FIGHT!
      Furthermore, we must change the campaign $ laws! We must return power to the People. The only way to do that is to limit every race in every state to financial contributions from individual CITIZENS from their own state and limit those contributions to $50K per Citizen per Calendar year. We must remove all contributions from people outside of their states and remove all funding from superpaks, unions and special interest groups. Funding must be ONLY from Citizens from their own state. Then and only then will electors truly represent their constituents.
      We must also apply TERM LIMITS for ALL SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES! 2 terms for Senators and 3 for Representatives.
      Senators and Representatives are No Better than any other American. You are servants of the People. There are No elite in the USA! To this end, Senators and Representatives, after serving their term(s), must be made to WORK in the private sector for the same number of years as they served in public office before being allowed to run for Any Other Public Office in the country.

  9. JAMES RILEY says:

    tom cotton ,run rabbit run

  10. JAMES RILEY says:

    RINO Tom Cotten

  11. Marie Chappell says:

    Tom Cotton,

    Do you realize that this whole cabal was brought about because of fraud? Otherwise, Congress would have never had to step in. The integrity of our elections from this point forward will always be compromised if this deceit is applauded, overlooked and/or accepted. We cannot validate wrongdoing!!
    Thus, the only reason why congress MUST intervene, and it is encumbant upon you, as a servant of the people, to reassess your position and stand up for a fair and honest electorial process; and let the chips fall where they may!
    This is no longer a battle between President Trump and Joe Bide, but rather Good versus Evil! Which side are you on Sir?

    • Nancy Wetter says:

      Shame on you Tom Cotton for not wanting the truth! I am for finding out the truth, no matter what the outcome. What is the point in having an election if it isn’t fair?

  12. Barbara Jockers says:

    I respect Tom Cotton, but in this case he is wrong. Underlying his comments is the thought/assumption that there will BE a United States of America as we have known it after this possible election of Joe Biden. I am from Georgia, and do not believe that either Purdue or Kelly will be elected. Tom is assuming they will be. But nothing has changed to make the elections less fradulent in Georgia, and the race seems very close. To save what is left of this nation may take less than consitutional steps, but in this case they are needed.

  13. Ruth Bryant says:

    I do not support Tom Cotton on this. I believe this a fraudulent election and shouldn’t be verified by our congress. I support Ted Cruz’s opposing of it.

  14. Larry says:

    After watching 5 hrs of the Georgia congressional hearing on the election and hearing/viewing the evidence it is quite clear the election was bogus! It follows the same pattern as several other questionable states.
    This corruption of our election system must be resolved NOW!

  15. Linda Bollinger says:

    I do not agree with Tom Cotton. The constitution supports Vice president ‘s either certifying or not certifying the electoral votes thereby taking it back to the House and each state gets one vote as to whom the state wants to be President. If that shouldn’t be used why was it used in the1800’s over fraudulent actions by the states?’ This is the first comment I have made on Tom Cotton

  16. Lunda Bollinger says:

    I do not agree with Tom Cotton. The constitution supports Vice president ‘s either certifying or not certifying the electoral votes thereby taking it back to the House and each state gets one vote as to whom the state wants to be President. If that shouldn’t be used why was it used in the1800’s over fraudulent actions by the states?’

  17. Charles Kelly says:

    Tom Cotton is incredibly ignorant of the constitution. The congress is the seat of representation, refuse to represent the people, suffer the consequences. Extract your cranium from your rectum Mr. Cotton and support this President.

  18. Ann Morris says:

    I am very disappointed. In fact I am furious that Senator Cotton has taken a stand, not against President Trump, against you and me the American People. He is taking the side of abortion, communism, immoral cheats. Republicans, at least should change their affiliation back to Democrats status, that way we can see who they are politically. This is how it works, as people in my state changed over to conservative values and democrats realized they would lose their status and lose their places of power. With that, these officeholders fled over to the republican side. Hence Rhinos. Every few years, politicians change district lines and the gerrymandering begins. It is supposed to be done by the population changes but that’s a lie they move those lines to insure they win their districts. Republicans are as bad as Democrats. At least you know where you stand with a democrat. Republicans are the worst because you never honestly know what sleezy thing they are up to. We stand a huge chance of losing everything we believe in. Biden is a old and sick man and his family should be ashamed for letting him get out in front and bumble. Harris doesn’t seem to do anything but giggle. This election was stolen and the Democrats and leftist billionaires want to RESET the world. Well, Barry gets to sit in that basement and have a third term. This is bull shit and this criminal machine has to be stopped. I will never accept this election unless every state in question does a recount. I think a third party is gearing up and it will be true American Patriots. So all of these politicians that have put their stamp of approval on this election are traitors. I am waiting for January 6. I pray President Trump will turn this election over and serve four more years. Because if we live with the Biden/Obama administration, 2024 will be too late. We’ll all be standing in line at the food kitchen for a free meal. Senator Cotton you, Romney, MCConnell and Lindsey and all the rest of your crowd can kiss my ass.

