Tom Cotton Slams ‘Unhinged Zealot’


( – As the left is drowning in its quest to persecute Donald Trump, GOP US Senator Tom Cotton has labeled US Special Counsel Jack Smith an “unhinged zealot” after the latter began contradicting his own earlier actions over the former president’s immunity claims at the US Supreme Court.

On Thursday, Senator Cotton (R-AR) openly demanded the removal of DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith from the federal case in which Trump is charged with attempting to subvert the 2020 election.

Cotton’s declaration came after Smith recently submitted a document to the Supreme Court to counteract Trump’s argument that he possesses presidential immunity, particularly over the January 6, 2021, events at the US Capitol.

Trump’s legal team sought urgent intervention from the Supreme Court to halt an appellate court’s ruling that dismissed Trump’s immunity claim for his actions surrounding January 6.

The US Supreme Court had given Smith a whole week to submit a reply; however, the DOJ special counsel submitted his position the following in an apparent effort to expedite the trial, The Washington Examiner comments in a report.

Senator Cotton criticized Smith’s actions in a message on X.

“Jack Smith is an unhinged zealot. Two months ago, he said it was ‘of imperative public importance’ for the Supreme Court to take Trump’s case because ‘only this Court can definitively resolve’ it. Now he’s flip-flopped,” the Arkansas Republican wrote.

He argued that Smith’s haste to convict Trump before the election was a clear breach of Department of Justice guidelines regarding election interference.

“All in a rush to convict Trump before the election — a blatant violation against DOJ rules on election interference. Smith should be removed and disciplined,” Cotton added.

Initially, Trump’s trial was scheduled to begin on March 4.

However, US District Judge Tanya Chutkan decided to postpone the trial indefinitely.

Should the Supreme Court decide against Trump’s plea to delay the trial, the preliminary stages of the trial would continue in the federal district court in Washington, DC, The Examiner notes.

The possibility exists that if the Supreme Court decides to conduct oral arguments, the trial may be deferred until later in the 2024 election cycle or potentially after the November election.

Smith’s prompt submission implies his preference for a more immediate trial, potentially aiming to adhere to the original trial date set by the district court.

On the other hand, Trump’s legal team has strategically used every available deadline to submit their responses, aiming to maintain a slower pace for the trial.