TRAGEDY: ‘Laughing’ Walmart Manager Guns Down Employees

( – BREAKING UPDATE: The mass shooter at a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart, who killed six before taking his own life, was a “disgruntled” store manager who was laughing as he shot and killed co-workers during a staff meeting.

According to the in an extensive piece headlined “‘Laughing’ Walmart worker opened fire in break room of Virginia store then turned his pistol on himself in ‘targeted’ pre-Thanksgiving rampage: Seven dead – including gunman – and four hospitalized“:

“A Walmart manager killed six people at his store in Chesapeake, Virginia, last night before shooting himself dead in a pre-Thanksgiving rampage that witnesses say was a targeted attack on his colleagues

“One survivor told local outlet WAVY that she heard the gunman laughing at some point during the attack, and that he deliberately targeted a room full of staff who had gathered to discuss the shift they’d just completed.

“Among those killed was a teenage employee, according to another survivor.

“Kevin Harper, who works at the store, survived the attack. Immediately after fleeing the store, he launched a Facebook Live, saying it was a ‘manager’ who’d opened fire.

“‘It was the manager, one of the managers. Just left out the break room, manager came in and started capping people up in there. We lost a few of our associates.'” [emphasis added]