    • Cecile Moore says:


  19. Camp Mehrens says:

    Mr Cotton,
    The Constitution gives us the right AND THE RESPONSIBILITY to challenge the vote when we see gross irregularities like this. A majority of your supporters (citizens) see irregularities (actual fraud) in the vote counts of many states. WE DO NOT TRUST THE SYSTEM NOW! Doing your job just may change our minds enough so we can believe in Washington again. Now we see Washington as a bunch of elitist thieves. Please do your job by objecting the electoral college count on 1/6/21.

  20. As noted, Cotton is concerned that if we use this last tool provided by the Constitution that Dems will MISuse it later under the pretext that “they started it.” BS, now that the issue has been raised the Dems will MISuse it rather we use it or not.

  21. David McNeely says:

    To date, no one has stepped up to do their job in Washington DC or in the specific 6 states with voter corruption.In this case, it is now up to the Congress to expose the overwhelming amount of evidence that has been accumulated describing the Democrat’s corruption in stealing this election and the 6 states in question changing their voting laws and not in accordance with the constitution. Let’s not forget the major allegations of China providing manipulation of the voter count through Dominion vote counting machines and corrupt software. Everyone has stated that their branch of government does not want to act in a political fashion. By not acting and hearing the undeniable evidence that the Presidential race was stolen all branches of government are acting political. They are picking the extremely corrupt Democrats and their ally China as the winners of the election. Over eighty million voters are convinced that the rightful winner is Donald J Trump. If this matter is not given an opportunity to have all the evidence be heard by the American citizens the over eighty million voters will feel that they have been disenfranchised and will lose all faith in our government. The crooks will have won. Our Nation’s democracy will die immediately.

    • Corri says:

      I’m not sure what you are talking about when you state “overwhelming amount of evidence” unless you know something that has not been put forth yet and will be new substantiated evidence that will presented on Jan 6. If so, I look forward to seeing it. Or, if what you were referring to is all the conjecture that has been put forth to the supreme court thus far, that is not evidence. I suggest someone look up the definition of evidence before throwing it around any further regarding this election. There definitely has not been evidence thus far, only conjecture. And if that is how a person chooses to live, watch out, because it can it hang you as fast as any other man.

  22. Kim says:

    We cannot wait until 2024 and you know it. If what is trying to be done isn’t the route to go, then a complete revote is what should happen with a Republican and Democrat overseeing each counter with the military making sure everything is being properly done and the voters are safe to vote,. There should be no mail in voting. Each voter should come in person with ID. Until that is done, there will be no trust in the voting system. Voting process should be as important as what it takes to becoming a loan officer, Realtor, banker, school chaperone as each of these require more than just a legal ID. They all require a criminal background which goes back 10 years of employment and residency. So, no, this is either handled now or kiss America goodbye and you will have contributed to it by not fighting the fraud. Fight not for a recount of fraud ballets,. Either have each ballet looked at by the experts in determining the validity of each without any interference or we need to revote.

  23. Mirhashem Ziai says:

    I always admired Sen. Cotton’s intelligence, wisdom, and fairness. But, unfortunately, with my full respect, I sadly disagree with him. We live in a democratic country – criminal person should be punished.

  24. Dr. Wylie says:

    Cotton is right in his analysis. However, he is also a good man. At the point we are now, that is, in danger of losing the best President we have had to criminal fraud in balloting, the principle to be applied needs to be “the lesser of two evils.” I would ask Cotton to cooperate to the fullest to save the election to the rightful winner, Trump, then to lead a national movement to strengthen the constitutional provisions for situations such as we find ourselves in today — perhaps teaming with the Convention of States.
    If the Dems (communists) prevail now, our constitution will no longer need strengthening; it will be totally shredded right away. Save our proven patriotic leadership (legal Trump election) now, and start the clarification and cleanup immediately following, under reliable patriots.

  25. William says:

    Tom’s last sentence gives him away, he’s afraid that if he were to take a stand against fraud that has been seen including video evidence in Georgia, “it will only embolden those Democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government”, there you have it…he’s afraid. In his own words “erode further”, see he already they are after eroding constitutional law but in the face of socialism knocking on the door he just can’t believe that there is anything he can do but to cave in. Trump is fighting to save the constitution, not set it aside. Apparently Mr. Cotton doesn’t realize that action has already been granted and was taken in previous generations to suppress domestic civil unrest and violence. Mr. Cotton, once we loose our freedom to protect the constitution, it will never come back. Think about it, that’s what is a stake.

  26. Kevin says:

    It was congress that took the will of the people by changing state laws, dead people votes, made up extra ballots and other provable election fraud. Had state legislators, governors and attorney generals kept their noses out of this election- we wouldn’t even be here.
    However if they plan to ignore this election fraud (felonies) and just make a committee to prevent future election felonies w/o holding people accountable for breaking the law in THIS election THEY HAVE ANOTHER THING COMMING….we WILL REVOLT

  27. YC says:

    The Dems get away with another one. And having done so, they’ll keep practicing their “slight of hand” because the Republicans are slight of stones. They look like fools over and over again. The Dems can’t win if they don’t cheat. THEY ARE BEING ALLOWED TO CHEAT. It will happen again—- suckers!

  28. Suzanne says:

    So you just turn your back and let them get away with fraud. That is not representation. If they win by fraud that is not democracy that is criminal.

  29. Joe says:

    The RHINOS keep coming out of the woodwork. I liked T.Cotton and thought he was a real republican, but he has proven me wrong, he’s just another RHINO, repuke stabbing our president,+ american people in the back. I’m done with these spineless,gutless repukes for good, u will never win another election,again period, if u don’t grow some and stand against these criminal, fraudulent dummycraos.

  30. mary says:

    COWARD, not one of the good guys, hope we the people doesn’t forget, when it comes time for reelection.

  31. JERRY B GRANTHAM says:

    Senator Cotton is no RINO. The responsibility to clean this mess up is with the voters who live in the guilty states. I doubt that they will because ignorance reigns in our country. Christians get on your knees!

  32. Debbie says:

    What pray tell does he think rewarding landslide of fraud does for the election process. Total nonsense! I would ask many politicians with little interest in the evidence ( because evidence has yet to be allowed to be presented) how well China paid them to sell out the rest of Americans?

  33. Diane says:

    I like Tom Cotton, but I am very disappointed
    He doesn’t have our Presidents back when he needs
    Him. I never thought he would stab President Trump
    In the back.

  34. Duane Elsbree says:

    Sen Cotton, please join Ted Cruze and others. This election was stolen, we will not stand idly by. I appreciate your support of our president, don’t stop now.
    You will be useless if this is not corrected.

  35. JERRY B GRANTHAM says:

    Senator Cotton’s reasons are sound. I support his decision.

  36. Greg Langenegger says:

    I wish the courts would look at the evidence of election fraud instead of not wanting to be bothered so it is up to congress to look at all of this fraud in the swing states and either throw out all mail in ballots or else hold new election in the states in question otherwise we hand over election to the communist-socialistdemocrats who in turn will let China take control of this country our freedoms will all be gone JOE BIDEN DID NOT WIN FAIR AND SQUARE all he wants to do is please China who has him and his whole family on their payroll Biden was a disaster when him and OBAMA were in charge start in 2008 it only gets worse

  37. maryann says:

    Tom Cotten is right, unfortunately. potus needs to finish with the ele tuesday in Georgia and prepare, if he wants, to take back the presidency in 24. Tom is a very knowledgeable man…a wonderful asset to the republicans —he has supported the potus all along but he’s right…follow this through then close the door—-for now.

    • Steven says:

      so you are saying to let the Stolen election stand!! and make sure the door is shut to make sure it never happens again?? you are showing your ignorance! because if the Democrats are allowed to proceed with this fraudulent election.they will slam the Door on Free & fair Elections!! and move forward with shredding our constitution!! freedom of speech is almost gone right now! just look at fakebook & twatter

  38. Bev Butler says:

    Another RINO in action; forget about fools like Cotton and proceed with those who are dedicated to investigating and getting rid of fraud and corruption to get our democracy back on the right track in voting throughout our Country. If not we will never have a fair election again; everyone knows to what extent the Dummercraps will go to win!!!!!!

    • Nancy Miller says:

      I agree with you, it is so obvious that the ones in power in those States in question are cowards and RINO’s. They are 100% aware that those votes were stolen from Trump and gave to Biden. Drastic corruption calls for drastic actions. Cowards and turn coats, back stabbers and RINO’s are taking over Washington more than ever before.

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